Chapter 5: Date

Chapter 5: Date

A Chapter by Susan14


The next day was a beautiful day. When I woke up, the sun was shining, the flowers blooming, the birds singing. I took a warm shower which let me tell you were very relaxing especially since yesterday. I went downstairs then, I could smell pancakes and there was only one person in this house that made pancakes, my dad. My brother was already at the table eating most of them. I slapped him on the back of his head.
                “What?” He said, with his mouth full.
                “First don’t talk with your mouth full and second save some for the rest of us.” I sat down across the table from him.
                “So sis, what have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen you in so long, it’s like you’re never here anymore.” He asked; finally he stopped eating.
                “Nothing, I have been hanging out with my boyfriend and some friends, what’s it to you?” I said he never worried about me.
                “Jeez, okay.” He backed off.
                “What have you been up to? How’s your girlfriend doing, what’s her name?”
                “Jenna.” He replied.
                “Yes Jenna, how is she?”
                “Back off sis, don’t become so defense or anything.”
                “I’m not, I’m just asking.”
                “Well for your information, she’s doing quite well. We’re doing quite well.” He said, going back to eating his food. Dad slapped him in the back of the head like I did.
                “Be nice to your sis, Ryan.” He said. I knew I could always count on my dad; he’s always there for me.
                “You okay, Susan.” Ryan asked.
                “I asked because you don’t look right.”
                “Well, I just have this feeling that something good is going to happen but at the same time I feel as if something bad is going to happen. I feel as if I’m going to lose everything and everyone I love.” I got up and went to my room. When I got inside, I laid down on my bed. I just had that feeling. What’s going to happen? I didn’t want to lose anyone especially Canon. I just know that something is going to happen; it’s going to be a good thing but also a bad thing at the same time.  I put these thoughts aside just focusing on my date with Canon. I took the locket in my hands and opened it. It had my favorite pictures in it, though I didn’t remember when we had taken them.
                “Start to get ready.” I went through my whole wardrobe. I finally decided on casual pants with grey lines on them and his favorite blue blouse that he had said looked good on me. I put my hair up in a cute ponytail. I wore blue earrings that went along with the locket he had given me. It was beautiful; I didn’t know how to repay him now. In time I would figure it out. I got my black heels and I went downstairs and that’s when I heard the door bell ring.
                “I got that!” I yelled so I could be the first one to see his face. I opened the door and saw him. He was as handsome as ever. He was wearing plain clothes because we were going to be at his house till everything was done. I didn’t know what had to be done but who cares, as long as I was with him, I would wait forever.
                “Wow.” Was all he could say. He was stunned.
                “I know it’s not the best, but it’s all that I have.” I looked at him. He stepped forward, he was inches from me now.
                “You look absolutely beautiful.” He kissed me, well this was going to be a great day. He broke the kiss then laughing.
                “We need to get going, I need to finish a couple of things.” He let all of myself go except my hand.
                “Okay. Mom! Dad! Ryan! I’m leaving. I’ll be with Canon, so don’t worry about me. See you later.” I said getting my coat.
                “Have fun sis.” Ryan said coming to where we were standing.
                “Thanks.” I said not really expecting that.  I left closing the door in his face then. We got into his mother’s car then and left; we got to his house in less than 15 minutes, his mother drives fast.
                “Thank you for the ride.” I said to his mother. She went over to where Canon was, whispering something in his ear and then leaving. He led me inside. When we got inside, I saw that Jacob was taking Katie upstairs.
                “Hey you guys. Susan you look nice.”
                “Thanks Jacob.”
                “Well see you guys later.” He left then with Katie. We went up to his room then. I took my heels off then, sitting down on the bed next to me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. We didn’t break the kiss at all, I think we both were enjoying it too much. He, too soon, pulled my hands away from around his neck, above my head and onto a pillow. When did I get on a pillow? He was laughing then.
                “What did I do?” I asked him.
                “You didn’t do anything. It’s just we must always be careful.” He didn’t give me a chance to say anything. He was kissing me again. I would have to tell him my secret some other time. But would it be too late by them. Hopefully it wouldn’t. We just keep kissing each other till Jacob came into the room.
                “Canon, mom’s calling us. Oh, I should have knocked shouldn’t I have?” He said. Canon got off me pulling me up with him.
                “It would be wise for you to knock. Tell mom that I’m coming and I’ll have a talk with you when I come downstairs.” His voice sounded so threatening. Jacob left then and he turned towards me then.
                “I’ll be right back.” He kissed me and then left. I fell down on to the bed then thinking why can Jacob just stay away at the good times? It would probably never be like that. I didn’t even know when he came back into the room, he was always so quiet. When he came up to me, he didn’t say anything, he just kissed me, pushing me back onto the bed and hovering over me. He finally broke the kiss then.
                “It feels like we never get time together alone like today except for the Jacob thing.” He said. He didn’t let me talk, he went back to kissing me. I was the one that had to pull away gasping for air this time.
                “Sometimes it seems like that but at least we got today that’s got to count for something.” I didn’t let him speak this time, I kissed him. He finally had to break the kiss.
                “As much as I enjoy this time together, it’s time for our date, my promise and surprise to you.” He got up then and pulled me with him then. That’s when I actually noticed that he was wearing a tux already. He looked amazing. I got my heels and grabbed hold of his hand.
                “Let’s go.” We left then, his mother dropped us off at a location that I didn’t know. He pulled me out of the car and then his mother left.
                “This is a surprise so you don’t get to see the final arrangement just yet.” I started to wine.
                “Why not?”
                “I told you it was a surprise.” He stood behind me then, putting his hands over my eyes then. “Don’t worry, you’ll love this.” While we were walking, I could smell roses and hear sweet music on a background level. When I could finally see, I could that we were on a ship. A real beautiful ship. There was a table arranged for two on one side. Musicians were playing romantic songs on one side. Roses were everyone you looked. It was just perfect. I turned to Canon.
                “This is amazing. I love you.” I kissed him not being able to help myself.
                “Did you do all this for me?” I asked
                “Well I didn’t do all of it. It was such a big task that I had help from my parents and even Jacob.” He admitted.
                “Jacob really, well that’s really nice of him and really, really nice of you.” We kissed again. He led me to the table then, pulling my chair out for me. I sat down and when I did he handed me a bouquet of roses.
                “Ah! This is so sweet of you.” I handed the roses to the waiter who insisted on taking them. We both ordered the mushroom ravioli. We ate, talking about everything that had happened so far in our relationship. This day was the best one ever. Once we were done, he offered to dance with me. We danced all night I guessed. We sealed the perfect day and night with a loving kiss.

© 2009 Susan14

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