Chapter 01

Chapter 01

A Chapter by Reaper

Troubles been brewing in the online gaming community and Now Reaper and Kirito will have to Help out to find the Culprits.

Its been five years since the SAO incident and Lizbeth and I are living together now. I work for the government as a terrorism task force online. Lizbeth has been busy with other duties such as being a mother part time, and nurse the other part time. We adopted a cute girl three years ago. she was eleven then, but now she's fourteen and she's been hounding me to join her in this online game she's been playing. everytime I try to join her, something always comes up. at lest shea been understanding of my job and all. she still loves me. every chance we get, we talk. unfortunatly, it isn't much time anymore. I've been being called into the office a lot recently and it was for a good reason. we got a tip that a game might've been hacked and the bad part is, its a full dive game which there seems to be a lot of now a days. so we've been busy setting up an account on each game just to be safe.

"Daddy, I miss spending time with you." Yuki stated.
"I know sweetheart. works been hetic and all. I'm barely sleeping." I sigh as I hug her. "do you mind if I hold you till I fall asleep in my recliner?"
"of course not daddy. I at least get to spend time with you." she smiled then scooted up and kissed my cheek. I smiled down to her. "I love you daddy."
"I love you too sweetheart." my eyelids fluttered then closed. next thing I knew I was waking up and Yuki was quietly sleeping on my lap. then I felt my phone vibrate again. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it quietly. "Vincent speaking. .... No, I was asleep on my recliner." I replied. as I listened to a tech guy from my department at the office. "I'm sorry, but I can't come in right now. you guys are running me ragged. I need sleep, plus my fiance is at work and my daughter is on my lap asleep. I'll come In when I can, but please, no more calls for now. I need sleep. goodbye." I hung up and put the phone back into my pocket.
"Papa." Yuki mumbles. I brush her hair off to the side and kiss her head. She may be fourteen but she still seems like she's only nine at times.
As I fall back asleep, I contiplate on how I'm supposed to keep this up. Too much stress from work and their calling me in so much I don't sleep let alone see my family anymore and quite frankly, it was pissing me off. I laid back and fell back asleep.
Later on I felt a hand on my head and it woke me up. As I turned my head I felt a kiss on my head and a chuckle. "Hi sweetheart. How was work?" I asked.
"Tiring. I see you two are comfortable." She smiled.
"Actually my legs are asleep. But I don't want to wake her. We never spend any time together." I frown. "Its bad enough I'm not herw for both of you, but its worse not knowing anything else except from that tip. What worrys me is that Yuki plays some of the games too."
"Wow Vince, you never tyalk about work. It must be bad if your talking to me about it. It, can't be that bad can it?"
"Over 5 thousand games. We covered mabey half so far." I look at Yuki and sigh. "I don't want another SAO. That is why I took this job. Plus its an income and I help people."
"You do, everyday. You may not realize it, but your an inspiration to Yuki to keep working hard. We admit she doesn't act her age at times, but I didn't either when I was her age. Be glad she acts younger and not older." Lisbeth stated.
"Yea I guess your right. I just want to protect her all the time."
"You do. You give her love and hope. Its more than her father did." She sounded bitter with that statement.
"Your still not going to tell me, are you?"
Lisbeth shook her head. "I can't because of work. You know how that goes." I nodded. "Yea. Well, if anything happens to Yuki I want you to promise me you'll do anything and everything you can to save her and protect her."
"I will."I smiled as I hugged yuki lightly. "She is our daughter after all. I would tear apart this world or the virtual to keep her safety number." I smiled up to Lisbeth who then kissed me on the lips. "I love you."
"I love you both." She replied.

Two weeks later I was in the cafeteria eating when my cell went off. When I answered it, I lost my appitite. "It can't be. I'll be right up." I was deathly white. When I hung up, I called Lisbeth quickly. "What is Yuki doing?"
"She's on her game, why?" I stay silent. "Vincent, what's going on?"
"What game?"
"The normal one she's begging you to play with her, why?" I say some choice words away from the phone. "VINCE! What is going on?"
"Its happening." Is all I said.
"Hunny, go keep her safe. Do whatever you have to do. Just bring our daughter home."
"I will. You know I wont be home for a while."
"I don't care. Keep her safe."
I hung up and went upsatirs to our office. The news was on showing the incident of how a new online game was hacked from the system administrators and its becoming another SAO incident.
"This isn't good." I said as I sit at my desk. I open my cell phone and call my friend Kirito. "Hey, can you come into my office ASAP? You can bring Asuna too. I'll brief you both when you get here." When he agreed I hung up and set the phone down. After a half hour the front desk called my desk saying Kirito was there. I told them to send them up. When Kirito and Asuna walked in I was shocked. "Wow. I have been out of touch." I said sadly.
"Its okay." Asuna stated. "We know how busy you've been. Lisbeth has been in touch."
"Does she know?" Asuna nodded. "How far?"
"Six months." She smiled.
I sighed. I say a few more choice words quietly. They both look at me shocked. "I've been picking up some old habits." I sighed. "Its the stress. I'm sorry I called you in. If I would've known, I wouldn't have called."
"What's going on?" Kirito asked.
"I shouldn't burden you with government or personal problems." I stated.
"Its the problem with what's on the news isn't it?" Kirito asked. I nodded looking glum. "And there's more that's personal by the looks of it."
"Dead on like usual." I said.
"Vince, you and Lisbeth are part of our family weather you like it or not, so spill." Asuna demanded.
I sighed. "Its yuki." I was at the point of tears.
"Your adopted daughter?" Kirito asked.
I nodded. "She's in the game. I need help." I looked up at them. "But since your about to start your own family, I can't have you risk it."
"That's not your choice." Kirito said. "Like Asuna said. Your family. Family always helps family when their in need."
"That's right. While you two are diving, I'll stay with Lisbeth and we can support each other through this. Just help everyone there and bring Yuki home. Okay?" Asuna smiled.
I looked at them with tears in my eyes. "You don't know how much this means to me." I get up and hug them both. "Asuna, you really are a great friend to Lisbeth. Always there for her when I can't be. I thank you." I smile from the bottom of my heart.
"Just bring Yuki home. Both of you. And stay safe."
"We will. We have some great hackers here." I smiled. "Hey Kirito, you ready to find out who these guys are and whoop some behind?"
He laughed. "I guess."
I pick up my cell and call Lisbeth. "Hey, come down to the office. I need you to pick someone up. You'll see when you get here. I love you. I'll. Let her know you love her. I'll see you when this is all over. Bye sweetheart."

After Asuna left, we went to our rooms where a nurse hooked up IV's and the hackers got us set up. Once we dived, we knew we would be trapped, but we had an advantage.

Opening my eyes, I was in a plaza of a town. It seemed like SAO but it was different. "So odd." I said.
"No kidding. Its almost the same."
"Do you think they were trying to recreate it?" I asked.
"Its possible."Kirito replied as he went into his menu. "Mostly the same, some differences but mostly the same." He shook his head.
"Recon." He replied.
We took off. We may have looked like noobies in the game, had the equipment but if it came to it, we had some ace cards up our sleeves. We looked around and talked to some people. They knew they were trapped but they were trying to make do. When we meet back up, we pulled our info and thought.
"So, have you played this before?" Kirito asked.

© 2015 Reaper

Author's Note

I do NOT own Sword Art Online. I only Own my Character Reaper.

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I'm a slow writer and I write mostly fan fiction but I write what I can. I may not spell good or have very bad grammer, but the storys there. more..

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