Chapter four.

Chapter four.

A Chapter by Brittt

Kylie was speechless. she didnt know what to say. Ryan came in a little bit later and saw them still standing there. "whats going on?" Ryan asked. "my best friend's gay.." Kylie whispered. Ryan wasnt sure hot to respond to that. Kylie sighed and with one last look at hayden, she turned around and went back outside and sat on the edge of the pool. Ryan came out a little while later and sat down next to her. "come with me baby." Ryan said and took her hand. They went upstairs and Ryan pushed Kylie up against the wall. They began to make out and soon their clothes were all over the floor. Ryan pushed kylie down on the bed and got on top of her. Ryan soon began f*****g her hard. 
They stoopped a while later and they were just cuddling. "that was amazing." Kylie whispered. Ryan smiled and kissed her lightly. "glad you had fun." Ryan said with a smirk. Soon after that kylie fell asleep. When she woke up a little while later, Ryan was gone. Kylie sighed and got in the shower and got dressed. A few minutes later she heard "love the way you lie" play. "hello?" Kylie answered. "hey babygurl." Ryan said. "hey love, where are you?" Kylie asked. "just had to run out for a bit. ill be back soon." Ryan said. Kylie has a feeling he wasnt telling her the truth but she decided not to say anything. "alright.' Kylie said and they hung up a few minutes later. it was around 8pm and he still wasnt back. Kylie sighed and got up and decided to go take a walk. She went to the park and saw Ryan making out with another girl. "omg." Kylie whispered. Ryan saw her and wasnt sure of what to do. "screw you." Kylie said and took of running. She went back to ryan's house and grabbed her iphone, laptop, keys, and clothes and got into her BMW and took off. She decided to go stay at Hayden's house since thats the only choice she had. She texted him on the way. when Kylie got there it was pouring. Hayden rushed out and gave Kylie a hug. "you okay?" He asked. Soon the tears began to run down the side of her face. "No." Kylie whispered. "come inside." Hayden said walking towards the house. Kylie followed him in.

© 2010 Brittt

Author's Note

not exactly my favorite...kinda boring and short.

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Added on August 31, 2010
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Im not gonna tell you everything about me because its pretty much a waste of time and i dont like it. Britt is the name. 15 years young. April 29th is the day. currently taken.. off and on again.. b.. more..

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