#2 My Brother Has Square Eyes

#2 My Brother Has Square Eyes

A Chapter by tynamite

Today was another day for me to go outside while my brother stayed in the house and watched tv. I was going to be going to a fashion label signing in town, while my brother would just watch tv all day.


I was going to go there with my friends, and take a photograph of the boy who was expanding his fashion label so it could be sold at a store in town. He’s 23 but I don’t care. He’s cute and sexy, and he looks 15. I was going to see him for less than a minute today and get an autograph and a photograph with him, and before I clean my room and get ready, I would be very busy. I needed to leave the house on time and not be late.


While he watched tv, I asked him to turn the chicken and rice that I had in the microwave as I had to and clean my room before the electricians came. It had to be done quick so when they came, my room wouldn’t be a mess. I didn’t want to get in trouble. I didn’t mind a plug socket not working for today, as I was going outside today. Today was Sunday, and Sunday is a day for going out. I won’t go church or stay in with tea and biscuits like old people do. I had to go outside, and I had things to do. I had to post a letter into the postbox after I finished my food.


Before I got dressed to go out, I would need to make sure that I don’t forget anything before I leave the house, before and after I get ready. I put my hand in my pocket of the dressing gown I was wearing. My phone wasn’t there. I asked my brother where my phone was. He said it was on the tv. I looked and told him it wasn’t there. He told me it was, because it was lying on the table, on the tv screen. Did he think I expected to know it was going to be on tv today?  I asked him where he had seen it last, and he told me that he saw it last when I used it earlier to call my friends when before I put the phone in my pocket. And I want to know that? He’s so stupid sometimes.


I went into the kitchen because it stank. I could smell burnt food. I screamed when I took my food out the microwave because the plastic was hot and bendy. When I got to see what my younger stupid brother was doing, he was watching tv. He was in the exact same pose he was in when I asked him to watch my food. He’s stupid. I slapped him in the face for it. He said he had a headache. He’s lying. He wants me not to hit him again. I’m not stupid.

I told him that I’d left him some food in he microwave for him, and he was so excited to go and get it. When he got there, I saw him put some curry or gravy or whatever processed packet thing it was, and he put it on a fork. He started to sniff it, and then he ate some. I laughed. I told him I would make it again for him, but even better.


When I got back into the house, I had a sweater, t-shirt, and I had some things I had from other stores. I had a box of Maltesers in my hand because I took them out a carrier bag because I like chocolate. My brother got up and took a handful of them with his stupid hand.

While everyone else was asking me how much the sweater cost, or that they were jealous of me, all he did was continue watching tv. He was in the same position. His legs were crossed. Doesn’t he get pins and needles or something? Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s a mutant, a mutant with square eyes.

© 2010 tynamite

Author's Note

I hope this chapter didn't disappoint you, as it's worse than chapter 1.
Chapter 2 is double the length of Chapter 1. XD

Chapter 3 will feature another family member.

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It think it's good, yeah. The humour you've brought into it's good XD I can imagine the scenes playing out :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

I liked this chapter. I think the first chapter was amazing, but this chapter was still very good.
I enjoy the humor :D
Thanks for posting this! Great job once again~ :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

This was a cute chapter. I enjoyed your humor in this chapter. How can someone watch that much TV?

Posted 13 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Simple pleasures for simple minds!

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