Picking up the pieces

Picking up the pieces

A Chapter by natalieox

Arriving at work i saw Ricky, and smiled. Gazing into his gorgeous hazel eyes, i realised i should probably get straight to work. I had to be out here asap, in order to pack my stuff. I was so excited! This morning i woke up to find that in 3 days i was going on holiday to America! My baby brother always wanted to visit the disney studio's and my mum decided that if she didn't get any better, it was on her list of things to do.
My dad was coping with the whole cancer thing, Joe not so much - he tended to lock himself in his room and blast the music to drown out his sobbing. At school nobody knew so he put on a brave face, but i could tell he was hurt. Dad made Mum write a list - everything she wanted to do before she died. 101 things were on it. This could take i while i laughed, reading through the list. #5 Swim with dolphins...#90 Meet up with my old school friends. Hmmm i thought, I had a feeling i could help with that one. Looking at the calender today is the 8th May, and we are going on holiday the 11th - 26th. That means that when we get back it will be 10 days from her birthday. I could throw her a big suprise birthday party with all her friends. After all, I had made myself promise to help her with her list - i mean it was the least i could do looking back on all the stuff she had done for me. 
Going through facebook i found around 1/2 of the people from her old school off her list of goodbye and good luck notebook from her last day at school. Some were in Scotland, and further up north! Oh maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as i had thought. I emailed them explaining who i was, and how mum had cancer, and wanted to see her friends again before she died, and would they be able to come to her surprise birthday party on the 3rd June. Suprisingly all except one declined! Brilliant i thought, as i rushed to tell dad and Joe. I figured i'd need help with the renting of places and everything, and Joe and Dad could help me.
With all the planning going on, and America, i realised i hadn't been horseriding in a while. So i decided this afternoon to go to my friends stables. I hadn't been in around 5 years so i wasn't quite sure if it was still there. Pushing open the gate i met a really handsome guy, who when he shook my hand i felt shivers down my back and my legs went jeloid. He smiled at me, and took me onto the horses. " I'm Harry, haven't seen you before have i? " No' i replied, i haven't been here in around 5 years" i laughed. 
He helped me up onto a horse, and we went for a trot around into the fields. We stopped off for a break, and i felt him budge closer and closer. All of a sudden he kissed me, opening for breathe i gasped. Did i believe in love at first sight?
Who cares i thought. He was perfect. Or so i thought, until i went to go, but remembered i left my keys so turning back into the stables i saw him kissing another girl. Okay, so maybe he is a player, or maybe he just has a girlfriend and kissing me was a mistake. It didn't change the way that i felt about him.
Going to sleep that night, i couldn't help going over a million times what happened with Harry. It was so unexpected, yet i was so lucky! He was the most gorgeous boy i could have ever seen in my life! Picturing his hazel eyes, they reminded me of someone, but i couldn't quite figure out. His hair was a golden brown, a fringe swept across his face. His shoes, the newest brand of Nike, i could tell he was a rebel as when riding you're supposed to wear boots with grip. His trackies - the most expensive brand, along with a hoody with the stables name on. I could tell he took care in his appearance. Reminded me a lot of Ricky really. 
Waking up the next morning i went to work, to discover a big suprise...

© 2010 natalieox

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