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About Me

**Notice. Hi there. If you wanna be my friend then message me, talk to me, don't just send my a request. :D Thanks!**

I'm just a teenage girl with tons of stories in my head with a little trouble getting them on paper.

Everything else you want to know about me you can problly tell from my stories. If you look close enough to someone's writing you can see everything about them. You just may not be looking in the right places. (ha ha dramatic I know!)

I just recently started writing poems, The Ache was my very first poem. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx...

uh... I'm a total blonde, being blonde defines me... really it does.

I can be kinda dark at times which my music genre implies, some of my fav bands are: Finger Eleven, Green Day, 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, um... Daughtry, Avril Lavigne, Beastie Boys, uh... Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin (I have a serious obsession), uh... well it's kinda out of my genre but you gotta love Ozzy! You just have to!

My favorite song is Indestructible by Disturbed. If I had to chose 1 band it would be Disturbed. He's SO STINKING AWESOME!

My favorite color is Orange, Red, and Yellow. I can't decide which and if i do it changes like the next day....

Let's see... My best friend would describe me in this word, "hyperactive". That actually surprised me so i asked for another word and this is what she said, "spaztic". I think that is a little more descriptive of me. I would also add the word scatter brained, well i suppose that's two words... yeah that defines me... :D

uh... I like... dots. Sorry I know that was lame, but i do! ha ha...

hm... What else about me? uh... I have 1 little sister, 1 dog, and 1 really fat cat. I only watch the superbowl, never watch the world cup. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy. uh... My best friend's favorite color is green.

/ this is BOB. copy and paste him every where you can, soon he will take over the world. *maniacal laugh.

Oh yeah... Don't click here!. Just don't... I'm serious... Don't do it.

OH! And btw I'm the commander of the red line! ha ha ha ha *tear wipe, I crack myself up... ;)

Oh yeah and...
*An Owl*

Everything You Want People to Know

Full NameAbigail
DOBApril 18 1996
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Right or Left handedRight
HeightTall... ha ha. 5'9" exactly
Your Weaknessuh... hm... Cute t-shirts
Your FearScorpians... Spiders... Rats... Drowning... My little sister.... Burning... ect
Your HeritageWho cares?
Most Overused Phraselol
First Thoughts Waking Upugh
Time You Wake UpDepends
Most Missed MemoryYeah I don't wanna talk about it.
Pepsi or cokePepsi
McDonalds or Burger KingEw.
Lipton Ice Tea or NesteaLipton.
Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
Cappuccino or CoffeeNeither
Cat or Dog*shrug. Fish
Republican or DemocratWho cares?
Up or DownDown
Is the Glass Half Full or Half EmptyHalf Empty
Blue or GreenBlue
Red or BlackBlack
White or PurplePurple
Rock, Country, or RapRock
Big or SmallBig
Tall or ShortTall
Fat or Skinny... Somewhere in between...
Hairy or SmoothSmooth. ?
Poop or Pee Who makes these questions???
Night or DayNight
Smokeuh no.
Drink AlcoholWhen my dad lets me... haha
StealWhat the heck? no.
SingOnly in the shower.
Shower Dailyuh yes?
Want to Get Married...
Want Kids...
Think You Are Attractive...
Get Along With Your Parentslol Who does?
Like Thunderstorms*shrug. I suppose.
Play An Instrument, if so what onenope. I wish.
BandBreaking Benjamin
SongLiving in a Dream by Finger Eleven
MovieHitchhickers Guide... Or Tommy Boy...
Coloruh.... I like citrus colors but lately I've gotten into painting my nails blue and purple... so idk.
Alcoholic DrinkPina Colada
Non-Alcoholic DrinkCranberry Juice
SportI need to learn how to run first.
Time or DayWhat is this?
GameLol this.
Alcoholic Beverages you've TriedBeer, Pina Colada, uh... idk
Movies You OwnTons
Stolen Items in Your Roomlol none. Unless you count my dad's rubix cube that used to be on his desk. he he.
Pets1 dog, 1 cat, 1 sister... he he.
Brothers and SistersSee pets...
Emo cuttings on Your Body...
Drugs You've TakenNone.
CDs You OwnNone.
Drank Alcoholno
Been on Drugsno
Stolen Anythingno
Been Dumpedno
Been Skinny Dippingno
Eaten Sushiyes. lol? What the heck? Random
Madeout with the SAME sex , oppisite sex...
Broken the Law, Been Arrestedno
Been Beaten upyes
Been to a Real Party.. non of that B-day s**tnope...
Been Molested, rapedno
Been Cheated onno
Been EmoDoes it matter?
a cheaterno
a virgin...
a s**t/man w***eno
a drugyno
Somedays Wanting to Die.. howI suppose... idk how... lol... Painlessly I suppose
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