Chapter Nine: One Minute

Chapter Nine: One Minute

A Chapter by Lonnie Paul Johnson

Paula stop time because of her anger


Zackary lies on the concrete basketball courts totally beaten and bleeding.  Every breath he takes is extreme agony.  He open his eyes and the world is tilting one side to the other like on a boat toss wildly at sea.  Zackary is laboring in his mind to stay alert, going in and out of conscience.  He hears voices ringing in his ears from Vivian sweet laughter to the roar of his father.  “Yes I know,” Zackary muffle voice answering.


Hearing Jack footstep he musters in his mind to flee, so he rolled onto his side, causing more pain and coughing up blood.  Zackary shaking his head in discuss know he going to be beaten again.  He drops his head onto his arms thinking if the Apostles in the Bible can take a beating with joy so can he, but how?


Standing ahead of Zackary the woman in white, Paula the Guardian with her arms folded staring at Jack approaching.  An angry frown is etched on her face both hand are clench into a tight fist.  Every step he takes closer furious she becoming, the rage of hatred is white hot in her eyes.  Dropping her hands to her side kicking her head back yelling like a raging fire “SSSTTTOOOPPP!”  Her voice thundered pushing through the first heaven, blasting past the second heaven of the stars punching through the walls of the third Heaven.  Jack froze in motion, the birds in the sky halted in midflight suspended in the air.  The water from the sprinkler stop in the air obeying the orders giving by Paula.  She called for the Heavenly sixty seconds, stopping time in the universe. 


She walks around Jack sizing him up and down extremely disgusted by him.  “You are the beast champion,” snarled Paula burning with rage.  “Weak pitiful man, why did you allow the devil to possess you?  All you seek is foul lust, you reek of hatred everything you touch dies and decay.”  She stops in front of him moving in closer to his face.  “You only think of yourself, your heart is stone, no good is in you.  If I could judge you I would and the penalty is death!” 


Paula steps back turning gazing down at Zackary, “I do not have the authority to execute the ultimate judgment.”  She gradually descended onto her knees focus on Zackary face.  Shutting her eyes.  “Hear me!  Son of man come forth!  Suddenly a lighted cloud covered Zackary.  The misty mass is spinning, rising above the body gliding over to Paula.  The rotating cloudy form expanding up and increasing its size.  Soon a fully grown body stood before Paula, she rose to her feet, knowing it her beloved Zackary standing in spirit.


She marvels that he is not the small frame spiritual child in the garden, but fully grown.  He is motionless, “Son of God, awake!” She spoke, suddenly he took a deep breath and exhaled opening his eyes gazing upon Paula face immediately they embrace each other in a long loving hug. 


“Praised the Almighty, I’m glad to see you!”  Exclaim Zackary is observing Paula all in white, “Oh you are a guardian, Wonderful!”  Then he notices his beaten body lying on the ground.  “Paula did I die?”


She placed a hand on his cheek turning back to her face, “No my beloved, I have called for a Heavenly sixty seconds.”


“You stop universal time, why?”


Paula turned toward Jack approaching him, a silver sword formed in her hand radiating bright as a blazing star.  She pointed the tip of the pulsating blade inches from Jack chest.  “Give me the word my beloved to execute final judgment.  This horrible man broke the law, do not touch my anointed one and do prophets no harm!” 


Spiritual Zackary glance at his badly beaten body, then he looked up at Jack walking toward him, her lower her sword to her side.  “No, that not my way.”  Said Zackary stepping in-between Paula and Jack places his hand on his chest.   “Jack my brother, you are dead, starving for life desiring peace and joy.  You are so afraid of losing you allow the evil one to prostitute you for his wicked will.  He hates you, but the Father loves and care for you through the blood of his Son. 


Paula is shaking her head falling to her knees, “So Zackary will be killed by Jack hands.  He will not be able to complete God mission to protect Vivian and service others.”


He steps away from Jack placing a hand on Paula shoulder, “Zackary will see death, but not today.”


“No but he will be disillusion and hurt through this.”


“My Fathers grace will comfort and heal his soul.”


“I know, but he will have to choose Grace.”


“True Paula, please pray that I select life and not death, now let’s give me a rescuer.”


Paula leaps to her feet smiling greatly.  Feeling joyfully she kisses Zackary on his cheek.  Suddenly they both are translated into a darken room, there they are staring down on to a sleeping Vivian.  She decided to call it a night after Zackary left from his surprised visit Saturday morning.  Exhausted emotionally from the fight with Jack the night before plus today’s excitement she in bed sound asleep.


“Oh Vivian my loved,” Spiritual Zackary speaks tenderly gazing upon her face.  “I longed to speak to you like, we once did in the garden, but your spirit is still asleep.  I know one day soon you will accept the gift.  When that day I will shout along all the host of angels a celebrating praised.”  He raised his right hand oil is oozing from his fingers and palm.  He bends down touching her forehead with his oiled fingers, his lips very closed to her ear.  “Vivian I needed you.”


A golden egg shape object appeared in Paula hand, using her thumb she presses into the shell.   The entire egg vanishes leaving a sparkling clear yoke suspended over her hand.  Inside the pulsating yoke are hundreds of tiny stars rapidly orbiting a bright spear.  Paula observing the time spear knows there are 15 second away from completing the Heavenly minute.


Zackary straighten up their eyes met, he grin.  “It’s time for me to go back.”  Paula nodded yes, “Will I ever see you like this again?”


“No my loved, I will only appear in dreams of the night and visions by day.  I will speak to your heart wisdom from above.  Your eyes will never gaze on my face and my voice will never be heard by your ears.  But I promise always to be at your side.”


Then Paula glance at the time spear over her hand, “Three…two…one…”




Vivian eyes pop open she quickly sat up in bed thinking she heard voices.  Looking around the dark room not seeing anybody only shadows.  Glancing over Pat bed hearing her sleeping.  Laying back on her pillows thinking about the odd dream she had about Zackary.


‘Why do I keep dreaming about him?’  She thought to herself, assuming it because of yesterday surprise visit, but that don’t explain all of the previous dreams she had of him.  She just chalks it up to a stupid dream.  Later on that day her mind couldn’t shake thinking about him knowing he needs help.  But she tries to ignore it by doing other things, hanging out with friend and playing pickup basketball games.  Her friends would call her name because she goes into a trance like state thinking about Zackary.


“Is something bothering you; what’s going on with you?” They would ask


Coming to herself she would reassure them, she ok, “I have a lot of things on my mind.”  She explains to her friends.  The next day in class she is finding hard to concentrate on the teacher lesson constantly thinking about Zackary.  Leaving the building backpack satchels over the shoulder turned the corner in the middle of the walkway Zackary on his knees.  His head is down hands are bound with ropes, his shirt is torn and shredded.  Blood stains his arms with somber eyes glaze toward heaven.  The site is shocking to Vivian stopping in her tracks.  Reaching out her hand to touch him, he quickly vanished.  Vivian sighs greatly placing her hand on her forehead, “Oh God!  What going on with me?”  She knows her friend is in trouble.  Swiftly pulling out her phone from her pocket wanting to call him.  But she realizes he still in school and he wouldn’t answer the call.  She made the decision running back to her dorm building she decided to rush home to check on Zackary. 




Seeing his friends drove off Jack laugh to himself thinking how much more pain can he afflict against his rival.  Turning around walking toward Zackary he’s hearing him grown painfully.


“Look at you,” he laughing, “A man you are not, just my punching bag.  Hey boy!”  Jack took his foot tapping Zackary head getting his attention.  “I know you want me to stop, I might if you beg me too.”  He kept tapping his head, Zackary just groaned.  Suddenly he reaches down to grab Zackary lifts upon his feet.  Taken hold of his hair to make him look into his eyes.  “Come on girly boy beg for your life, I might spare it or not.”


Zackary looked past Jack, “Father forgive him.  He’s know not what he does.”


“What did you say,” Jack is stunned and puzzle.


“Father!”  Zackary is laboring to speak, “I don’t hate him, please spare his life.”

Paula, the guardian standing beside Zackary realizing he spoke from his heart quickly raised her hands.   Leaping and spinning and shouting in victory, “Yeah!  Oh my baby you are going to be alright now!”  She proclaims, “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”  Then she stops leaping scanning the area because she can feel someone is watching, she smiled.  “You lost, Beast!  Your so called champion failed,” Paula laughing, “Zackary my little warrior defeated you again.”


Suddenly the Beast shrieked out a cry of utter defeat filling the whole park with its growl.  Then peace returned to the park and she knows the evil creature is gone.  SMACK!  A flying Pepsi can smash into the back of Jack head, causing him to release Zackary as he drops to his knees.  Jack staggers grabbing his head turning trying to find who threw that can.  KA-Boom!  Another can of Mountain Dew strike Jack in the forehead in-between the eyes.  He is daze falling backwards, Paula grin greatly observing Vivian throwing the cans grabbing a stick and charging Jack.


“Vivian welcome to the party!”  Cheered Paula cracking her knuckles, “Game On!”  The impact of the soda cans hitting Jack causing him to stagger falling up against the fence.  Vivian with stick in hand, proceeded striking him over and over again. 


Vivian is driving up to the park notice a car pulling out quickly full of teenagers made her stop at the basketball courts.  Then she saw Jack standing and walk back, wondering why is he here?  Jumping out her car she spotted Jack grabs the battered Zackary taunting and laughing at him.


Vivian heart drop with grief for her first loved and a fierce, angry over took her soul viewing Jack abusing Zackary.  The rage cause Vivian to attack beating Jack with a stick.  Paula is sweeping his legs so he can’t get his balance while taken punches from Vivian.  He up against the fence somewhat confuses blocking blows with his arms finally seize the stick throwing across the courts. Quickly crafting a fist hitting her, but Paula stood in front of Vivian absorb the punch.  Vivian only felt a light tap.


Surprise and perplex why Jack hit didn’t make much contact with her face.  She cast her fist in response, Paula hand merges with Vivian fist.  Vivian and Paula hands struck Jack cheek like a missile hitting it target with extreme power it turned Jack head and body a complete 360.  The birds in the trees stop chirping and dancing to observe this heavenly punch.


Jack sees double, he never felt a punch like that every bone on his face squeal in pain.  Wobbly trying to stay on his feet hearing loud ringing shaking his head stars are popping everywhere.  Vivian quickly charge into him, kicking him in his chest, stomach and legs.  Daze and confuse Jack felt like an army of men are attacking him at one time.  He is kicking and flailing his arms in every direction to fin off Vivian punches.  Then Jack caught Vivian leg swiftly jump to his feet with his other hand thrust into her chest with all of his strength.  The force of the thump causes Vivian fall backwards out of control.  Paula grabs the falling Vivian protects her head rolling onto the grounds up on her feet into a fighting stance.


“Whoa!”  Vivian exclaim totally surprise of that particular move. ‘I must have a little Bruce Lee in me,’ she thought to herself.  Then she stared at Jack waiting for him to charge her.  Jack stood up straight spit blood and saliva from his mouth fiercely angry.


“HEY!  STOP THAT DARN FIGHTING; I’M CALLING THE POLICE!”  Voices of old women crying out of their homes across the park.  Both Vivian and Jack relax a little from their fighting stances glancing around where the yelling is coming from.


“What the hell are you doing Jack?”  Scream out Vivian.


“You know why!”  He looked over to Zackary, “Like I wouldn’t found out, you Hoe!”


“What!  You crazy…” 


Jack straightens his clothing, pulling out his shades from his pocket, it broken.  He flings it to the ground.  “No one plays me!”  He glances at Zackary still on his knees, “Yawl deserved each other…”


“You dumb fooled!  I did nothing to you crazy baster!  I’m not a hoe!”  Vivian yelled as a few tears roll down her cheek.


Jack smirks, “Yeah right!”  He glance at Zackary, “He learn his lesson.”  Then walked out the park while Vivian watches him completely leave still ready to fight.  She quickly rushes over to Zackary groaning in pain.  She put her hands around Zackary trying to console him, he hastily drops to the ground tucking himself expecting more punishment from Jack.


“No Zack, it’s me!”  Vivian cried out while she pulls him up and caressing too.  Zackary exhausted eyes viewed Vivian worried face.  Zackary shake his head no with disappointment, his lips quivering and eyes drooping as he couldn’t look at her taken his arms pushing her away.


“Go away!  Just go away!”  He fall back to ground trying to cover himself.  “Let me die.” He spoke, wanting to weep.  “Oh Lord, my humiliation is complete, I don’t know if I can take this too.”


Vivian watches Zackary on the ground devastated seeing confuse not know what to do.  She took hold of his shoulder, pulling him up so he sat up but kept his head down not looking at her.  Paula the Guardian is sitting next to Vivian glancing at her looking puzzled at Zackary.


“Vivian,” Paula speaking softly, “Kiss him.”


Suddenly Vivian took both of her hands seizing Zackary face, startling him.  Then she pulls his face and lean forward proceeded to kiss.  Zackary wasn’t expecting that, but he quickly engages in kissing her.  They both are embracing each other as they are continually kissing with passion.  Paula observing and smiling, pleased Zackary and Vivian are holding each other in a great loved embrace.  A bright light is radiant from intensely causing Paula to squint her eyes, she touched her cloak finding a pocket pull out black shade putting them on.  “Oh pure loved is so beautiful.”

© 2014 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

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