Chapter One: The Dove Effect

Chapter One: The Dove Effect

A Chapter by Lonnie Paul Johnson

Paula the Guardian remembers when she first encounter Zack and Vivian.


Zackary sits at the kitchen table finishing off the chocolate milk pint and devouring the apple.  He is content as he is thinking about Vivian, it doesn’t bother him if he not her boyfriend.  He loves her no matter what type relationship he has with her.  Paula the guardian walked over to him touching his hair speaking to him, “It been a long day it’s time to rest.”


Zackary eyelid became very heavy time for bed, it been a stressful and exciting day.  ‘This has been the best week ever,’ he thought to himself getting up from the table strolling to his room.  Paula is holding his hand as they both entered into his bedroom.  Zackary pulls off his clothes, letting drop to the floor, he rolled into his bed. 


He pops straight up in bed, Paula is observing him.  “Oh Lord I forgot to pray for Vivian.”  Folding his hands up to his chest, eyes closed.  “Lord…” He pause, the words he thought say did not seem right, “Ok take two, Oh Lord, please.”  Again he stops becoming frustrated with himself unable to express his heart.


Opening his eyes staring at the walls shaking his head in disappointment, “God what wrong with me, why can’t I find the right words.  Thanks Lord for the privilege for praying and loving Vivian.  Man I’m so lame.”  He plops back into his bed curling up in the blankets sleeping.


“Zackary my son, I hear you and I honor you,” spoke Paula smiling and fanning a giant palm leaf over him as he sleeps.  Paula knows how much Zackary loved Vivian, in the natural he doesn’t completely understands how or why.  Paula remembers when she first encountered them as the caretaker.




Paula drape in red appeared at a small pond there she spotted two children, one is walking on the water and the other is sitting by a large stone changing her skin color by thoughts.  Both of them are companions in this garden always together as they explore this amazing world.  Paula stand beside the one changing her skin color, Vivian, she looked up, seeing Paula greatly pleased she leap to her feet.


“Glory to the Father, greeting Paula.”


Paula staring at Vivian her arms is one color and legs are another, the right eye is blue and the left is gray and her hair is brown, blond and black.  She grins at this rainbow child touching her forearm instantly changing back to her original hue with white and gray hair.  “In the natural world you will not have the option to change your skin pigment, the texture of your hair or the color of your eyes.  That will be chosen at conception.”


“Oh, but is it true that some tribe of men learns to alter their appearance?” ask Vivian.


“Yes but it’s only a cover, they have not learn to change hair, eyes or skin by natural causes yet, only to cover them that looks natural,” explain Paula.


Meanwhile Zackary is running and sliding on the waters until he saw Paula talking to Vivian he became excited, sprinting toward them leaping off the pond onto dry ground.


“Glory to the Highest, Hi Paula,” She turn to him with a pleasing smile on her face, “will you tell us more stories about life in the natural world.”


Paula agreed, Zackary and Vivian standing very closes to their hands touch as fingers interlock with each other both eager to hear Paula speak, “This place where we are now is a representation of the natural world, it was created on earth as the home of man.”  Both of the children glance at each other and spoke at the same time.




“Yes, his body was formed from this very dirt and the Father, breathe the breath of life into him, made him a living soul.   Once you go through the gate of souls you be the creative image of God, the Almighty Himself, isn’t that wonderful!”  Paula happily speaking.


“But Adam fell, they both became lost and Satan claims their birth rights,” said Vivian in a somber voice.


“Where you at the battle of Heaven?”  Zackary ask.


“I saw Satan and his demons revolt against Michael and the Lords angels, in a blink great deceiver was banished to earth.  Man and his entire descendant became slaves to the evil one and worst of all they was cut off from relationship with the Father of Universe.”  Then Paula face lightens up, “but the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah became a man and defeated the dragon.”


“Praise his name in the highest, Great is the Lamb of God, He is Holy,” All three praising God loudly, suddenly Paula stops tilt her head up.  The two children notice Paula pausing halted their praising to watch her with curiosity.  Paula smiled, her eyes fell on their innocent faces.


“It time!” Said Paula with a sparkle in her eyes, taken both of them by the hand.  Zackary and Vivian knew they were moments away from being placed into their mother’s wombs entering into the natural world.


“Let’s run to the gate of souls!” Cheered Vivian, they agreed to run and singing praises to the Father for choosing them to become redeemed sons of God.  Leaping and moving at swift speed than any human can run, because they are spirits.  They left the thick forest and entered hilly plains of the garden advancing toward the mountain ranges. 


Then their feet touch the grounds of that special place, they saw a sky-high wall made of stones cut by the finger of God.  Zackary and Vivian stop singing as they view a large round opening in the grand wall, their little hands grip Paula finger tight as their heart is full of excitement. Two large cherubs with swords in hand, stood guard at the entry, their eyes are scanning looking for trouble.  Inside the portal is a vast abyss, suspended flat stone step leading down until it vanishing by misty clouds. Lighting and thunder are constant in the gateway.


Paula turns looking at their faces, “This is the courtyard of the gate of souls, on this side, we under complete authority of the Love of The Father.  Beyond the opening down the steps you are entering the natural world rule by man, but there is a war between two powers the Holy Spirit and the oppression of the dragon.”


Then Paula took hold of Vivian hand, “You will go first,” said Paula softly, Vivian smile she turns to Zackary, they both embrace each other in a loving hug.


“I will see at the Wedding feast of the Lamb,” cheerfully said Vivian, as Paula took her hand leading to the edge of the opening.  Standing in between the two giant cherubs Vivian received a vision in her heart the gender she will become, a woman.  Looking up at Paula face smiling nodding.


“This is as far I can go,” said Paula pointing at the floating flat stone steps, “the rest of the way you must go alone.”


Vivian hug Paula then she took the first step and the second step down, suddenly she felt a strong gust behind her.  The two cherub’s six wings, are flapping vigorously, they leap into the cloudy sky.  Vivian slightly turned to see them soaring overhead toward a dark figure flying in the clouds.  The cherubs reach the strange creature striking it with their swords, the creature scream out a huge reverberation of pain as it flew out of the clouds exposing itself as the dragon. 


The fighting Cherubs are in hot pursuit striking the beast at will, the wicked creature using it scaly arms, legs and its three tails to block the blows as he scream in pain.  Vivian continues to walk on the flat step, then step down to another one, suddenly she heard a whooshing sound getting louder, she drops down on the step as the scaly tail flew past.  She looks up to see the dragon tail trying to strike her, she knew she needed to hurry, leaping to her feet, she hop from step to step trying get down into her earthly body.  Vivian stopped seeing another tail is zooming toward her, she jump flipping high, the tail blow passes her, she lands on a platform behind her. 


Vivian is running and jumping, she sees the last step where the clouds swirling below.  Viewing the sight she smiles, then she halts in place as the dragon tail is approaching straight at her.  She can’t duck or leap out the way of the dragon tail, raising her right arm to block this object. 




The impact spark a lightning blast as Vivian arm sever the dragon tail, the beast scream in horrendous pain only to distract her as his other tail speed overhead downward impaling its tip into her right hand, marking her.  The blow causes Vivian to lose balance falling off the steps into the mist of swirling clouds.


Zackary eyes shut viewing everything from his spiritual eye as Vivian falls, he sees the first few years after her birth.  Images and emotions are flooding his mind of her sorrows and the constant presence of the Beast.  Paula turns away from the gateway pleased that Vivian successful conception and birth in the natural world gaze at Zackary standing in a spiritual trance. 


“Zackary, Stop!” Order Paula, Zackary open his eyes as tears of grief begin to stream down his cheeks, “You are not supposed to do that.”


“I’m sorry Paula, but I saw the cherubs chasing the dragon and grew worried for Vivian, so I closed my eyes to pray but I can see her running and fighting the beast.  She was amazing leaping and cutting the dragon tail, but she was marked by him.”


“Vivian is ok,” Paula tried to reassure Zackary.


“She won’t make the wedding because the beast is trying to take her, she will be dammed forever…”  Zackary could not hardy speak as he is overcome with heartache, Paula looks on wanted to console the little one, but the caretaker code forbids that type of contact.  Watching him alone crying with his small hands covering his face Paula heart reach out for him swiftly taking him into her arms.  She embraces Zackary as his little hands wrap around Paula neck, laying his head on her gentle shoulders, she can feel his warm tears touch her skin.  Paula felt amazing sensation, holding the child a warm feeling of oneness with Zackary that she did not want to let him go.  Closing her eyes to take in all of this pure love, emotion into her she felt like the world around her is spinning, she held him tighter.


“Oh Baby,” she spoke with a gentle voice calming Zackary spirit, a strange feeling came over Paula in consoling the boy she is enjoying the connection forming between them she begin to hum.  “It will be ok and Vivian is alright.”  Paula opens her eyes, suddenly it widens as she is surprise of what she seeing, setting Zackary on his feet on crystal marble floors.  They found themselves in the grand hall of The Messenger Club, a place where angels wait for orders from the Father.  The hall has fountains and its walls are laid with precious stones.


“Zackary,” Spoke a booming voice that fills the hall, “why are you crying tears of sadness?”


Zackary drop to his knees, head down out of respect, “Please forgive your servant, Master Gabriel, but these tears are for my friend that was marked by the dragon.”


“Do not shed no more tears; your partner is now a child of man and the beast do not have control of her.  Vivian like all of the children of men will have a choice of life with the Father or death along with the devil.”  Paula reaches down putting her arms around his shoulder lifting to his feet, Zackary holds her around her waist, “Now it is time for you to enter into the natural world.” Spoke Gabriel, the archangel, suddenly Zackary and Paula found themselves back in the courtyards of the gates of souls.  Paula shrugs her shoulders taken hold of Zackary hand to lead him the gateway opening, but he would not move.  Startle, Paula turn to glance at Zackary big sad clear eyes as tears begin to form around them.


“No Zackary!”  Express Paula


“Please!  You must let me have the seal so I can help Vivian.”


“It not right to give the seal to you when it meant for two souls to have at the same time, it would be cruel to do that to you, don’t you understand?” 


“I must have the Dove Effect so I can have a chance to save Vivian from the beast, Oh Paula, I love her so much that I am willing to sacrifice my mortal live to have her at the wedding feast of the Lamb.  Please Paula I beg you, for love’s sake,” tears streaming down his cheeks. “Once I am born, I will not remember, it is the only way to keep the connection.”


Paula wanted to keep saying no but gazing at Zackary with compassion she relented suddenly a strong eastern wind blew, he looks up to watch two pure white doves flying together holding a twig between them.  The birds landed on the rocks laying the twig down, then they took flight, both of the doves circle around Zackary head three times before they flew away.  The twig dissolves into the rocks and the ground rumble and quake, soon a mount begin to form and a roman style column emerges from the rocky mound.  The column stop growing after a few feet, the flat top had two coins in the middle one is gold and the other is silver.


“The Dove Effect,” spoke Paula picking up the gold coin, “some on earth called it soul mates, by which two people are linked together for life.  Zackary, I will place the gold coin in your right hand, here the problem Vivian will be your soul mate for life.  But Vivian will not be bound to you she will have the option to choose another.  If she does not choose to become one with you, you will live out your days with a lonely heart.”


“I will take that chance,” said Zackary confident


Paula sighs, “I knew you would say that, reach out your hands.”  Zackary presented his hands; a silver dagger formed in Paula free hand, she proceeded to cut a little cross with the sharp blade in both of his hands breaking the skin as blood stream out.  Then reaching up and make a cross on the boy’s forehead, Zackary watches with curiously, “I have marked you with the sign of the prophets, you will need to have this for your journey in life, Vivian may reject you but the Father never will.”


She placed the gold coin in Zackary hand, he closed it as the coin melt into his skin, “Thank you, Paula.”  They both walk to the gateway opening as it was time for Zackary to enter into birth, facing each other they both hugged in a loving embrace.  Paula kissed Zackary on the forehead with a smile, “I loved you,” said Paula.


“I love you too,” responded Zackary as he turned as he ran down the steps, reaching the last platform he look back to glance at his friend Paula he saw a rare sight.  A single tear rolled down her face, an angel’s tear, Zackary leap off and vanish.  Paula knows that Zackary was successfully conceived and born.


“Paula,” spoke the booming voice of Gabriel the archangel, she turn and drop to her knees head down.


“Your servant is here, Lord.”


“You are no longer Paula the caretaker of the Garden; today you are Paula the Guardian to assist Zackary in his mission.” Order Gabriel, Paula rose to her feet her red robes change to radiance white.




“Thank you, Master,” said Paula as she stand over Zackary tangle up in his blanket sleeping in bed.  She fans him with a huge palm leaf so he sleeps peacefully viewing him with affection.


© 2014 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

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I loved writing stories, when I was young I wrote very simple and crude stories base off of TV shows and movies I seen at the time. An event happen when during that time I believe influence my writin.. more..