Downworlders world

Downworlders world

A Chapter by Hikaru

"OMIGOD!!" My aunt exclaimed "The first day of school and you already have a date!"

"Aunt Holly." I sighed

"What?! Can I not be overjoyed for my niece?"

"You can but don't freak out please." I said throug the door that was blocking her and my closet.

"Well... Can you at leas wear the ring? Please?" She wined

"I'm putting it on right now."

"Well okay. But I still want to meet him"

The door bell rang and I sped out of my room. I was wear a green dress that made my hair and eyes pop.

I opened the door and Ashton, Luke, Smith and Adain were standing in tuxedos. Each had a girl on there arms but Ashton.

My aunt threw herself down my spiral staircase. "Oh! So your the boy my niece is obsessing over."

"AUNT HOLLY!!!" I exclaimed my cheeks heating up due to the raised eyebrows and grin Ashton was giving me.

"Hello Ms..??"

"You can call me Holly."

"Holly. These are my friends Luke, Adain, and Smith."

"Hello." My aunt said "I trust you boys to take care of my sister's daughter."

"Yeah,yeah,yeah." I said "let's go."

"You are very strong." Ashton said as I dragged him to his truck

"Thanks I work out when I'm pissed off."

"And how often is that?"

I looked at him concerned "Depends who pissed me off and what they did."

The other boys clambered into a different car and I questioned Luke "Please don't leave me with this sociopath."

"He's no sociopath but he is hot."

"If he's hot that that mean I'm cooler than him?"

"Ahahhha. Very funny." Ashton said

"I hear that I excel in making people laugh."

Adain snickered and Smith was slamming his hand down on the car staring wheel, Luke just stared at me puzzled.

I sighed and hopped in the first passenger seat while Ashton started the car.

"Sooo." Ashton said breaking the silence "How old are you?"

"Today is my sixteenth birthday so I'm sixteen."

"What's your favorite color?"

"Any color along the sunset and green."


"I like fall out boy."


"I don't know." I said "What about you?"

"I'm seventeen, I like blue, band ummm. I don't know and subject Art if you consider that one."

I nodded and gather courage "Why do you like me?"

"I feel attracted to you."

"Do werewolves normally fell that way about.." I motioned to myself "about humans?"

"What if I told you that you weren't human?"

"I don't know.... I might slap you and then stream a thing of curses."

"Oh, that's nice."

"Well if you weren't a werewolf what would you do?"

"I can't say I was born a werewolf so I
wouldn't really know what to do."

"Do you have any siblings?"

"I have a four year old brother and a ten year old sister."

"Are they all..?"

"Yeah it runs in the family."

"What about me? Am I human?"

He frowned "I don't know. You might be a werewolf to but I can't tell."

"I think I can live with that." I grabbed his hand and linked our fingers.

He smiled and squeezed my hand. "Moving forward in a relationship are we?"

I glared at him "Don't push it Ash."

We pulled into a parking lot and hopped out opening my door for me. I tripped coming out and he caught me, putting his hand around my waist.

"Thanks Ash."

He nodded and took my hand. I tried to hide a smile, to see a tough guy looking all sweet hold my hand. Smith opened the door and I saw a ton of people dancing and drinking cool colored water. But when I looked closer I saw that some had tails, scales, horns and thorns and blue, green and red skin.

"Uh, Ashton? Wh-where are we?"

"This." He gestured "Is where downworlders meet."

© 2016 Hikaru

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This is so much fun but please still I need comments!!!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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