SWICK: A Tragic World VOL 8

SWICK: A Tragic World VOL 8

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki





A Tragic World



1)   Forsaken to the living



2)   Caged in death


Thou will be costs of falling

Pushing away into thy darken

Hole of prison


Coming to you with pleasure

Yet I let betrayal of poison

My dreams fall as leaves

In numbers


Casts unto thy treat of shorten

Lives in eternal grasp

Such a wicked conqueror

In darken spears


Lift your head as I see

Be falling to my ashes


Inside of thee has a voice of many

Yet has fallen unto

The battle to many lives

How can a vessel pursue his

Dreams of victory


For such a shiny

Heart of the just makes

Delegate hands of his might


To me as I belay in the tragic world

Among many battles weaken as I have became

Yet my vengeance remains


For such power for war

Is greater in one’s heart to

Make light roam again

Across his will


3)   Unpleasant heart


As my heart gazes to a

Dream….. As yet my heart

Fades away to the dying

World of chaos


Every ungrateful heart comes unto

Me for decaying punished

Strikes of weeping

Souls, as I remain paralyzed

To my unforgiving




Fought to the weaken of might

Whispers in the dark of voices

Mystery’s that has not

To found be known


Pleating life as my soul remains

Bounded in my elegy

Inside of me cries out for



As my shadows consumes me

In a isolated crisis

Hoping as it was never

Here to be


Treading the days to come

As my hope dies alone

In ashes of dust as I

Go away


Down my path awakes my

Trail of fate, fighting for

A treasure that I yet have to

Seek in my days of



Tearing my soul to dust of my

Pain forever trapped in

Chains behind my

Way to

Forgive myself


Like a boy crying for a dream

Dies stretch in the black

Bounded by the

Wicked voices

In the deadly ashes


4)   Triunts     


Can you hear me...?

For my heart is lost

Can feel my icy touch…?

As thy wintery hands touches upon



Will you revive me with your spirit?

Be the acknowledged

Thoughts from your



Have I not loved you among like no


For never my compassion never



To my daughter in the lost

Sympathy hymn

As I take hold of you faces you with

Signs yet you noticed

As she goes again

My spirited soul is among you

My little one

Inside of you

Your spirit feels my parents


Let your heart answers when I call

As my hoping is to my gift

Yet you have received

Pushing you unto

The grasp strenchness


5)   The gazelle bloom


To my lover as she glides away

To the wind

Thy souls calls out to the light

That provides comfort

Every time my eyes

Look my eyes

Is blinded by my foolish



Oh ye the gate of life

As a dove ascends into this

World in bitterness



Shiny ever so with beauty

Of the everlasting



Feel me calling for hope

As forsaken you can be

As I gazed my eyes on her

As she is filled with light


Crowning with spears of light

Through the skies

Of mercy


For the founded sake of

Her own within a doubt

She lurks like a floating

Grail on a garment table of beauty

With many shekels


As you remain as you once were

The more I fall for your



Heart of love and joy

Push through my darken paths

With your love ever so pure

Like the crown of winter


Hour after hour I searched for you

In the lost valley and yet have not

Found you

Through my being is thriving

For you as I

Look search high and low


Bless it be the day I seek my

My heart with wealth

Among many who



6)   Penty cost



7)   Eternal Wrath


Let it be the day when

For these words of fate has been casted

Away into the burning



Cost of blood lust insanity

When all has been faded

Aside and yet nothing

Left to spare


Spare the one who cries cries out

A with sorrow and dies

Out into the

Strenching blackness


From an empty soul

Taking hold of me as I withdraw my


Breath of words


For eternity I have been I in agony

As wrath inside me breaks

Into ashes of sand


Reaching my hands unto thee

And hath not turned away

Into my heart I see

A hope that betrays



The striving, the suffering, the heart


The pleating

Has becoming meaningless

For the hopeless


And yet fading voices remains


8)   Dying vessel


Even though I have fallen into


Myself is repeating over

Many times to be strong


In reality to my bones are as dry as

Crust slowly turning into dust

As my spirit whispers



Beyond thy limits I see, as you

Sought out my being

Through I walked to seek

Your power forced me away

Gradually my soul gasps for



Looking to the clouds resisting

My rebirthing tones

My on torment whips

Like a thousand



As loud my heart cries the silence


Forsaken my weeping to

Sorrows of a thousand fold

As I reach for healing the farther it

Moves away from me


Fallen to the ground suffering

Thy elders why forsaken me

As my cries to you let

Your ears of my cries be known

From me


Curses are the one to turn away from

The need for many strikes

Goes on the backs of



Today is the day, I fade in death


During that moment my last wish

Is for blessing to all

And curses be the wicked


As this mighty souls goes away

Remember your truly faith

In which he has done


I am dying away allow my sight

To see one last moment before

I die into ashes


9)   Harrowing day

Violets are red

Shadows are violent

For I shall kill you

With my silence


Attempting of fate of reality

Cometh forth tears of joy

Beyond a vessel shall I find

My one and only




Oh thy elders sitting unto your throne

As the branches cheer

My only being cries out for you

Taking all that I have


As I stand in the mist of voices

Forever blameless

Taking of what I have

To remain in this

Dreadful world


Into the blackness with an empty


As I fell to my knees starting

Into my soul

Of emptiness being trapped in walls

Of my shackled voice


Nor you can hear me, nor can you

Feel me

Living in a life of shadows

Being resist from you own

And forsaken

Among many of all


Trapped into a heartless shell tearing into

Existence to be known

In the eyes of humans

Though I plea my will to

Be known bleeds away

Like leaves


As the shadows drains my heart into

Its shell

Refusing to remain though I try

To resists my freedom has

Passed like dusk

Leaving to eat away my vessel


10)                 Transgressions



11) An Empty vessel



Taking hold of my fragile piece

In my shady heart

Making the blackness flow to an


Cup thy one with a empty



Crossing the wilderness of the


As I gasps for hope through

My path is hear bare to



 He sees before his darken shell

Let it be for my own sake of

Prisoned within my soul

Destroy those

Who attempt my body into

The darkness of their



Striving for my will to light

Torture forever I will be, trapped

Into my own heart of shadows

Fighting for my blacken shell


As the more my eyes are blinded

By my darkness I

Hope my will be done

For helpless I need

To be seen


Every single night, every single day

Throughout my days

I plea for my freedom

As we know of the voice heard

Elegies traps in my own shell


Oh my creator, has my soul tortured


Take my blackness away

For thy vessel withers



Let thy holy take me away from my

Punished darkness

My worth

Is your use forever more


Set me free oh creator


12) Crainen ashes



Stay strong my son, as thy elder

Comes for you let it

Be his will of your plea

As your purpose cries through your


Heart with a voice of a shadow

Though your soul is no



My soul is no more destroyed by

A foolish temptation

Curses be thy name of

A guiltless cost

To my death let it be thy last breath

To you to tell you

My will


Let my will be done unto all things in

Darkness through are free

For eternity







© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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I haven't gotte a chance to read this yet, but I'm glad I did, another great job. I agree with Undying Glory about you having the potential to make this big.

Posted 13 Years Ago

great job man. these songs sure have potential to make it big. i notice you don't write songs that rhyme. that's pretty unique, methinks, as the vast majority of songs rhyme. overall awesome stuff

Posted 14 Years Ago

You would write lyrics with confidence it would seem? lol
You take life and hurt, darkness and passion, the universe and the ground beneath your feet and envelop them into a world of their own! Awesome!

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

this is very gd, would like to see more like this!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

these seem like they'd be really cool to hear put to music. you should try to post them on here. anyways....good pieces. well structured, great meanings. clear and consice, overall good job (sry for the short review, not really feeling review-ey today)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Awesome album, I love to hear these songs.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Nicaushio Yamaki
Nicaushio Yamaki


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