Spetember 26th, 2010

Spetember 26th, 2010

A Chapter by ~ Czarina Iris ~

  Gently, I pulled the black, green and teal feathered mask over my face and looked at my reflection in the mirror.
  My hair was done in light, bouncy curls that fell at my shoulders and framed my jawline. My eyes (which were almost completely hidden behind the mask) were done up with a shimmering eye shadow, black liner, and mascara. The shade on my lips was a seductive plumb colour which seemed to make the light in my eyes even more intese. I was ready to go.
  Not too long after, I found myself at Margret's cottage. It was a simple wooden little place on a road filled with simple looking houses with a beautiful front yard and two bouncers outside the doors. They let me in, sexy smiles forming along their handsome faces. I blushed at I entered, descended the stairs, and walked toward the music and flashing lights.
  I found Margret standing beside her father, her hair half straightened (I could tell because the other half of her head was a mess of frizzy waves) and her make-up half done. I decided that, seeing as I was heading over to wish her a happy birthday, I could save her from her family too so that she could finish dressing and enjoy herself. And that's exactly what I did.
  "Thanks for that," she said in a tinkling voice that reminded me strangely of a fairy.
  "No problem." I replied. "By the way, happy birthday."
  She smiled at me. "Thanks. Oh! Could you run out and make sure that everyone is welcomed and that no one touches my cake? I'll only be a little bit longer."
  "Sure," I replied. "I'll see you in a bit then."

  I walked out into the main room and immediately came face to face with someone I didn't know. He was taller than me, maybe five foot six. He was thin and lanky, but not quite because I could see rippling muscles underneath his dress shirt. His face was partially obscured by a phantom mask, but I could still see his bright green eyes. His brown hair fell in the same way Justin Bieber's did. "Hey," he said in a voice that made me want to melt into him.
  "You here alone?" He asked.
  "Yeah." I was amazed at how cool and in control I sounded.
  As if that was all the invitation he needed, he grabbed hold of my hand and led me away from the dancing/grinding couples and brought me into a smaller room off to the side.
  He looked around the room, then outside the door before he shut and locked us in. I felt my heart start beating frantically in my chest. I'd never been alone like this with a guy before. Hell, I'd never even kissed a guy before. But at that moment, I forgot all about my inner turmoil because when he approached me, I saw a perverse joy and excitement flash through his eyes and it made me start to shiver all over.
  "So," he started. His voice had gone from sexy and seductive to cold and terrifying. "Where's Margret?"
  I wanted to ask him why he wanted her, why he had locked the door behind us, but I couldn't find my voice. And something deep in my gut told me that I was about to find out any second.
  Sadly, I was right...
  "Where. Is. She?" He asked again, enunciating every word while - slowly - he reached into his jean pocket.
  I felt my eyes open wide in shock as he withdrew the most massive blade I'd ever seen. I wanted to scream, to run, to hide, to get as far away from this creep as fast as possible, but he was standing between me and the only exit.
  Slowly, deliberately, he took a step toward me and I felt my heart leap into my throat.
  "NO!" I screamed. Then I pushed him into a pile of chairs, unlocked the door, and rushed out.
  I ran right to Margret.
  "Margret! There's a guy... Justin Bieber... wants to..." I could hardly get a word out I was so out of breath.
  "What?" She asked, laughing at my obvious out-of-shapeness. 
  "There'saguywholookslikeJustinBieberandhe'stryingtokillyou!" I said quickly.
  "What?" She asked. She didn't seem to be at all upset at the fact that someone had crashed her party so that he could kill her.
  I heard a voice at the doorway and suddenly felt very sick. "Don't say I didn't warn you!" Then I ran.
  I ran as fast as I could in my high heels. I ran without looking back, not when I heard her loud voice cry out "what?", not when she screamed as the knife plummeted into her, not when I heard his maniacal laugh. I just ran.
  The moment I was outside the doors of her cottage, I pulled my phone from my bra and called 911. "911, what's your emergency?"
  "My friend, M-Margret. Sh-She's been... Been... She's been killed!" I cried desperately into the phone. I listened to the calm voice on the other end in a panicked frenzy. I gave them the address and desperately told them to hurry. Then I hung up and ran down the road, my heels clacking on the sidewalk.
  Morning could not come soon enough. Standing out there alone on the street, always looking over my shoulder for the Bieber murderer, I mourned the loss of my friend... "Margret..." I sobbed, my shoulders wracked. "I'll never forget you..."
  The sound of a police siren pulled away from my guilt and misery. "Miss, are you alright?"
  I shook my head. "Margret's dead... Where were you?!" I screamed, suddenly outraged. "I called hours ago! You could have saved her! You-!"
  My voice broke when I saw the man sitting in the passenger's seat of the car. He was a tall, thin man with lanky but muscular arms. His brown Bieber hair obscured more of his face, but I could still see the perverse laughter hidden behind the professional facade. 
  "You!" I cried, tears flowing freely from my eyes. 
  His smile faltered and I saw dangerous glint in his eyes. 
  I turned on the spot and ran.

  Then I woke up...

© 2010 ~ Czarina Iris ~

Author's Note

~ Czarina Iris ~
if anyone knows, please tell me. This is the second friend of mine that I've dreamed dead, WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

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ive read thru this stream of dreams. first id like to say they are all really well written. nicely done painting a very clear picture for us. you are a most talented writer.

second ill say as for the meanings im no expert but, in my humble experience dream of the death of a loved one is typicaly no more than an expression of how much you care for them and an understandable fear of losing one whos close to you.

as for the boy. well that one is more obvious :) tho i see some aprehention as you tend to wake up just as things get ... err ... heated/serious.

but hey, just an observation :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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~ Czarina Iris ~
~ Czarina Iris ~

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