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#4 Retrevival

#4 Retrevival

A Chapter by tynamite

The people who lived in Chandler Square, lived in a bad area, that didn't look run down at all. The area did not have detached houses, fancy gardens or people who had multiple cars.

The mother felt safe living in the area. There was a low crime rate. People's bags and mobile phones did not often get robbed off people. That actually doesn't happen. The area just happens to look worse than other areas, and house people who come from a poor background.

As the area is often forgotten about by the city's council, there is a long stretch of wasteland that goes on for about fifty metres or more. It has trees in it and wildlife. The only way to get there is to climb over a wall. There also was a nearby marsh that is dangerous to go to. Nobody knows how high the water can get there.

Also in the area was a corner shop that was frequently robbed by the same few teenagers. The shop had CCTV, and they apparently call the police. But that didn't deter them. One boy walked into the shop and ate a Mars bar in front of the shopkeeper's face. The shopkeeper didn't do anything.

Today it was the same routine as yesterday. Waking the kids up, getting them ready, and watching them get home schooled. That's the thing that the mother would do today.

For breakfast the kids ate the rest of the pop tarts, and they had to accept that they would be home schooled today. It really hurt the mother to know that the one thing her kids wanted the most, she couldn't give.

She stood for four hours with her Walkman cd player filling out crossword puzzles as she read the tv guide, as she watched the tutor teach the kids the National Curriculum in Science, Geography and Maths today. The tutor had workbooks, textbooks and educational VHS cassettes. He also had golden star stickers he put on good finished work.

One hour after the tutor had left, she noticed that the house was awfully quiet. She thought that her kids were up to something, so she went to go look for them.

The first room she looked in was the bathroom, because she knew that her children liked mixing up food or playing with chemicals by pouring them down the toilet to see what it does.

They weren't in the bathroom, so she looked in her bedroom. Maybe they were hiding under the blankets on the bed. She lifted them up and they weren't there. After searching her bedroom, she decided to look elsewhere in the house.

Room after room she searched, and no matter how hard she tried, her children were always nowhere to be found. In a frenzy, she ran up to her bedroom, and looked out the window to see the park. Her kids didn't appear to be there, although there were some kids there. She had to be sure, so she decided to go to the park herself.

As she walked to the park, she thought about how she would let her three kids go there together without parental supervision. "Maybe it's my fault", she thought as she got closer to the park.

When she looked around the park, her kids weren't there, so she looked again, then walked home for a minute then walked back and looked again. She eventually went to look in the bedrooms again.

Inside Hayley and Esha's bedroom, she saw them both walk into the room by going through the wall. She saw Eashan follow, and then a glowing key appear out of thin air. It was lying against the wall, and it fell with gravity onto the floor. Hayley turned around to pick it up then she turned back. All three kids could see the mother.

"How did you do that?" asked the mother.
"Do what?" asked Esha.
"Walk through that wall."
"We didn't do that did we?" Esha looked at Hayley, and she shook her head.
"I just saw you walk through the wall" the mother insisted.
"No" Esha said unbelievably shocked. "We've been here the whole time. Maybe you're just imagining things."
"But I just saw you do it. It actually really happened."
"Course it did" replied Esha.
"If you want to be like that, fair enough." and the mother left the room leaving the kids to their own devices.

That was Tuesday, a day of retrieval.

© 2010 tynamite

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Very interesting chapter! I guess they do their best chemistry work in the toilet rather than the lab. Now the Mom has discovered the mysterious disapperances of her mischievious children. Boy am I glad I don't have children.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 14, 2010
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