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This group is for books and stories only! Poems will be deleted ASAP! If it is a book of poetry, it will also be deleted! I will check every now and then... Post your books and/ or stories on here and hopefully others will review them! I will also review some I find interesting if I have not already. :3
Three rules:
1: NO POETRY! I just want to make sure that's clear. :) Also, don't add each chapter, just add the whole book.
2: Don't be mean!
3: Don't expect people to review your writing if you don't review others' writing...

New Writing

Glider (W/T) Glider (W/T)

A Book by Spoon

The Great Unveil The Great Unveil

A Story by Spoon

Unsaid Love Unsaid Love

A Story by nibhz

Dark night Dark night

A Story by Rose Fire

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Would like some great writing to read!!!


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Structure is Important

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