Chapter Ten: Prayer of Faith

Chapter Ten: Prayer of Faith

A Chapter by Lonnie Paul Johnson

Vivian felt compel to go home because Zack is in trouble


Vivian and Zackary are still hugging each other after they kiss.  Zackary holding Vivian seems to comfort the pain he feeling.  His mind is calm and clear, he pleased Vivian is there with him.  He wishes he could hold Vivian forever, but he sat back observing Vivian with tears in her eyes.


“I’m so sorry, I don’t know why he did this to you, but I know it’s my fault.”


“No Vivian,” he reach over in pain taken hold of her hand, “It not your fault.”


Vivian wipes tears away, “Look!  We need to get out of here and take you to the hospital.”  Zackary nodded agreeing with her.  Vivian stood to her feet, holding Zackary hands.  He’s gripping tight, trying to push himself up, grimacing in pain.  Vivian is noticing the strain she quickly put her arms around his waist pulling him completely on his feet.  Zackary has latched on to Vivian because he exhausted with no strength and feeling shame about that.  he glances at her again very perplex.


“Why are you here?”  He asked.


“Oh I was just in the neighborhood.”  She holds him tighter as he wobble when he took gingerly steps.


“I’m sorry,” breathing heavy and out of breath, “I’m a total loser.”


Gently placing her fingers on his chin, kiss his cheek. “You’re not a loser.”


“Wow!  Two kisses in one day, I should have got beaten up more often.”  He grinned and laugh, but each time he chuckle sharp pain hit his chest, “Ouch!  Ouch!”


Vivian cut her eyes toward him, “Ok no more jokes.”


They slowly walked out of the park up to her car.  She opens the door and gingerly guided him into the seat, swiftly went around the car hopping into the driver seat.


“Ok, I’m getting you to the ER.”  She started up the car then she put the car into gear, Zackary reaches over placing his hand over hers.  She turned to look at him curiously.


“Please do me one favor, take me over to my church first.”


“No now!  You are in bad shape, broken bones and maybe internal bleeding.  We need a doctor!”


“Ouch!  But please take me to my church I must see Joann first.  Then I will go wherever you want to take me.”  Vivian is staring at Zackary his head laid back in the seat enduring pain spikes hitting his body. “Please,” he begged while he groan.


“Ok, I will take you to your church, but if she not there then we go to the ER, Alright!”  Zackary nodded yes, he rolled head to the side adjusting himself in an effort to ease the pain.  Then she pulls away from the park, driving faster than normal to the church hoping no one is there so she can get him to the hospital.


The yellow compact turned into the parking lot of the City of God Church.   Zackary open his eyes observing a lone figure standing by the main doors of the massive church building.  He knew it Joann standing enjoying the sun and a light breeze.  Joann working all day felt compelled to wait outside for her husband Paul.  They plan to go out for a quick, dinner then come back for this evening revival service.


She saw the yellow car pulled up, but assume it was people coming early to get good seats.  The passenger door flew open Zackary anxious and excited to get out.  “Wait!”  Vivian called out jumping from her seat running around the car to get him.  Joann realize it is Zackary getting out and not looking well hastily ran to him.  Both of the women got to Zackary at the same time, he stumbles falling into Joann arms, Vivian swiftly grabs him.


“Zack!  What happen?” Spoke Joann shock seeing him bruised and weak.


“He was beaten up and he insisted coming here first instead going to the hospital.”  Explain Vivian.


“Zack you needed to go to the hospital…”


Zackary grin in stress looking at Joann, “Please pray in Faith with me.”  Joann stares at him wiping his forehead nodded yes.  Vivian and Joann aided Zackary through the doors of the church sitting him down on the bench in the foyer.  Zackary slump over constantly watching Joann with hopeful eyes, Joann holds both of his hands drop to her knees.


“Zack, your faith in God will heal you.”  Spoke Joann confidently.


Zackary sigh with a scene of doubt, “I know, but I hope I have enough faith.”


“You do, remember what Jesus said, all you need is a muster seed of Faith and you can move mountains.”


Vivian watches them talking decided to step back, giving Zackary and Joann a little space, she steps away, but Zackary quickly grabs her fingers, “Please stay with me.”  Pleaded Zackary.  Vivian unsure and nervous about what Zackary and Joann about to do, she glances down at Joann.  She smiles at Vivian with reassuring eyes that everything is going to be alright gesturing her sit down.


“Let us all hold hands.”  Joann is looking at both mainly speaking to a skeptical Vivian.  “What we are doing is normal for a Christian praying to our Father for a healing touch.  In James: If there any sick among you have the elders pray and he will recover and Paul in Acts was stoned.  But the believers prayed for him and he was healed to go on his missions.  So we are here to claim a benefit a loving Father has given to us through the precious blood of Jesus.”  While Joann was speaking Zackary already praising God, whispering with his eyes closed head held back expecting a miracle.


Then the main doors open walked in Paul.  He spots Joann on the floor did not want to interrupt her ministering.  He peeks over recognizing his son bruised and swollen.


“What the hell happens to you, boy?”  Asked Paul very troubled viewing him injured.  Joann and Vivian quickly looked at him, except Zackary his eyes stayed shut.


“He was in a fight,” spoke Vivian.


“Yeah I see that, he doesn’t look good, shouldn’t he be at a hospital.”


“Were going to pray first honey, do you want to join us.”  Spoke Joann confident and calm.


Shaking his head no, “Continue what you doing, I’d call his mother.”  Turning away pulling out his phone dialing Janet phone number.  “Hey Betty, I got to tell you something, but promise me to stay calm…Yeah, but…but…Ok Zack been in a fight and he at my church.  Now.  Hey!   Stay calm, he got some cuts and bruises…Wait, please, he alright, he might need to go a clinic.”  Paul pulls the phone away from his ear as Betty is talking loud and panicking.


Joann turned back to face Zackary closed her eyes focusing her mind to lead the prayer.  Vivian thinking should she closes her eyes too or keep watching her nerves are tense wondering what’s going to happen, if anything at all.  Paula the guardian is standing by them feeling their Faith.


“Father,” Joann is praying, “We come to you boldly before you as your beloved children.  To receive your healing touch, we know that healing from you is the children’s bread.  Thank you, for the shedding of Jesus blood is what we stand on for a healing touch.  Lord I command Zackary body to heal and restore what was damaged,” she pause, feeling a tingling in her midsection for the first time ever.  “Thank you Lord,” she begin to moan smoothly as the Spirit leads her.  Vivian is mystify watching Joann in a trance speaking, then moan angelically like a song.  She viewed Zackary he’s praising God in a soft mumble waiting.  Vivian doubts in her mind, ‘there nothing happing.’ 


Paula is observing the prayers her right hand is trembling, she raised to view it became raging white flames.  She grin, “It like fire.”  Paula knew what to do she thrust her flamed hand into Zackary chest.  The flames race threw out Zackary entire body, overtaken every organ.  He jerked and his soft grip tighten holding Vivian hand.  She notices his strong grip looked at his hand.


His praises became louder, he is giggling, “Thank you Lord, it tickles.”  He smiling and laughing, his skin cleared and open cuts closed healing up.  Vivian sees these miraculous things quickly jump up frighten, while Zackary wraps his arms around himself taken it all in.  Joann saw Vivian jump up she rose up touching her arm drawing near.


“It’s ok,” Joann spoke softly viewing Vivian anxious face.


“Did you see that, those cuts are now gone and his skin changed.”  Whisper Vivian excited.   


Joann is smiling, “It’s the power of God.”


Then Zackary stops praising feeling stronger opens his eyes wiping tears from his cheeks.  He stood without grimacing in pain.  He glances over to the women watching him.


“Are you ok?”  Ask Vivian


“I’m not hurting, but I am still a little sore and stiff.”  Responded Zackary grinning.


Paul step over putting his arms around Joann staring at his son, “Hey you don’t look so bad.”


“Yes dad, I’m feel like a million bucks.”


“Oh God is so good,” Joann spoke very happy, then she glances a Vivian standing very quiet.  “Zack who your friend?”


Zackary turned to face Vivian smiled, “She is my best friend in the whole world, Vivian.”


Paul viewing her with a smirk, “I thought this fine tall beauty was your girlfriend.”  Vivian embarrasses looking down touching her hair, Joann nudges Paul side for him to stop picking on her.


“No dad, we are forever friends.”


The Doors of the Church flew open Zackary mother, Betty rushing in franticlly looking around stress wanting to know where her son.  She spots him standing by the benches still chatting with his father, Joann and Vivian.  She runs over to him, tears streaming thinking the worst has happened.


“Oooh my baby, what happen?”  She notices his swollen face and the few bruises taken him into her arms holding him tenderly.


“Mom!”  I’m ok.” Said Zackary trying to reassure her that he alright.


“No you not and why are you standing,” she push him to sit back down on the bench, she glance over to Paul and Joann looking for answers.  She spots Vivian begin to frown, “What happen?”


Vivian feels require to speak, “Ulm he was fighting Jack…”


“Whoa, holdup!”  Betty held up her hand, stopping Vivian speaking, then pointing her finger at her, “Isn’t Jack your boyfriend.”


She nodded yes, “I don’t know why he was fighting Zack.”


“Oh you are clueless why your man is clobbering my son.  I must look like a fool. You know why.”  Vivian wide eyed, shaking her head no. “Don’t stand there looking all surprised and innocent.  You said or done something to suck my son into your twisted drama.”  She waving hand in the air, “I don’t know what kind of hold you have on my son, the first I laid my eyes on you I knew you’re bad news.”


Vivian is getting upset, “I did nothing wrong, I was helping him…”


“Oh you called this help,” Betty points toward Zackary, “you’re an evil, ugly, skanky hoe getting your jolly hurting my son!”


Zackary watching Vivian facial express turned somber her eyes dipping toward the ground.  Her lips tighten he know each hurtful words from his mother is cutting her like a knife.  He jumped onto his feet instantly troubled with his mother.


“STOP MOM!”  He yelled, she turned to him, “You have no right to insult Vivian and put her down like that.”


“Oh Hell!  I have no right, like I said I don’t know what hold she has on you, but I be dammed I going to let her keep hurting you.  I wish I knew what you like about Ms. Thang.  She is too tall, way too skinny and she like a poorly dress drag-queen, but hey you think it’s cute, fine!  love is blind.  But I know she treat you like crap!  She drops your butt as her boyfriend when super stud came into picture, remember that, and you still crazy for her.  Son!  What wrong with you?  Did she showed her goodies to you or let you touch it!  I needed to know hell…”  Zackary is stun not know how to respond.


“Hey!  That enough, we are in a church.”  Paul jumped in to break Betty rant.


She shoots her angry eyes at Paul, then smirk.  “Yes I know where I’m at, this is your fault.  If you were a father to your son instead of an old unfaithful man screwing women all over town, he wouldn’t look like this.”


“Now you lost it,” Paul is raising his voice, “It’s my fault, every time I try to raise my son you always butting in.  Eeeek don’t do that, Eeeek he too young for that!”


Listening to his parents argue Zackary quickly tune out their voices.  He is embarrassed they are fighting at church, people walking in giving strange and surprise looks.  Then he notices he couldn’t see Vivian.  He took a few steps away, hopping to spot her.  He walked out the main doors.  His shoulder drop as he didn’t see Vivian or her yellow car.






Later that evening Betty is bringing her son home from leaving the clinic.  The examination by the doctor reviled no broken bones or internal bleeding.  He gave Zackary some pain medicine told him to go home and get plenty of rest.  She parked her older model SUV in the drive, then she glances over to him sitting quietly.


Zackary mind is turning and spinning in an effort to comprehend all that happen to him today.  This journey had dropped him into hell and then shoot him into the Heaven within a few hours.  He wonder is there a reason for all of this or is it just random.  Kidnap fearing going to happen, beaten by Jack for no reason.  He thought God had abandoned him because the pain was so horrible.  It felt like he was dying with no hope, then like a dream she was there.  Vivian was in his arms, it so wonderful and they kiss for the second time.  He wonder is the second better than the first kiss, but it was delightful anyway.  But that wasn’t all he prayed with Joann a true woman of God for a miracle.  He wishes he can put into words what he felt from God.  Fire overcame him repairing everything with an odd joy, it tickles.  Zackary knows he will never forget this night as long as he lives, but now he need to find Vivian.  She ran off so hurt by his mother’s words, trying calling her phone she won’t answer. 


He grins slightly at his mother, she reach into her purse, pulling out his keys to his car, placing it into his hands.  “You can drive to school tomorrow, OK.”


He grip the keys facing her, his eyes down, “Mom, I need to find and talk to Vivian, she isn’t answering her phone.  So I need to see if she alright.”  He expects her to say no.


Janet sigh greatly blowing air and groaning, “I should say no, but you can do this.”  He smiled, “Don’t you stay out all night now, say what have to say and be back here, it a school night, sir.”  He quickly jumps out the SUV ran to his car hastily drove off, Janet step out watching Zackary shaking her head while she walked around her vehicle.  “Just like a man, should go to bed no he got chase tail,” She mumble, then she stops looking up toward heaven.  “God you know I don’t won’t him hurt, but I know some lesson are learned the hard way.  But please don’t let be totally destroyed he my little boy.”  She pointed to the sky, “And Lord I’m too young to be a grandmother!”


Zackary drove a couple of blocks pass the park to Vivian home, he sees her yellow car parked in front of the house.  He pulls up behind it see her sitting on the porch drinking a sport drink.  He steps out walking on the sidewalk up to the steps, she knows who approaching but didn’t look up.


“Hey.”  She said.


“Hi,” he responded back.  “I didn’t get a chance to thank you for what you did for me today.”


She nodding, “Yeah!”


“I wanted to apologie for what my mother said about you…”


“Look!”  She is staring at him, “I have been called all kinds of things all my life and some of what they said are true.”  She rose to her feet stepping toward Zackary.  “This what we are doing is over.”


“What is over,” Zackary is puzzle.


“We broke up last year did we not, so we became just friends, well that isn’t working.  I know you are hoping maybe one day by some miracle we become more than friends again, is that right?”  Zackary couldn’t answer because that is a hope he has.  “I’m not going to have this craziness with you and Jack, because I’m not attracted to you at all.”


Zackary cleared his throat, “Ulm Vivian I’m a little confuse I thought ultimately we are friends,  we did kiss today…”


“Stop!  This cannot go on we have nothing in common.  I know you don’t want to end this crazy relationship, but it truly over.  Look I’m taller than you are, I’m in college you still in high school.  My ideal of a man is someone that can sweep me off my feet.  I’m sorry that is not you, we must face facts.  Do you hear me?”


Zackary feeling heavy and depression is over taken him listening to Vivian separation speech.  “I know we don’t have a lot of things in common, but one thing I know I love you and I know somewhere in your heart you love me.”


“Zack, hear me!   I don’t love you and I never had.  Your mother is right about me, I’m no good.   I like the attention you gave me so I took it, let make everybody happy and move on.  I will not receive any of your phone calls or text, I do not want to see you no more, is that clear!”


Zackary is holding back tears he couldn’t look into her eyes, “Yeah.” He spoke softly.  Vivian walked pass Zackary to her car.  He watches her leave rolling the car down the street, stopping at the traffic light.  Vivian glance at her mirrors seeing Zackary still standing, she grips the steering wheel blowing air out her cheeks relived.


“Oh that was hard but needed to be done, God, if you are there, watch over him.”  The light turned green she drove off.


Zackary clinches his fist trying to anger himself because every emotion in him wanted to cry, but he refuses too.  Slowly walked to his car, he hit the side of the car with fist out of frustration.  He quickly releases his hand, shaking it franticlly as the pain shoot from his hand up the arm to the brain in millisecond.  “aaauuuggerr!”  He screams out in pain.  Shaking it didn’t ease the pain, so he started rubbing it but that didn’t work.  He put closed to his lips to blow on his knuckles, but that didn’t give him relief either.  He sat in his car stretching and wiggling his fingers hoping he didn’t break his hand.  Wondering why he did that, he don’t know what hurts more Vivian leaving or his broken hand.  Then Paula touch his hand the pain left him “It’s gone,” he marvel, while she smiled.


Zackary arrives home went into his room, sitting on his bed thinking about all what Vivian had said to him, that she never loved him.  He ponders should he stop loving her, but he remembers the kiss and why did she come to his rescue.  He wonders how life will be without Vivian, shaking his head sadden.  He puts his hands together looking toward heaven.


“Lord!  I made a promise to you and Vivian to always love her no matter what.  I guess this is the no matter what.  Lord please do not let me forget Vivian to always pray the prayer of Faith for her all of my days, Amen.  God I’m tired of this, I don’t want to fall in love again, its wearing me out.  I just want to be a monk or something, me and you Jesus,” he pause, “oh amen.”


He laid back on his bed his mind racing on all that happen today.  Soon his eyes were heavy with sleep, then slip away into a deep sound sleep.  Paula the guardian stood over him fanning him with a large palm leaf. 


She smiles very proudly.


The End

The Friendship of Zack & Vivian Three: The Rising


Lonnie Johnson


July, 30 2014

© 2014 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

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