A Chapter by Lonnie Paul Johnson

The prologue pick up moment after book 2 left off, Zack arriving home after he escorted Vivian home from the park.


The front door opens, Zackary burst into his home exhausted breathing heavy every part of his body is racing with excitement.  He slowly closed the door so he would not make any sounds. Leaning against the door his eyes shut beaming face remembering tonight’s events joyfully.  Seeing Vivian for the first time since the breakup, she looked so beautiful, he told her how much he loved her.  They held hands as he walked her home from the park, ‘What a night!’


He entered the kitchen proud and victorious spotting the refrigerator.  Hoping to find something inside to celebrate tonight great moment.  Opening the door he spots a pint of chocolate milk and a red apple, ‘perfect!’  He swipes the items sits at the table consuming them pondering his relationship with Vivian.


For Zackary it’s been a strange week; he remained astounded that he had a girlfriend.  Contemplated the events that led to her punching him in the face after that bump in the hallway to the kiss after he gave her the bracelet, his prize for placing second in the art contest.  Then suddenly it was over they broke up after two weeks as a couple.


Then he discovered earlier today his father is getting married to a woman he and his sister has never met.  They dreaded this day, wishing it would never come.  Their parents’ divorce over ten years ago, but they clung to the faint hopes the family would be made whole like before.  


His father introduces his future wife, Joann.  She did not fit the kind of women he dated in the past.  Paul preferred tall, slender curvy women with beautiful long hair, sexy clothing and flawless looks.   Joann on the other hand is small with no visible curves, her hair cut short and simple. This plain looking woman dresses modest and she is a minister.


Then strange visions kept invading his mind portraying Vivian cruel saying hateful words.  He rejected those thoughts, he made up his mind that he will love Vivian forever.  Making that commitment to the universe, he felt the need to tell Vivian face to face, giving back the bracelet she returned to him.


Running out the front door on his way to her home he is forming the words to say to her how much he cares and loves her.  Moving quickly on the sidewalk passing the park he spots a person in yellow on the basketball courts; he thought that might be her. 


He entered on the court, she turned to face him, it’s the first time he saw Vivian in a dress, so beautiful.  In the excitement he forgot his grand speech professing his love and devotion to her, feeling greatly embarrass he swiftly wrap his arms around her embracing saying what is in his heart, “I loved you!  I loved you!  I loved you!”


He did not look at her he just place his face on her chest as raw emotion from his heart flowed out, he held her tight expecting her to pull away but she embrace him too, he was so pleased she didn’t reject him.  Zackary want to remember everything from how her skin felt touching his skin to the texture of the fabric of the dress she is wearing.  He did not want to forget the aroma of her fragrant or the sound of her heart beat.  He wanted to remember everything.


Gulping down his milk wondering about the future, the woman drape in white stands across from him gazing at his face with great tenderness and love.  Paula the guardian is smiling at her baby proudly that he was able to withstand the assaults from the Beast concerning his love for Vivian. 

© 2014 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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Added on September 2, 2014
Last Updated on September 2, 2014
Tags: spirial, christian, comedy, romance


Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

fort Worth, TX

I loved writing stories, when I was young I wrote very simple and crude stories base off of TV shows and movies I seen at the time. An event happen when during that time I believe influence my writin.. more..