A Chapter by natalieox

"would you like some breakfast" the stranger said to me.
" who are you, and why am i here? i want to go home" i said quietly, with no strength left. 
"i was walking through the alley, and found you there, looking pale, so i decided to take you home. Give you a proper meal, and a better place to sleep"
I was confused, was this man safe? Oh who cared, who cared if he killed me, nobody would care anyway. It's not as if anyone would be upset, they'd probably celebrate.
I felt guilty, about my mum and brother and Dad, but figured they'd be mad at me, or forgotten i existed. Either way, here was better than outside in the rain.

I opened my purse, to check i still had £3, and i did, then i felt inside my purse, and found a picture, of my 14th birthday, me, Marcus, Mum,Dad,Joe, Mae and Charlie, standing there, all smiling, all happy. Best friends forever, pffft.

A few days passed, and i found out the man's name was Peter, he was around 53. 
I was checking through his letters one day, when i found a letter from the police.
It was telling him that he was on the paedophile offenders list.
Shocked i grabbed everything i had, and went to escape. My heart beating as i smashed a glass with my hand, i hoped Peter didn't hear. He raced up the stairs, i had just got hold of the ledge, and started to climb down the pipe, hoping it would take my weight, well not that there's much left of me anymore. Seeing as i'm 15 and weigh 4 stone. I weigh the same as my 8 year old cousin. I leaped onto the floor, and my heart raced, i ran round the corner, and ran smack into Peter. He grabbed me by my collar, and took me into the house, i couldn't resist. He was too strong, i went to walk up the stairs but he grabbed me, and threw me into a cupboard, a dark cupboard, screaming and starting to feel clustrophobic i went to open the door, but he had locked it. Panicking i screamed, "LET ME OUT! SOMEONE WILL FIND ME! YOU'LL BE IN TROUBLE!" but no use, i started to sweat, and couldn't breathe, and to make matters worse, something furry was crawling up my legs. Trying to think of ways to get out, my body gave way, and i fell to the ground shut my eyes, and went into a deep, deep sleep.

The next morning, through the keyhole was light beams, i banged on the door, i was starting to get hungry, i wondered if i'd be let out. Crying at my stupidity of smashing my phone, i wondered what my mum and dad were doing now, they must have seen my room, and realised i'm gone.

Suddenly, the keyhole made a noise, and the door swung open. 
EEEEEEEEEEK , i thought, i'm free! I stepped out, and went to go for the door, but standing in front of me was Peter, and this time, he had a gun.
I cannot explain what happened next, as my mind went blank, and i couldn't think of what to do. Millions of things were running through my head. He grinned, his gruesome teeth showing, that smile that haunted me.

Screaming, i started to throw up, he held the gun up, and pointed at me, and slowly he started to pull the trigger.

© 2010 natalieox

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A Chapter by natalieox

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A Chapter by natalieox