#2 Expansion

#2 Expansion

A Chapter by tynamite

It was half six in the morning, and the oldest girl slept in the same room with her younger sister. The key was still intact. The key lay underneath the pillow that the oldest girl lay her head on. Her name was Hayley. Hayley was the sort of girl who knew what she wanted, and usually got it. Once she had brushed her teeth, she took the glowing key with her downstairs to watch early morning children's programming.

One hour later, the youngest of the three got up and started to sit on the floor, close to the tv to look at it. His name was Eashan.
"Sitting close to the tv gives you square eyes" said Hayley, so Eashan rose, and then sat next to Hayley. Watching Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob cried with soap powder in both his hands, so the tears he cried poured directly into both the boxes, then they got bubbly. Eashan laughed at this, and because he was laughing, Hayley started to have a laugh too.

Half an hour later, the third child woke up, quietly heard the tv when she got to the stairs, and just like Eashan, was now sat by her sister Hayley. She was the only one who bothered to remember the early morning tv schedule. Her name was called Esha. She suggested that she should watch a show called Kerching!, that was now showing on a different channel. Hayley used the remote to turn it onto Esha's station, and then suggested that she take it in turns to watch tv shows, with the remote still in her hand.

Once the Sunday morning children's programming ended at ten in the morning, the mother would soon wake up from her sleep and make the children breakfast. This happened as it usually did, and the mother woke up to five the kids cereal. The packet of Kellogs's Frosties had a free gift of a Pokemon hologram that changed as it titled. There was six to collect. As the mother poured the Nesquik into Eashan's bowl, a plastic wrapped Pokemon hologram, stuck onto thin plastic, landed in it. He picked it up, and titled it.
"I've already got that one." he said.
"Can I have it?" asked Esha with hope.
"No can I have it?" asked Hayley nicely.
"I asked first so I should have it." Eashan looked at Esha.
"Can I have it please?" He then looked at Hayley.
Hayley was the sort of girl, who all she had to do was smile, or withhold one, and she would always get her own way. Eashan got up and gave Hayley the toy saying, "You have it."
Esha felt disheartened as she would, as a young child; so all she could do is hope that her mother brought more Kellogg's cereal.

Three hours later, the growing absence of things to do made the children more suggestible. Hayley suggested to the others that they play hot and cold with the glowing key. When she spoke, she had such a warm and passionate energy to her presence. She could speak to any adult at school, including the Year 6 kids, and it would look like she cared for them. When the two others agreed, Hayley happily skipped out the room with her blonde hair bouncing around the place that ended just beneath her shoulders.

The game of hot and cold was going perfectly fine until Hayley discovered something new about the key. She tripped with the key in her hand, put both her hands out, fell onto the wall and then went through it.

Hayley was now in a corridor that was made of stone. It reminded her of Warwick Castle because she went there on a school trip. She turned around, and she saw a glowing door. She thought that was the way back. She turned around then walked along the corridor, and she saw a door with a polaroid photograph of her face on it.
"Wow" said Esha from behind Hayley.
Hayley turned around. "How did you get in?
"We just walked through the wall."
Esha turned herself around full circle, and she saw two more doors appear into existence with Esha and Eashan's faces on them. Hayley was having none of it. She called the two over. "Come and look at this. It's really cool."
The other two slowly walked towards her and saw the door with her face on it.
"It's got your face on it" Esha said in amazement. Esha didn't like the stone cold floor making her bare feet cold.
"That's because I discovered the secret, stone, thingy." The stone
"Let's go inside" said Esha.
Hayley slowly pushed open the door, not knowing what to expect, and when she opened the door, it was the thing she dreamed of the most before she fell through the wall, so it wasn't what she expected in the least.

Three children walked in, and boarded a train with no roof that was on a roller coaster track. Hayley sat in the middle of the long seat for three, at the front row, with her brother and sister beside her. The train moved at a fast, but not terrifying speed, making shuttling noises as it went along. Hayley was happy to see steam come out the chimney in front of her rise, and move back as the train moved forwards. Three were thrilled as they held onto the handlebars that kept them from jittering forwards. Once the ride had finished, the three did something else that Hayley liked, which was bouncing on a trampoline.

That was Sunday, a day of expansion.

© 2010 tynamite

Author's Note

I know that I'm using tv shows that never aired all at once.

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Nice! Introduction of the characters and more about the key. Wondering if there is a downside?

Posted 13 Years Ago

Loved this chapter, especially the ending. What they found when they opened the door. I also enjoyed the image of the poloroid picture on the door of the little girl. Very clever story line so far.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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