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About Me

Howdy, folks, I'm Zack Burton. I already have two accounts on this site, but seeing as I'm utterly dissatisfied with them both, they should be closed by now.

I'm much more of a poet than a short story writer, and I hope you'll like my work. Please comment and review. I will do my best to read and review any of your poems should you friend me, although I do not accept read requests due to the sheer amount of abuse people put that system through.

Unlike most users on this site, I actually give reviews, not compliments. If you get a review from me, don't expect a glowing shower of praise. It's gonna be very straightforward, honest, and critical. Which is what writers need.

What don't writers need? "It was great, I loved it." "This is really sweet." "This is so sad." Those "no s**t" reviews are, in fact, signs of a bad writer bleeding out through their criticism.

If you'd like to contact me, please e-mail [email protected]

If there's anything you'd like to know other than what you've read here, please feel free to ask.

If you see my Facebook link and want to friend me, definitely send me a message identifying yourself first.

Thanks bunches.

- Born on: June 18, 1993
- Enjoys:
~ Tennis
~ Golf
~ Blogging
~ Completing puzzles
- Inspirations:
~ Sinclair Lewis
~ Joseph Heller
~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
~ Allen Ginsburg



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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks for the review! :)