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Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes

A Poem by Crowley

Helping yourself is the hard part


Elevated to temporary star status by random events unfolding

The girl stood and stared into the cosmic looking glass and trembled

There would be no going back, her life was changed forever

The prying eyes rapt for the humanity that cascaded from her presence


All she did was act human, all she did was love like a human being should

The hungry souls starved for something, that beacon of understanding

Maybe she would understand their suffering, their conditions of the heart

But she knew that she would not be able to help them, not all of them


She understood that help starts with understanding of self and a willingness

The fact that most would not lift a finger to help themselves was not lost

Then she would be the charlatan, she would be the fake messiah, "label me"

And the world would continue to suffer as it should, but she would still know love 

© 2019 Crowley

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i saw this one as sad, nicely expressed though. I like your writing,

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

Thanks so much, I appreciate the review and the expression. I very liked the one I read of yours as .. read more

10 Months Ago too. 😁
You write about a real epidemic in our world . . . people need people . . . but people also need to help themselves. Everybody is a 'victim' these days . . . only they don't realize they are often the perpetrator.
There is an old adage: "Physician, heal thyself."

Posted 11 Months Ago

Fate manipulates choice in this dramatic poem. As always Crowley, you present to us a mesmerizing, contemplative read. Here is a girl put in the position to be a “fake messiah”-loved and idolized by many, but largely powerless to better the quality of life of those followers who will not or cannot help themselves. A pop-star perhaps? You excellently depict her internal conflict in seeing beyond the surface possibilities through to the ultimate frustrations. Her choice: Will she become an opportunist, or will she bow out of the spotlight? Cleverly, you leave it to us to decide. Hmmmm.....

Posted 11 Months Ago

How true and melancholic.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Dear Crowley, though Your piece is about telling a story, still You've managed in three parts to convey everything You want in Your simple excellent style, I can't put a specific limit to the message in Your piece, for me there is more than just one, in some countries and cultures to express love and practice love in the sexual ways is a sin, specially if it is a woman, men are not being accused in anything while women are, that's something I get through Your words. there comes a broken heart too, the broken heart is hard to be healed completely and to still be able to "know love", it needs lots, lots and lots of hard work, faith, patience, courage, strength and determination. each individual matters, this what many people don't recognize, if each individual care and healed him/her self can You imagine then how the world would be? the world is made form these countless individuals, and each single one of them take a part of it, You don't need to fix and heal the whole world when You can fix and heal Yourself, then here You would have done Your job completely.

a great piece my friend, with great messages to share, Thank You*

Posted 11 Months Ago

You speak of her, of her life, of her giving of self, and yet you speak to all of us and what motives us and fills us... or empties us completely. We journey, passing each other on the way, but if our vessel is cracked or broken it will be nearly impossible to help carry others to places of security and safety. We must keep ourselves whole and healthy... and that is rarely an easy task. So powerful, my friend.

Posted 12 Months Ago

I have had this shelved since you put it out here... It is a gem... I have read it and comeback to it so many times. It opens a question with each answer so i read them and listen for the answers. we as writers delve into the self like voracious Buzzards in search of the next piece of us we jettison in the name of understanding and furtherance! So is she the muse or are we her amuse I guess it doesn't matter the effect doesn't really change no matter her position. but I get a sense of sadness for the ones who still go blindly along without her grace and the gaze of reveal

Posted 1 Year Ago

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it costs nowt to be kind and considerate to others.. even less to oneself, as a rule that is.. but there are always exceptions & those that fall outside of the bell shaped curve will either fall victim, be blamed or scapegoated... self awareness and integrity are therefore crucial, they always have been but are increasingly so in today's push a button fickle and blame culture preoccupied world.... did I miss the point somewhere, sorry.... Every one needs their fifteen minutes for sure.... N

Posted 1 Year Ago

' She understood that help starts with understanding of self and a willingness - The fact that most would not lift a finger to help themselves was not lost.. '

I agree but not everyone has the mental or physical strength to help self.. reasons many. Same time, doesn't lie on othe's' shoulders to mock or criticise those that can't help themselves , suffering perhaps from wretched history or flaws in their own birthed Self. Via this or that group/society have found that people who haven't shared themselves have often had a turning point when they go through self-hatred, social repentance and then.. work wonders. Have in fact found a few on writing sites where the screen is an the castle wall.. Perhaps i've used it myself!! Your poem is as ever peep into your own psyche - awarness is one of the most wonderful characteristics one can have. You have it. This poem has take years to come to the fore, thank you. To each his or her own on both sides of the discussion..

.Maybe she would understand their suffering, their conditions of the heart - But she knew that she would not be able to help them, not all of them.'

Posted 1 Year Ago

The fact that most would not lift a finger to help themselves was not lost....

You are speaking to all the empaths out there, all the selfless people and well wishers who stumble across selfish or unkind people in their lifetimes, who are not so understanding of others. Maybe it is because of their poor fortune which has made them view the world differently. How thoughtful this girl is.
Best wishes,

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you!!! and yeah, there are just some who understand and fell a little better than others. I w.. read more

1 Year Ago

Yes me too - I think the world would be a much better place!

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Like to hang out with other writers and see what's what. Have met a lot of good people on this and other sites through the years. Decided to come back and do a little posting and reading. Hit me up i.. more..

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