He Is As Cold As Ice

He Is As Cold As Ice

A Poem by victoria

inspiration is drawn from the most random places xD

Growing up too fast
and begging for acceptance all his life
he is a product of low self esteem and high expectations.

Bumped around from group to group
losers to druggies and everyone else
he is just looking to fit in,
looking for people who care.

Choosing wrong role models
and filled with misinformation
the lies tumble out of his mouth
hoping to mold himself into what they deem as acceptable.

Fifteen minutes of fame
followed by hours of feeling lonely and not good enough
(though he will never see how cared for he really is)
it has changed him

He is as cold as ice.

with a mind constantly working
thoughts and ideas both amazing and abstract,
interesting to anyone willing to look past his mask,
anyone who matters.

But instead of using them, manipulating his thoughts for his own advantage and well-being,
he mutes them.

So much is lost, all because he thinks it is "unwanted"

And the day he can release himself
say, "I don't want to be just typical"
the day he will realize he doesn't need them, because it is not all the same,
is the day he will feel the most frightened,
and the most alone.

But that's ok
because understanding, enlightenment will follow
and people will care.

it will all be alright soon.

© 2010 victoria

Author's Note

so, the other day in English class we were reviewing literary elements. one of the sentences that we had to analyze was "he is as cold as ice" i dunno, but that one kinda stuck in my head, and this is what came of it :] rate and review pwease?

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"He is as cold as ice.

with a mind constantly working
thoughts and ideas both amazing and abstract,
interesting to anyone willing to look past his mask,
anyone who matters."

wow I mean people do tend to misjudge people these days great write

Posted 12 Years Ago

The poem was very good. To find your place in this world ain't easy. I could feel the struggle and desire to do what must be done. Total poem is very good. I like the ending. A excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really liked this, reminds me a little of myself but I'm a girl haha! Brilliant write, especially as it was inspired by only one line... I liked the fact that you didn't rhyme it too, and yet it flowed really well. Nice job

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well that hits a little uncomfortably close to home.

I'm not entirely sure whether the poem benefits from the optimism at the end or not. Sure, it's nice to end on a happy note, but the rest of it was more neutral and objective than pessimistic. It's just a little bit strange to be reading it and come across that part.

It's worth another look at the end, but other than that, I quite enjoyed this. No rhyme or rhythm, but the natural flow of free verse, and that's all you need.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I liked this problem. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

many people resort to conformity for fear of being alone/unaccepted. Fear of rejection is a human emotion engraved into our genetics. It's sad because by tthe time people realise- they will be happier, find people who are true friends, pople who they can be theirselves around without being afriad of scaring them off or pushing the away- they often can't remember who they are anymore. great write that make you think. Very true issue seen in teens and preteens- actually seen in almost all ages really. keep it the great work Victoria!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow! For something that was inspired by just one line, this is a fantastic write! I thought that you did a great job in capturing the exact emotions of such a complex character, which is always a difficult thing to do. I liked the balance between the longer lines and the shorter lines, and the way you ended your piece on such an uplifting, inspiring note. Nice write,

Posted 13 Years Ago

'All my troubles, soon be over' as 'Peter, Paul and Mary' put it.
Your poem depicted the typical young adolescent psychology. Wonderfully depicted!

Thank you for sharing. It was a great read.

Posted 13 Years Ago

i like this peice its great work and i hope one day everyone does care but it wont be soon

Posted 13 Years Ago

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There's no question if your poem is not among the greatest thing i ever read i like the story of this person living a lie making wrong choices and to figure out later was it worth it. Amazing

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Poem by victoria

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