Blood Lust

Blood Lust

A Chapter by Searching 4 Serenity

Tempo=93          Beat count=4/4

(Blood Lust)
I'm the bully, hot shot, big toughie in school
Picking on the wimps cause they think that it's cool.
(Blood Lust)
Growing up with these problems inside my head
Drinking at fifteen wishing that I was dead.
(Blood Lust)
I'm the misunderstood emo cutting wrists
Wishing for death. Suicide is on my list.
(Blood Lust)
"He's grand theft auto on your streets with the guns
Picking up hookers for some sex and some fun."
(Blood Lust)
A life has been lost in the name of business
All of these wars you see just seem to progress.
(Blood Lust)
That suicide bomber came flying in fast
Trying to represent his faith with a blast.

Beat count=9/8
This raging fire unquenched by raging desires
hate will never die 'less arrogance tires
Those who remain blind are the ones who condemn
So is the nature of manipulative men
Accusing the innocent with a kind grin
Hypocrites judging others for their "own" sins

Beat count=4/4
(Blood Lust)
I'm the taunting thought lurking inside your head
Every day that passes he thinks of bloodshed
(Blood Lust)
A bank was just robbed and the clerk had been shot
The mob gathers 'round as they call in the swat
(Blood Lust)
Their mother was killed with the sound of a gat
Alone in the house, he had his way; damn rat
(Blood Lust)
Prisoners keep massing up in the U.S.
How did we ever get into such a mess?

(Blood Lust)
Another life's been captive in Pakistan
Looks like things are getting worse. Need a new plan?
(Blood Lust)
Seems we're being taken over by the snake
We need to turn ourselves around, for God's sake!


~Demonically Spoken~
AAAAAHHH HAHAHA HA HA HA! Blood lust is killing us all. Conquering the minds one by one. In the end, we will bring our own Apocalypse. We will be the cause of our own Judgment Day. I hope we're all ready to make the right choices if that day should come!
~Demonically Spoken~

© 2012 Searching 4 Serenity

Author's Note

Searching 4 Serenity

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Ah the profound use of sexual denigration and moral upstanding is refreshing to say the least, you have a courage of conviction that both emulates in your words and spikes synaptic behavior within my proud mind, I feel you are aghast at even your own feelings, thoughtful not to over step the mark yet proving your point, well played my dear friends, well played.

Posted 13 Years Ago

You are right this is very true.
This is a REAL piece of art.
This is simply awesome.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I liked this..there is too much of the above happening and sooner or later we all will be consumed by "the beast".

Posted 13 Years Ago

Excellent portrayal of life for many people. I really hope things turn around soon.

Posted 13 Years Ago

It's great! I'm sorry I didn't respond about the second verse. It looks like you came through on your own just like all your other pieces!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh i hope you get it finished, and when you do look me up and let me know! Excellent work here!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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7 Reviews
Added on April 19, 2011
Last Updated on January 31, 2012
Tags: Blood, Lust, Dark, Disturbing, True, Painful, Painfully True, Clarity, Shadow


Searching 4 Serenity
Searching 4 Serenity

Canaan, CT

The music videos are examples of what I have in mind for sound&ideas with the SONGS. Of course, unique all on their own. more..


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