#6 Waiting

#6 Waiting

A Chapter by tynamite

The flat that the mother lived in was worse than the house that she lived in before, but it meant that she could get away from being abused, then it's the step that she had to take.

Linda was happily married, and happily divorced. Her ex was in and out of the kids' lives as he regularly visited. But as the visits were getting less regular, the abuse became more frequent. As the abuse got more frequent, Linda got more defensive.

Often, the abuser would come in the house and see Linda, and abuse her. He would call her an ugly mug, a dirty slag, and a fat bas****. But the truth was that Linda wasn't any of those things. Linda would defend herself, but then she would get pushed around the room. Once the time came that the pushes turned into punches, that was the time that he was stopped by Linda from seeing the kids ever again.

Linda did try to keep him out of her life. She called the police, and he got arrested and let go. She called the next time, and he got a caution. She changed the locks, and Eashan would let him in. She changed to a door with a high lock, and he would climb through the windows. She locked the windows, and he would get in through the back door. As well as that, he would steal things from the house as well.

The police suggested that she try a charity called Shelter so she could be given instant accommodation without a waiting list. She did, and that's why she's in the flat and area she is in now.

Linda sat on her bed, on the phone to her mother.
"I had to punish my kids yesterday, they kept playing up."
"Why? What happened?"
"I askded them to tidy their room, because they hadn't done so in three days; and one hour later, it's even messier."
"My word."
"And at, when they were being home schooled, Esha kept rebelling, refusing to do any school work."
"She didn't."
"Yes she did. Well she's punished now anyway. Today the tutor came and taught them for four hours, and they were all behaved."
"When's the charity going to get them into public school? Do you know?"
"They said I have to wait two weeks, for them to find a school that will recognise children hiding their location, maximum. They also want them to stay at their old school securely without my ex turning up and causing trouble."
"So are they being home schooled?"
"They weren't. But now they don't kick up a fuss. They're okay about it now."
"At least they've got the park And you're going out with your friends on Saturday. How's that feel?"
"Great. I haven't seen them since I moved."
"I know I remember when you told me about the door."
"Oh that?" Linda then laughed then so did her mother. "It's nice, but it would be nice if I had a man once in a while. You know, going for a drink, with my man. Before I go to bed, I'm calling my man speaking late hours. Going on dates and, so romantic."
"You'll find your Mr Right some day. You'll just have to wait."
"Wait, yeah wait."

* * *

After the phone call, Linda unenthusiastically looked on her wardrobe, and saw the key. She went to her wardrobe to get it, and it was glowing. "My kids were right" she thought. As she held the key, she looked at it wondering how it worked. She remembered how her children were walking through a wall yesterday thanks to a key. Maybe she could do the same. She slowly walked through a wall holding the key.

When she got in, she was surprised to know that the key worked. She was now in a corridor, and she kept walking until she found the one with her face on it. Not knowing what to expect, she walked in.

When she got in a church, she saw the most handsome man, she had ever seen. His deep hazel eyes, struck her like a chord of lightning jolting her up. The eyes she saw were full of emotion for her to stare at. His eyes were a nice shade, and they were enchanting. He was looking to the side, and he was wearing black. She ran up to the stairs to the stage, where he was, and she fell into his open arms. Linda felt protected and cared for in his arms, and her arms were the right shape for wrapping round her back.

"Kiss me" she said. And he lifted her up, and put his arms around her waist as they passionately kissed. Linda felt elevated onto a new level, and the church organist started to play dreamy music as the seated audience stood up clapping and cheering, giving a standing ovation. Linda continued kissing the man, and she felt how she hadn't felt in years. Linda unlocked from his mouth and moved back a bit, then the audience's noise dwindled to silence. The audience sat down.
"How will I meet anyone like you again?" she asked.
"Easy. He will cross paths with you some day. All you have to do is wait."

© 2010 tynamite

Author's Note

The next chapter is the FINAL chapter. Key To The House will end for good.

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I need a key like that! Great chapter

Posted 12 Years Ago

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