Its not Ideal Chapter 2

Its not Ideal Chapter 2

A Chapter by TheShAdE

Next chapter in it's not Ideal. What happens to poor Paloma! Please rate and review I really would like some feedback!

My eyes opened to streaks of light between a heavy darkness that rested on my eyes.
I blinked, fighting that initial bought of haziness that takes over whenever I wake up. 
It took more effort than usual to fight through that thick fog of confusion and I found my body growing stiffer as my senses started to right themselves.
*speaking of senses it smells like turpentine and bleach*
I groaned sleepily and forced my hand up and under the sheet of black hair that covered my face.
*you must have been tossing in your sleep again.*
I'd never been the best sleeper; even on good days I only got around six hours of sleep.
Now that my mind was working again the loud, consistent beeping sound to my right became very annoying.
"There is no way that's my alarm"
I griped sleepily, pulling my hair out of my face as my unbelievably dry throat rasped my displeasure.
A plainly colored hospital room entered my vision instead of my crappy studio apartment.
Unfortunately the hospital room wasn't only nicer but it also had more furniture.
*wow no wonder we never have any friends over*
"What the hell" I stated trying to sit up but failing miserably.
Good thing no one was there to see me repeat the process at least five times until I finally succeeded in propping myself up against the headboard.
Beep, Beep
My head was swimming and I started breathing deeply to steady myself

*Wow maybe we should have taken some Pilates classes huh.* 
*Shut up!*  I snapped to the inner voice.
Beep, Beep, Beep
I turned angrily to confront the satanic heart monitor I was hooked up to.
"Shut the hell up!" 
My ferocity was sort lived as my eyes trailed downwards to where the IV and my arm connected.
*stay calm girl its just a...*
Throughout my life I'd been proud of my lack of stereotypical girlie phobias.
I never found myself screaming at the top of my lungs while standing on a chair because a mouse ran by or cringing in the corner at the sight of an arachnid.
*oh such a big word for spider*
I couldn't bring myself to be mad while the pointy hell spawn in my hand was shifting the contents in my veins.
"ohgodohgodohgod.... what do I do?"
*switch your therapy from anger management to Trypanophobia?*
My fingers moved of their own accord as they tried to grasp the end and extract it from my flesh.
It took a few tries to get a good grip because my hand twitched away out of fear. 
I took a deep breath and peeled back the medical tape my focus completely on the foreign body piercing my skin.
Bracing myself I extracted the needle slowly biting down on my lip to keep myself from freaking out any more than I already was.
The second the needle left my skin I flung it away grabbing the wound on my forearm. 
*so climactic ...... Really I'm getting chills*
Which would have been more insulting if I wasn't actually shivering.
"Ok I'm definitely out of this puncture palace!" 
"Hey I'm under a lot of stress right now!" I sniffled and used my injured hand to pull back the covers so I could keep the pressure on my arm.
My legs felt stiffer than my arms did as I forced the muscles to flex and bend. 
Any normal person would have just waited for a nurse or doctor to show up but, seeing that needle had freaked me out way too much and some part of me just needed to get out.
The tile on the hospital floor was freezing as my feet shuffled slowly, the cold making it even harder to get feeling back into my toes. 
Sunlight reflected off the white walls making me squint as I reached out to grasp the door handle to my uncomfortably clean prison. 
 I braced myself to battle through the wave of nurses and doctors that must be waiting at the other side of the door to rush me but, silently prayed that I could slip by unnoticed.
When The door swung or flew open because I overcompensated the doors resistance, instead of a hall of needle wielding adversaries the hall was an empty ling of rooms. 
*"that's what happens when they lay-off people to cut the spending"*
I gave a silent thanks to the economy before I stumbled down the corridor away from the sounds of ringing phones and chatter.
As I moved down the hall walking became easier and easier as the stiffness began to leave my legs. By the time I reached the end of the hall my small timid steps had turned into a lopping stride. "that's much better!" I sighed relaxing a bit more.
Just as I was turning the corner I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye and stuck myself to the wall, peeking around the corner slightly to assess the situation. 
Apparently the "situation" was a tremendously tall, tan man wearing a dark grey T-shirt, worn boots, a pair of black jeans and a thick black leather jacket. The outfit was completed with a pair of sunglasses that hid his eyes from me but ,unbeknownst to many super heroes, this didn't keep me from oggling his fine features. He had a strong jaw that was accompanied by a dimpled chin that layed right under a sinful mouth  that was drawn into a sight unrevealing line. While I was obsessing over his mouth it began moving while he brought one large hand up under his shaggy brown hair to touch a device in his ear.
*Dam blue tooth's*
I thought as he ended the conversation with an abrupt nod turning to face the door to my previously occupied room.
What the hell? I thought 
*maybe he's a Stripper!* My inner voice chimed in excitedly
Really? I thought 
*Its been while!* my inner voice said defensively 
*mamma needs it bad*
I rolled my eyes and nearly gasped as Mr.Mysterious sexy man pulled something shiny out of his inner pocket.
*is that a knife!!*
That was enough for me. I'd seen plenty of movies to realize it was time for me to go before the psychochicken sacrificing serial killer found out I'd flown the coop.
Who the hell does he think he is! I thought as I rounded the corridor
*the one with the knife* 
There were voices up ahead growing louder by the minuet so in my panicked state I jumped into the first bin of dirty linens I saw just as the pair of nurses turned into the corridor. 
"Room 37s coding again" 
she said sighing
* She probably just rolled over again * 
*Hard to believe she was hit by a hummer lucky she got tossed from the car it could have beed worse*
"Dam gas guzzlers! Only an idiot would drive one of those with these gas prices!*
"Did you see that fine a*s man that's been visiting her?"
* what! Great the only time I get any attention from a man and I'm unconscious!*
Your right lets hurry up before we decide to take our time and free up his schedule!
the Bimbos barked in laughter as they turned the corner.
I couldn't help but fume while lying in those putrid smelling sheets and resisted the urge to rise up and free their schedules permanently.
Eventually the stink over powered me and I hopped out of the bin and bolted down that hall and the next trying to put as much space between me and "the situation" as possible.
I felt myself pant as I found a shining exit door and suddenly realized how poorly dressed I was In a loosely tied hospital gown.
*no wonder it was so drafty in here.*
I made a frustrated sound and looked around for something to cover my jiggly bits.
Unfortunately it was a lot harder to find a pair of spare scrubs than they make it seem on TV.
After five minuets of searching thorough surrounding rooms I was ready to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on the flimsy hospital gown.
Then there was the issue of my growing exhaustion. 

Would I even make it of the grounds before I passed out?
I dragged myself back to the door and prepared to face the outside world when the clearing of a throat froze me in place.
"Well well, We really should stop meeting in such strange circumstances ms.Stark."
I whipped around to meet a familiar pair of grey eyes staring at me with a blatant look of boredom and a twinkle of mischief. 
"Should we start focusing on Vestiphobia during your sessions ms.Stark?" Stevenson said with a smirk.
"Wh-what are you doing here doctor?" I huffed out of breath and a bit pissed off because I'm sure whatever he said must have been insulting.
"Just visiting my court appointed patient." he said taking a step closer causing me to take one back. 
"Th-there was someone at my door he-he had a knife" I stammered unintelligibly as black dots danced around my vision
Something crossed over his features but before I could grasp it he'd returned to his normal sardonic expression.
"Your under a lot of stress Ms.Stark just relax." the wall greeted my back as he closed the distance between us in short strides.
Part of me wanted to tell him to back the hell up but I was to tired.
Heat radiated from his body and the smell of musk, spices and vanilla comforted me, making my head swim and knees wobble.
*He's like a man milkshake! Anybody got a straw?* 
Just as my knees buckled his arms encircled me and held me steady.
"hey let go I can walk!" I griped trying to push him away weakly
Instead of letting me go the doctor chuckled and scooped me up, despite my whine of protest.
"I'm surprised your moving around this well after being comatose for two months"
Two months of my life gone and what about the medical bills!!
My mind started to cloud as I panicked and ultimately passed out as the doctor carried my limp form back into the hospital. 

© 2012 TheShAdE

Author's Note

Hey guys please review I could really use the feedback and thinking "someone else will" doesn't work wen no one else does T.T... just sayin

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