Dark Nature of MAN

Dark Nature of MAN

A Chapter by Searching 4 Serenity

Harsh reality mixed with, once again, dark fiction that is made PLAUSIBLE for some... Oh yes, I believe their is something beyond this life. The answer??? Follow what's in your heart.

(Unsure believer)
"Honestly I do not know what to believe"
Too many claims out there to easily deceive,
the feeble minds of the ones who can never see,
so they continue to live their life in disbelief
(Unsure believer)

(Paranoid follower)
Tell me why is it that we are always blind,
from seeing the true nature of the human mind?
So dark that it remains locked away and confined
I'm talking about dark voices that will not leave us alone to unwind

(Paranoid follower)

(The convincing preacher)
You tell yourself that it is all inside your head,
that you are losing it and need to take some meds,
though you continue to fill up inside with dread,
as images increase of the demonic dead
Keep telling yourself that you're too intelligent,
for you to believe in paranormal events.
To you such events can never be relevant.
You're caught up in your knowledge. Your knowledge will become your weakness
(The convincing preacher)

How can you tell yourself your mind is not toying with you?
Tell me now, I know you don't believe that this is true.
These dreams we have that we cannot explain leaves us scared to death
Yet we no longer wake up from them shocked and out of breath

(Conditioning for WAR)
Have you recently heard the news on G4?
Another smash hit game that's filled with blood and gore.
It seems like everybody's always wanting more,
entertainment filled with vi-o-lence galore
(Conditioning for WAR)

(Environments to make people mentally unstable)
Why does everyday look a little more dim?
Everyone on the streets are looking so grim.
It may sound silly but I long for some hymns.
We're being taken over by madness as it fills up to the brim
Maybe its just me or is everyone losing it,
within these cities that are smelling more like s**t?
Sure, they may display our intelligent brilliance,
but it is destroying the grace of natures ambiance
(Environments to make people mentally unstable)

(Deception for self-gain)
Our pursuance for knowledge is causing so much pain,
for we keep using it in ways that are in vain.
Every time the end results turn out the same.
Disaster strikes all us down in the name of the "lucid chaos game"
(Deception for self-gain)


(Are you crazy?)
Demons inside our minds,
will be here for ALL man kind.
Demons will always find,
that dark place inside to hide
(Are you crazy?)

Imaginary demons
Imaginary foes
Imaginary screamin'
So I'm told, yet I don't know,
if it's because of demons
Is it because demons? (x2)
Tell me, does this sound insane to you?
Look deep within to know what is true!!!

© 2012 Searching 4 Serenity

Author's Note

Searching 4 Serenity
Hard to believe I'm fucking stable, LOL. I got my own psychology going that may one day be added to criminal psychology... OH! I'm being prideful... >-_-<
This one is all about psychotic thinking. No matter how high or low of innocent, menacing, direct, indirect, conditioning, conditioned, or dangerous that thinking is. Certainly, I believe that their is spiritual existence and instances caused by it. But this is specifically directed to those who either deceive themselves, or have been deceived, into believing that certain events are caused by those spiritual entities.

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To write about a demonically possesed population and wonder the cause possibly we should reflect on the religious institutions that have been influencing everyone they can rope in. Those figures that are meant to be a pure representation of a higher being and manipulate the cause to their own benefit, abusing the power they were given from above. You ask some very intelligent questions here but i think that the reason that everyone seemes so at peace with the state of affairs is due to some kind of spiritual corruption. Great write sir, and powerfully worded.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Searching 4 Serenity
Searching 4 Serenity

Canaan, CT

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