Who Doesn't Like Dragons

Who Doesn't Like Dragons

A Chapter by Ai Ri

(11:23 AM) Dude do you like dragons 
(11:23 AM) Btw that's your name now: "Dude"
(11:42 AM) who doesn't like dragons 
(11:42 AM) and if that is what you have decided then so be it
(11:50) Good! Cuz there's this site called flight rising and it's all about dragons and s**t
(11:51 AM) and this has to do with me how
(11:53 AM) because dragons and you should get an account. 
(11:35 AM) it's really chill!!!
(11:53 AM) what do I do
(11:54 AM) 😃😃 so you get an account and pick your dragon collect food and coins and s**t and get other dragons and then you can breed them
(11:54 AM) So it's basically a breeding sim for dragons full of useless dailies
(11:54 AM) you can battle them and train them up and get a bunch of different things it's chill and it's kinda a stress reliever. 
(11:55 AM) just try it. If you don't like it you can always delete the account
(11:55 AM) okay. 
(11:56 AM) it says I have to wait till the 15th
(11:59 AM) Fuu I forgot about that but that's only like two days please just try it and tell me what you think!!!!
(11:59 AM) sure

(7:06 PM) so what is that site thing called again? 
(7:06 PM) feather raisin or something
(7:12 PM) Flight rising haaa
(7:12 PM) okay
(7:32 PM) this is kind of cool I guess 
(7:32 PM) my dragons look kind of plain though 
(7:33 PM) and the site immediately made me breed them
(7:35 PM) the more you play and trade and sell dragons and buy them you get cooler dragons. Here's my user name take a look at the little ones I hatched and tell me which ones you want "Mufasasismycat"
(7:36 PM) classy username 
(7:36 PM) as expected
(7:37 PM) What??? Mufasa is the best cat in the world
(7:38 PM) I'm sure he is 
(7:38 PM) your dragons are kind of 
(7:38 PM) I guess tacky is the word I'm going for 
(7:39 PM) I can tell you're a photo major for sure
(8:12 PM) ouch that's hurtful 😭😭😭😭
(8:15 PM) oh boo hoo 
(8:15 PM) if you really are a 21 yo photo major with blue hair then im sure it's not the most hurtful thing you've ever heard
(8:20 PM) you know what 
(8:20 PM) people call me koala which I'm not a tiny f*****g mammal but you know
(8:21 PM) I'm sure there's a reason behind it
(8:22 PM) -picture attachment-
(8:22 PM) Mufasa
(8:22 PM) he looks more like a Scar imo 
(8:23 PM) or a Kovu
(8:26 PM) He's my Mufasa he also never gets off my s**t when I need said s**t!!😠
(8:27 PM) He just wants you to remember who you are, because if you have forgotten yourself, you have forgotten him
(8:28 PM) but in all legitimacy, he sounds like a real s**t if you ask me 
(8:28 PM) which he's supposed to be bc he's a cat
(8:30 PM) Sooooooooooooooooooo
(8:30 PM) what
(8:30 PM) what do you think of flight rising and an the dragons
(8:31 PM) I've only been playing it for like an hour 
(8:31 PM) about 45 minutes of that time has been me playing this stupid puzzle game to get gold
(8:31 PM) that's why I offered some of my dragons
(8:32 PM) when did you do that?
(8:32 PM) when I said to look at my dragons
(8:33 PM) oh.

© 2016 Ai Ri

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Added on August 16, 2016
Last Updated on August 16, 2016


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