A Chapter by Kristen

iPod Shuffle Challenge Rules:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.

Write a ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over.

Song: You and I - Lady Gaga

           Hermione sat in the bar of the club, her heels tapping softly to the jazz music. Draco Malfoy served her drinks continuously, not needing to ask if she wanted a refill on her margaritas. Neither of them spoke, they just shared awkward glances and subtle smiles. It had been two years since their messy breakup and Hermione was determined to get back together with him. She didn't like the idea of opening up old wounds, but those two years had been more miserable than anything on Earth and she missed him. She'd had lonely nights at her flat and missed the feel of Draco laying next to her as she slept. She didn't know when she was going to talk to him, but she thought it'd be better to do it soon, instead of later when he wouldn't believe her in her drunken state. She didn't doubt that he missed her too. It was difficult getting over your lover of six years, whether you wanted to or not. It was just something to accept. It was awful breaking up. She no longer had someone to confide in about everything, no one to hang out with when she got off of work. She missed it.


Song: Jude Law and Semester Abroad - Brand New

         Draco sipped himself into a drunken state, his tie loosely hanging on his collar and grumbling to himself about the damned Mudblood he had just broken up with. All he had heard the past few months was her recent trip to America and the boy she'd met who would do anything she said. She had called Draco a bad boyfriend and he ended it before things went any farther. He wouldn't stand there and be insulted by a blood-traitor. She now was on a plane back to America. Even if her plane would crash, she'd still find some way to disppoint him afterward. He didn't care anymore. He'd gone through too much of an emotionally abusive relationship that no one believed was bad. Everyone suspected him to be the abuser, but it was, in fact, Hermione and her stubborn attitude. She was so angry and he was just afraid she'd push him too far, and he'd end up hitting her or something along those lines. He was glad he hadn't proposed to her. Their divorce would've taken longer than the marriage would've lasted.


Song: What is Love? - Never Shout Never

          " 'Mione, I know it's difficult for you to accept but he really is doing this for the better."

"How, exactly, Ronald? Since you are such a relationship person. Merlin, you don't know the first thing about a heallthy marriage and you're trying to lecture me?" Hermione snapped. Isabel stirred in her sleep in Hermione's lap and she rubbed her back until she settled. Ron looked down at his hands, sheepishly.

"My word means something and I know his does too." He mumbled. Hermione sighed. This was such a mess anymore. Draco worked late, left for work early, didn't talk much and let everything go. It was as if he wanted to be a vegetable or die, he couldn't be productive in their household.


Song: Fashion of His Love - Lady Gaga

          Hermione was never one to be sure about relationships. She was sheepish and doubtful that any man would love her as much as Ron once had. Ron had been her only boyfriend, and the breakup was messy. She even doubted the existence of love at one point. But that was stupid. But then again, so is love, she thought. Love made her a bitter person.

The only man who could see passed her flaws and really love her was Draco Malfoy. He was magnificent to her and she never knew why. She was like an old lady, angry at the life she hadn't lived when she was younger. She lived life on her own and reassured him that he didn't have to stay with her. But he stayed longer than Ron ever did. He was patient and kind with her. She loved it.


Song: Song to Say Goodbye - Placebo

         "You are one of God's mistakes." She glared at him through her mocha eyes and his blood boiled. This filthy Mudblood wouldn't insult him without reprocussions. He was well aware how bad the Cruciatus Curse ached and stung. It felt like fire in your blood and ice was surrounding your body. It was an awful feeling. Their innocence had been lost in the war somewhere, at the fault of the voice that made them both cry in fear. They had been in love. They could relate to each other. But this was their twisted fate. Lovers turned against each other be the lies and actions of opposing sides. This was war. They no longer had consciences or souls. They were tragic wastes of skin. No emotions or feelings for each other but anger. They wanted to kill each other anymore. Everything they'd been through had been forgotten and neither of them cared to think about it. But this was it. This was time to say goodbye.

© 2011 Kristen

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Ohai. x) I'm Kristen. I'm in high school. I like Harry Potter, obviously. Proud Slytherin right here. I have an obsession with Dramione and Drarry. But I'll basically read any pairing. :) more..

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A Story by Kristen

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A Story by Kristen