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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing with a partner?
Maybe combining your talent with another brilliant mind and turning out a masterpiece? Well now�s your chance.

This group aims to help you find that special writing partner. By joining you are advertising the fact you would like to collaborate with someone else in the group. In fact why stop at one partner, it could be many different writers. Just think you could be combining many genres of writing, something you may never have thought of before.

It will be up to the individual members to contact the person that they may like to write with.

Then when that stunning piece has been born come back and share it with us all. It must have the names of the collaborative writers on it or it will be refused a place in the writing library.

So join now and find that writing partner and show the WC members how talented you are.

There have been many successful collaborated pieces posted on the Writerscafe already.

Remember�all collaborative writers must be members of the group to submit their work here and only collaborative work can be individual pieces. And I'm sorry NO erotica.

Please don�t be offended if the writer you contact is busy with other commitments at that time. They may be willing to collaborate at a later date.
Any questions mail me�

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Phil & Bren's Collaborations

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