chapter 4

chapter 4

A Chapter by Mskendra Renee



Chapter four

Awakening with an ach in her stomach she jolts up throwing up unto the floor. She wipes her mouth and begins to panic as she realizes her clothes have been changed and she is no longer in the doctor’s office. She's was inside a separate glass room inside of a tall building. She looks around and there's what she believes to be nurses and doctors everywhere. She's laying in a white bed with one pillow and sheet, in the corner of the room there a toilet and a sink. She gets up and gets her balance as she paces rapidly to a sliding door at the other end of the room. 

“Please, hey!! Someone tell me what's going on! Where am I?" she roared as she bangs on the door. A nurse notices her and strolls up to the door.

"Hi, Ms. Blaine, my name is Sarah, I'm the nurse that was at the hospital when you got  ... inserted do you recall? Well it really doesn't matter. I’ll be your caregiver during your pregnancy. Are you feeling dizzy at all?" she pronounced observing Rebecca.

"What the hell is this? I know I was told nothing about being... Where ever we are. Release me!" bawled Rebecca as she whacks the glass wishing it was the nurse’s face instead.

"I need for you to cool down Ms. Blaine, now in order to assist you I need you to answer all of my inquiries. Now as some good news you’re pregnant, and as a safety precaution were going to keep you here until you deliver the baby. We'll make sure your feed properly and given exercise, and take your medicine. Now your medicine will be given to you through a shot. You’ll get this injection every"

"Shut up, let me out of here! What do you want with me and my baby? I don't need a safety precaution, I am not dumb!" She stops as she notices a screen behind the nurse. It has a picture of her and an outline of her body with three sections: Human enhance, animal, and insect. 

"What the hell is that? Is that... In my baby? What did you do?” She cries out while clutching her stomach.

The nurse just grins “everything is going to be just fine, you’re fortunate enough to be chosen for our study. Your baby is going to be truly unique. He or she will be strong, heightened senses and be able to heal whenever hurt. As the child grows him or she may develop more abilities then even we know. Oh look it’s time for your injection” she said as two men come up behind her.

The nurse walks between them a goes to the big screen Rebecca mentioned. Rebecca scared and afraid backs up from the door as one of the men use a key - card to open the door. 

“We need for you to be calm and lay on the bed please." Barks one of the doctors as she backs up to one of the walls.

 He comes over and clutches her arm and for some reason she felt the need to run as if something bad was going to happen. She takes his hand and brakes it while bending it back, then taking her leg and knees him in the face. Rushing at her the other doctor lashes out at her but her moves making her way to the toilet. As he comes at her again she yanks the toilet seat and uses it to strike him in the head. She never had a fight in her life and she knew she wasn't strong enough to tear that toilet seat off in one motion using only one hand. But she had no time to contemplate about how she did it, she needed to get her and her baby out of that place. Using one of the doctor’s key-cards, she opens the door leaping to the bottom of the steps. The alarm goes off and four men with guns run at her. One of them points and was about to fire as Dr.Nummon came from the right. 

“No don't shoot her, it’s the baby! Its somehow helping her, we need the baby unharmed. "  He pointed out as he looks at her. Taking her chance she runs in the other direction through a door and down some steps into a hall way, where four more men waiting for her.

  She looks around to see if there's something she can fight her way out with ... but there is nothing. She darts at them as one comes at her, he swings at her but she dodges his punch and blows the next guy in the stomach. The next one comes with a baton as he attempts to strike her one her head. She seizes the baton from his hands as she kicks him in the genital area. The first man she dodged comes at her from behind but she can hear him coming up, even smell him. She takes the baton and smashes him in the neck twice then uses all her force to kick him back. The next one comes with a knife, he tries to stab her but misses just barely wounding her arm. She turns around grabbing his hand and placing it on her low right side. Then taking her left arm to elbow him in the face, then breaking his right wrist. Getting the knife in her hand, she slits his throat as she twists back around. His body hits the ground, she starts to run again but is stopped as she is being tased. She snatches the Taser from her body, ropes it around her arm and tugs it out of the man’s hand. She goes at him, the man behind him fires his Taser at her. She runs on the side of the wall to get away from the Taser. When she gets close enough she kicks him in the face knocking him out, then punches the last man in his stomach. As he crunches over in pain she takes her left leg and swings it around his neck and uses her body to flip him onto his back. Landing on her feet she takes off running. She sees the exit as a metal door is closing in front. 

“No, No stop!" she crashes into the metal door. She turns around to find another way out but there's a glass door coming from both sides of the walls... closing her in. She runs to the glass barrier and tries breaking it.  Kicking, punching anything so it can break, cracks the glass. Leaving her bloody knuckle prints as a reminder of her failed attempts. GAS, gas from the ceiling was pouring over her. What could she do?

"Please stop, let me go ... let me go... let me...” As her face hits the cold white tiled floor she sees the doctor and his men walking up to her. Why her? Why her baby? Were they going to kill her and her baby? She closes her eyes as the doors where opening and doctor and his men entered.

"This is the things I hire you guys to prevent!  What would've happened if she gotten out? We need her baby, tell Sarah we need more test subjects.... take her back!" he exploded in frustration as the men pick up her limp body.

© 2015 Mskendra Renee

Author's Note

Mskendra Renee
ignore grammar problems lol

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I really liked this it held my interest from start to finish... you have me hooked.. make sure To message me when you write more!
I now want to know the link between the boy in the opening scene and the girl!!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

Mskendra Renee

7 Years Ago

Thank you so much and i will definitely do that .:-)

7 Years Ago

it was really good girlie... i am so glad you shared it with me! :)
I really can't give an opinion on this. I read both parts and couldn't tell where the first part linked to the second part. But you would transition this for a movie, of course.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Mskendra Renee

7 Years Ago

Yes when I transition this into a movie it'll be a little more easier to connect . But part four of .. read more

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Mskendra Renee
Mskendra Renee

Gainesville, FL

I am fun lol that's pretty much it but i would love everyone's opinion please don't hold back! Constructive criticism is OK in my book don't sugar anything . I want to read all of your opinions and I .. more..

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