Chapter Eight: Where is my Lord?

Chapter Eight: Where is my Lord?

A Chapter by Lonnie Paul Johnson

Zackary found himself in trouble with no way out


“Jack, you need to be a little more sensitive to Vivian feeling,” Susan voice is speaking from a cell phone, Jack is listening inside the living room of his apartment.  He’s propped up against the sofa with his arms folded.  “I know you think the relationship is fine, but Vivian needs more.”


“I don’t know what’s up with her, but she went off on me accusing that I didn’t love her and all I wanted is sex.  Which pisses me off!”


“I know, please understand she has been through a lot.  She might seem tough on the outside, but inside she is very fragile.”


“Look!  I know she a foster brat, I met her foster mother several times, but I don’t think…”


“No Jack you don’t get it, she is dealing with the emotional scares cause by the past.  You grew up in a home with both of your parents safe, secure and stable.  When she was a baby her father abandon her, she don’t know his name or what he looks like.  Her mother clueless about her half-brother allow him to sexually abuse her for many years.  She finally told someone about that and he went to jail and she was taken away from her mother and put into the foster system.”


“Alright, she a little crazy, I don’t think it right to dump the past on me like I did it…”


“Jack, she is not blaming you, but it’s her life experiences growing up in that environment that molding her thinking.  Look!  When she perceived a wrong is done to her even if it minor it hits her hard.  You haven’t taken her to see your parents, she feels you are ashamed of her.  That affects her self-image thinking she damaged goods, you know what I mean?”


“What’s the big deal meeting my folks, that just a waste, why can’t she just have fun.”  Jack agitated with the conversation.


“It not important to you, but for Vivian it is, she is looking for more than just dating having fun.  She tries to find her place a family with loving parents and future.  She wants that, she needs that and she wants with you, but that nerdy Zack keeps showing up.”


What!?”  Jack stood up straight gripping the phone tight.


“Yeah, I was talking to her this morning, she was depress because you both had a fight.  Then all I knew super nerd showed up at the door, I don’t know she still friends with him…”  Jack heard a knock at his door, he steps over then open to see who, he smiled.


A young petite woman slowly walked through the door.  She reaches up with her long fingers gently touching Jack lower face while she enters the room.  Jack eyes followed the well endow curvy woman with long brown hair, making her way to the sofa.  He enjoys every bounce and movement of this sexy woman.  She made a stance at sofa making sure Jack can truly observe her well rounded nicely shape behind assented by a tight fitting mini white dress.  Grinning, his eyes, razor focus on her body, advancing toward her.  She spins gradually around to face him, desiring with her sultry look hoping he pleased.


“I guess she still has some feeling for that little nerd,” Susan still speaking, “because he was the first boy to give attention, seeing her as a beautiful woman.”  She gasp, “Ugggh, but why him?”


“Hey, I got to go, but I know what to do and thanks for telling me.  I will take care of it!”  Then he disconnects the call while his hand run through the woman hair, then caressing down her ear, chin and neck.


“Are you ok?”  Ask the woman as she rubs his chest.


“I’m fine, I just have to show someone who’s messing with me a little lesson.”  They are aggressive rubbing and petting each other.


“Mmmmm, that person is in trouble,” He nodded, suddenly he scoops the woman in his arms as she locks on to him with her arms and legs around his body.  They both kissing vigorously he has taken her into his bedroom.




Late in the afternoon the school bell is ringing for the last time of the day.  The High School Zackary attends is letting out its caged students.  Bursting through the doors like a stampede of cattle darting into cars, vans and bright yellow school buses.  In the midst the chaos of teenagers scrambling and yelling a lone figure cut across the courtyard onto the sidewalk.


Zackary with his backpack weighted down with heavy books fasten securely on his back is strolling home from school this week.  At the beginning of the school year he had access to a blue sedan. A gift from his father for being his best man and helping out his now step-mother during the planning of the wedding.


He lost privileges to the auto last Saturday evening when he pulls into the driveway.  His mother on the porch, hands on hips staring angrily.  He thought for a moment to pull back out go to his dad’s house.  Knowing he would have to face the music he step out of the car walking toward her slowly.


“Hi, Mom.” He said tenderly.


“Well we think we grown!  Just leave all day coming back in the evening, can’t answer the phone or nothing!  I guess we think we grown, almost 18, got a car a little money now, we can do whatever you want to do now!  I guess we think we grown so we can disrespect me and live in my house!


“Mom, it not like that.”


“I really don’t want to hear it, tell something.  Who or what was so important that took all day and you couldn’t return my phone calls?”


Zackary didn’t want to say, but he knew his mother had an idea where he been, “I was with Vivian,” he spoke in a low tone.


“Oh she in town for the weekend and you decide to spend the whole day with her.”


“Well I drove to her school and spent the day…”


“YOU WHAT!”  Betty is livid a hand reach to the sky and the other hit her forehead out of frustration, “Help me Jesus, help me Jesus!”  Shaking her head not wanting to hear what she heard moving toward him.  “You telling me you drove out of state to see Ms. Thang!” she reaching her hand out, “Give them here!”  Zackary knew what she wanted his keys to the car which he was still holding.  He opens his hand, she immediately snatch from his palm.


“Sorry Mom.”


“Don’t you think I should have known if you plan to leave the state?  What if something happens to you?  Boy!  Oh by the way, why did you go see your ex-girlfriend anyway?  Let me guess yawl just held hands and talked.” Zackary is nodding his head yes, “Darn boy, I wasn’t born yesterday.  No man is going to drive 5 hours to see a girl and talked, this some kind of teenage booty call.  You are grounded and don’t think about taking this car anywhere.  I’m so mad at right now, Go to your room!”


Zackary nodded with his head down walking the trail of shame to his room.  He often wonder since that evening would he do it again, knowing the consequences go see Vivian like he did.  He stops walking from school glance up in the sky smiling, ‘yes a thousand times yes!’


Then a large tan color auto moving at a normal speed slowed down stopping where Zackary is standing.  He turned opening his eyes to see the car and its occupants.  A teen woman driving and a burly football playing boy in the passenger seat


“Hey man!” Called out the burly boy, “Tiffney wants to howler.”


Zackary notices the girl is a cheerleader, because they have a certain look and how they carry themselves.  But he does not know her or any cheerleader, drill team or step team females in school.  They are the pretty girls in school, they must keep their reputation as part of the cool kids on campus by shunning anybody that doesn’t fit their world like him a geeky nerd.  The burly boy is known as Goldman is a football player that have gold teeth in his mouth.   He has seen him before hanging out with Jack.   He figures they are bored with nothing to do except harass the local nobody for fun, he proceeded to walk away from them.


The Goldman kept calling, then the girl behind the wheel started calling, “Hey sweaty!  Baby!”  He can hear her holding back laughter while she called out to him.  Zackary is by now use to the clatter of bully’s shooting barrage of insults his way so everyone can hear and laugh.  He does his best to shield his heart of the hurtful words.  It helps that he older and experience the sting don’t pain him as much, but he can remember his younger days those wounds would last all night or longer in his mind.


Tiffney revved the powerful engines of the car, then releasing the brakes squealing the tires racing along the street.  It quickly caught up to Zackary passing, then with the skills of a secret service agent, she whip the auto into a drive slamming on the brakes.  The large car entered into the space violently as it’s metal frame lunge forward then jerking back and forward.  Every part of that car vibrate with loud popping sound of metal as it settles.


The sight of the car turning into a drive rapidly then suddenly stop surprise Zackary he pause.  For a moment it was impressive how this girl control that car, then the large boy step out of the car. “Hey man, you hurt Tiffney feelings.”


“Yeah!”  She responded smirking with a condescending look, “I’m soooo hurt, boo-hoo.”


He did not feel comfortable with the bizarre situation facing him.  All he wanted is to leave quickly.  Zackary turn all way round hastily to run, SMACK!  He crash into another huge body mass. Popping his head up spotting another huge boy grinning with crooked teeth, David another football player and friend of Jack.   He attempted to spin away from the human obstacle.


The large hands of the huge boy took hold of Zackary pushing him into the direction of the car.  Zackary tries to resist with all his might to get away.  The large boys, has a tight grip and his overpowering strength, forcing Zackary closer to the auto with ease.  Goldman opens the back door David slung Zackary small frame on the back seats. 


He bounces off the seats onto the flood of the auto, confuse and very frighten, quickly gathering himself crawling reaching for the other door handle.  He is jerking the handles, trying open the door, but it lock shut.  David strong hand grip his shoulder slamming Zackary into the seat.  David huge arm press against Zackary chest, keeping him pinned in his seat while he snap in the seatbelt. 


“Relax!” Ordered David, shortly everyone war in, Goldman gave the order to move out.  The girl puts the car in gear hitting the gas petal, causing it back out swiftly.  Unsuspecting vehicles on the road suddenly are swerving and breaking trying to avoid hitting the large sedan recklessly backing out.  Horns are blowing as the car is jerking forward and back moving forward.  Its tires are screaming as it sways one side to another turning into corners without breaking or slowing down, Zackary holding to whatever he can grab to keep in place.


“Hey this isn’t funny, let me out!” Cried Zackary.


“You’re got an appointment,” said the Goldman, all are laughing except for Zackary.


The cheerleader turned into another corner, then slam on the brakes as the car violently making a complete stop.  The doors flew open and David grabs Zackary arm, yanking him out.  He realizes he is close to home at the park, they dragged him onto the basketball courts.  Zackary felt a hand on his back, pushing, he stumbles forward keeping his balance.  He notices a tall figure under the goal wearing shades walking toward him.  The person approaching, he knew, Jack!  He took off his shades staring down at him furiously.


“Jack?  What are you doing…?”  Spoke Zackary very nervous, then like lighting Jack back hand slap Zackary mouth whirling his head.  Shocked from the hit and trying to gather himself, Jack slap him again and again.  The force of the blows making Zackary back up try to shield himself with his hands.  Jack grab hold of his shirt, pulling him closer slamming his fist into Zackary midsection.


Zackary drop on his knees, holding his stomach bent over couching.  “You remember what I told you about seeing Vivian?  Someone was going to get hurt.   Well guess who getting hurt?”  Said Jack standing over Zackary.  He kick Zack on his chest, making him flip over hitting his head on the concrete.  Zackary groaned lying flat on his back.  Breathing in pain as every part of his body is in pain he touches back of his head felt blood where it’s throbbing.


The two large boys watching the mayhem laughing and pointing patting each other enjoying the display of brutality.  Tiffney is cringing shaking her head with repulsion.  Jack with an evil glee continue kicking Zackary on his side and stomach again and again.  Zackary reacted by rolling away from Jack striking feet until he rolled against the park cyclone fence.  Then Zackary curls himself into a human ball trying unsuccessfully blocking Jack damaging blows.


Jack raging is unfetter angrily reach down to yank Zackary up onto his feet propping him upright, he resume punching Zackary in the face and midsection.  All over his body are cuts and bruises, and his eyes are swollen.  Then Jack slung the batter body away from himself, with no strength Zackary crumble onto the ground hitting his head again. 


The two burly boys damper their laugher at the sight of Zackary beating looking dead on the ground.  “Stop, Stop it!”  Tiffney screamed, “This wasn’t how it was going to be, we were to scare the little nerd not kill him!  Make Jack stop!”  She cried, Goldman is trying to console Tiffney by holding her.  David quickly walked up to Jack putting his arm around him slowly leading away from Zackary.


“Hey man, let’s get out of here, you made your point.”    


Jack violently flung his arms pushing himself free from David still intensely angry, “No I’m getting stares!”  Roared Jack staring down his friends.


“What the hell, Jack!”  Tiffney yelling,


She agitated flailing her hands in Jack direction.  Goldman is holding her tight so she won’t run up in his face.  He turned to watch her going off very upset, then he stared at David.  Hurriedly reaches into his pocket, pull out a wad of twenty dollar bills cramped it into David hand pushing into his gut.


“Go!  I got this.”  Spoke Jack his eyes intently staring into David distress face.  An eerie quietness fell on everyone standing, David slowly turned to glance at Goldman and he nodded yes spotting the pile of money.


“Yeah man, I’ll see you tonight at the club.”  Said David while he unfolding the money in his hands.  Jack smirks and nod back at his comrades, David slightly glances at Zackary shook his head turning to leave the park.  Goldman is joining him dragging Tiffney with him.  The three are verbally bantering each other approaching the car.


“What a minute…!”  Tiffney is yelling resisting entering the auto.


“Shut up!  Get yours; in the car!”  Shouted Goldman, worn-out arguing with her.


“You shut up, he going to kill that boy, come on now…!”


Goldman opens the back door, shove Tiffney thin frame inside David in the driver seat started up the vehicle.  She proceeded furiously striking Goldman on the shoulder and his face, he is blocking her blows not wanting to hit her but weary of her struggle.  David reaches back trying to push her into her seat and stop abusing his friend.


“Hey Girl!  Stop it!  Hey, if you calm down, we’ll get you that Gu-Gee-Poo bag at the mall.”


Tiffney immediately stop pommeling Goldman shoulder facing David with a startled look on her face sitting back.  David puts the car in gear moving away from the park, “…and the shoes too?”  She spoke somewhat calmly.


When Zackary breaths it hurts intensely that he groans out loud.  Realizing he is alone on the courts, he thought he can run home.  He rolled over on his side using his legs and arms to push himself up.  The stabling pains from his side stuck like lighting, he yelled falling back onto his back causing his legs to cross.


Looking at the skies through tears of throbbing pain he observes the bluest sky with white clouds passing over.  Then the clouds over him proceeded to get caught in a rotation forming a tunnel spinning up.  ‘So pretty,’ Zackary thought to himself.  In the midst of the cloud vortex, he can almost make out an outline of a face, but its features are shielded by thousands of twinkling stars.  Viewing the sight ease his pain, reaching up with his hands wanting to touch the dazzling face. 


Gazing into the bright lights it gave Zackary a sense of peacefulness, stretching his finger toward the gentle face he saw a sparkling golden crown.  He also caught glimpses of the peaceful forehead many strange puncher below the hair line.  Zackary in his soul desire to touch this face, he can feel himself to lift off the ground.  Then his attention pointed to the blood on his hand and arm. 


“Blood, my blood.”  The beautiful, serene vision vanish, instantly he drops to earth engulf in pain again flooding his senses.  Zackary cried out in agony feeling rejected and alone, “Don’t leave me..!”  Each word sting his chest, “Father…!”  Zackary with no strength in his arms one fell stretch out wide to his right and the other to his left.


The car filled with Jack friends pulled away from the park, he turned to view the defeated body.  Grinning thinking on more ways to punish his rival, “Alone at last.”  Jack is mocking laughing to himself stepping closer to his victim.


Zackary hearing foots step approaching, he knew it Jack coming back to finish him off.  He rolled his head to the right expecting more punishment and unable to stop it.


“Oh God, help.”  Prayed Zackary closed his eyes waiting.


© 2014 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

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I loved writing stories, when I was young I wrote very simple and crude stories base off of TV shows and movies I seen at the time. An event happen when during that time I believe influence my writin.. more..