Live As One

Live As One

A Chapter by Searching 4 Serenity

Take a look and see what's happening out on streets
People rioting as some corrupt police men beat
the hell out of an innocent man in a wheelchair
Everything around accumulates and it's too much to bare
GOD DAMN! Tell me what has now become of us?
Hang our heads in shame for being dangerous
Whatever happens is our own damn bloody fault
for being selfish greedy b******s in a world of asphalt

We're praying for a miracle. When will it come?
Hear how havoc booms on like a pounding drum?
Prayer "alone" is not "enough" to fix our "own errors"
Face the problem, be brave, swallow up that terror

We screwed up. Now we have to pay for our OWN mistakes

Down in Africa the ribs of children show
while ritzy people stuff their face, it's sick, I know
Dead bodies litter the ground in the homes of Afghanistan
Little ones cry in distress; left alone to die as orphans
We live in content and act as though nothing is wrong
while everyone continues to march to those prideful songs
I think it's time for all of us to open up our eyes
and see how our own actions lead us to our own demise


When will we start living as ONE?!

If you had a clue about historical time lines
you would see how we repeat our own genocide
Things could have been different if we weren't so blind to see
the only way to live happily is in harmony
Let's look beyond the light and see who we really are
the answer lies in front of you. You'll see it's not that far
Just look within yourself to understand what you can do

to help a fellow man who needs a hand to follow through

It's time to WAKE UP!
Because we're running out of luck
The clock is TICKING!
Don't expect to see it stop
Will not end until we wake up
Lend a HAND!
Start living as people in unity


© 2012 Searching 4 Serenity

Author's Note

Searching 4 Serenity
Okay, so the context of this one is about the consequences caused by the negative choices&actions made by society. It is a conclusion from all the other writes that lead up to this.

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It's too easy to blame America for the world's problems which I don't agree. It's the actions of those in power that cause the problems in each and every country. Africa is so poor because of the Warlords abusing their people. When people stop playing the blame game against America and see that the world is to blame for the world's problems than maybe change can happen. Those in power around the world set policy.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love the message in this. Excellent words. The lines are penned good, nothing that should be criticized like in the former review.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 16, 2011
Last Updated on May 7, 2012


Searching 4 Serenity
Searching 4 Serenity

Canaan, CT

The music videos are examples of what I have in mind for sound&ideas with the SONGS. Of course, unique all on their own. more..


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