Chapter 5: Loss of Emotions

Chapter 5: Loss of Emotions

A Chapter by turtlegirlluver

The plan begins and tears are shed.



“Why! Why me? Why us?  This was going to be the best summer ever!  I was going to be with my friends, go to drama camp!” Tears tolled down my face, the salty droplets running over my lips.  I looked up to see Chris, hunched over, his back toward me in his chair, with his elbows on his legs.

        “Chris?” I muttered, he was silent.  Suddenly he spun around.

        “You? What about me! What about my girlfriend, I can’t just leave her.  You’re summer’s ruined?  Well, what about mine!  Can’t you ever think about someone else besides you?”  Tears were now rolling down his face too.  His sudden outburst surprised me, lately our relationship had been supportive.  I could barely remember the last time he raised his voice at me.

        I ran to my room and slammed the door.  I lay on my bed, my pillow becoming wet from my tears.

        After a while I heard the front door close, hoping it meant Mr. Gregund was gone.  I didn’t want to see him ever again, just thinking of his words and voice sent shivers up my spine.

        I heard a knock on my door.

        “What?” I said, my voice coming off harsher than I planned. The door opened and Chris walked in.

        “Hey, um…I’m sorry for getting mad at you,” he said with remorse. “It’s just that Alexa is my first long lasting relationship. We’ve been together for a year and I don’t want it to end.” His voice became more quiet toward the end.

        “Yeah, I know.”

        “Mia, look at me,” I rolled over, “since it’s just you and me after tomorrow, we have to remember to still be friends.”

        “Yeah,” I mumbled.

        “It’s okay, we’ll get through this,” he leaned over and hugged me. Chris got up and started to leave, but was interrupted by my mom getting to my door first.

        “You guys alright?” she asked worried.

        “Depending on what your definition of alright is,” Chris said, “But we’ll manage, if that’s what you mean.” I was instantly floored by his belief that everything would be alright. I sure hoped he was right.

        “I guess that’s what I meant. Try to sleep tonight, I’ll wake you up in the morning. I love you.” She then turned and walked back down the hallway.

        “Well, good night,” Chris said leaving the room.

        “ ‘Night,” I responded. I rolled over and a mix of crying and exhaustion quickly lured me to sleep.

           * * *

        “Mia, wake up,” I heard my mom voice as she patted my back. I looked at my clock as it read 2 o’clock.

        “Huh?” It was way to early to be getting up.

        “Come on. You forgot to pack last night. The car comes but at five.”

        I climbed out of bed and threw on my favorite pair of jeans and T-Shirt. I went down to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, and some cereal. I ate silently, trying to savor my last meal here. I was so nervous about what was coming, that it quickly ruined my appetite.

        After breakfast, I packed my bags, then brought them downstairs. I did a mental check, making sure I had everything I needed. What if I forgot something that was really important?

        At 4:50 the doorbell rang and my dad went over to answer it. Three people, two males and a female, walked in wearing long black coats.

        “Why do you need three people just to drive one car?” I asked.

        The first man stepped forward, “I am your driver. Those two are here so if someone else is watching our departure it looks as those the same two people came and left. We want to make it look like someone was visiting, not just someone taking you two. Does that make sense?” he asked.

        “Yeah, I guess.” It seemed like a lot to go through, just to keep us safe. It this was necessary, I was scared to know how much danger we were actually in.

        “Now,” the driver continued, “put these on.” He handed Chris and I the black coats and glasses that the other two had been wearing. I slipped the coat on, then the glasses. I felt like an undercover agent in a movie.

        “Okay, hurry, we have to leave,” said the driver.

        My mom came over and hugged me.

        “You’ll always be my little girl. Be safe…I love you.” More tears rolled down both of our faces, as I kept holding her, not ready to say goodbye.

        My dad then came over and wrapped me in a big bear hug.

        “I love you honey.”

        “I love you too, dad,” I heard my mom tell Chris to take care of me. The moment finally came where I had to let go and leave. I didn’t know how I should feel, but I felt empty. The reality of our situation hadn’t even sunk in yet.

        The driver told us to pull up our hoods, to hide our faces. He then led us to the door. I looked back, both my parents in tears.

        “I love you,” I called back, my voice shaky.

        “Chris and Mia, we love you,” they called back. I saw my mom collapse into my dad’s arms, weeping. The door was then closed, as I was led into the cool, damp morning.


© 2008 turtlegirlluver

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hey, i noticed that your writing improves in every chapter! you are being descriptive though not being overly descriptive which is good...:)
i like the way you write this chapter. I admire Mia's love for her family...^^

Posted 14 Years Ago

I could feel the emotion in this one, nice read. =D

Posted 15 Years Ago

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