Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

A Chapter by Amber Tasch

no, no one dies. at least i dont think so as im writing this. All im planning so far is to write about the funeral.



Chapter Five: Death by Chocolate

They sun continued to beat down on everyone's heads. Buttercup found that the sun was mocking her the way it hung so happily on the day of her advisor's funeral. The only thing  that would trouble her more was if William didn't show up to the memorial. She was hoping that he would turn up soon. When he did she would force him to be in her army because he was the best fighter around.

      Buttercup looked at her butter-cream skin in the mirror of her peppermint room. She was perfect in every way. Chiseled out of a butter-cream mint with blond hair down to the middle of her back, as smooth and shiny as the dark chocolate dress that she wore for the funeral. She was almost sad. If she stood next to the prince of cupcakes, they would both be perfect.

     She walked solemnly at the front of the casket as her strongest soldiers carried the body of her advisor from the palace to the gumdrop church. The whole town attended the funeral. Buttercup wanted desperately to cry, but with the whole town there she couldn't. She would seem weak if she did, but then she decided it would be heartless if she didn't so she wept silently.

     The people stood and one by one went up to pay their respects. Buttercup knew that William had to be there and she wanted to know why he had disappeared from her training grounds. Unfortunately she couldn't find him anywhere. Perhaps he hadn't showed up? He had escaped the drafting a week ago, so its possible that he avoided coming here too.

    Just as Buttercup got up to say a few words about her late advisor, she heard a familiar, slurred, voice. Todd was standing on a bench and shouting at the crowd.

     "Liar!!" he cried. "Thief!! You trust this mad woman?! I would sooner trust a rock!" The crowd found that this sentence made no sense and began to get angry at him for being drunk at a funeral.

     "Do not be angry at me!" he continued to shout. "Be angry with the one who took your husbands, sons, and relatives away for her own needs!! She is only going to war to protect her reputation, not us!!"

     Buttercup stood. "And why should we listen to you, drunk fool! What proof do you have?"

     "William." The crown stood puzzled, but none so puzzled as Buttercup. "William and I had a fake fight so that you would take him into your castle and he could learn your secrets!!!"

     Buttercup was in a daze. "Th-thats not true. You are drunk and you lie. That is NOT true!"

     "Oh but it is! You had the choice to marry the prince of cupcakes but denied it!! You couldn’t bear to have me think i was the strongest, so you denied it by recruiting troops!! You are so threatened and corrupt and you deny it!!!"

      Buttercup suddenly felt all the eyes turn towards her. "Princess," a woman spoke up, " is this true?"


      That was all it took for the crowd to burst out. People when yelling that it wouldn't be so bad for the two lands to join. Others shouted that they need a new queen. Buttercup's guard eventually gained control the crowd, but not before Buttercup broke out sobbing.

     "It is true that I declined the proposal," she said between sobs once the crowd was quiet, "but I saw it as a threat! He could easily enslave us and conquer our land! strip us of our freedom!" Buttercup felt better as her lies manipulated the crowd. She was winning the  over once again. "I thought that war was the only way to protect all that we love and to remain happy and free!!"

     The crowd suddenly cheered and Todd's voice was drowned out.

     "But we are not free!" He cried as the crowd surged with new found pride for their land. The guards came and arrested him, so that he could harm the princess no more. Buttercup smiled and the shocked expression that was on his face. As she smiled she thought of how to get her revenge on William Forest. She couldn’t use her guards, oh no, he had escaped them before during the drafting. She would have to be more cunning, use some bait.

      She kissed her advisor's forehead and they put him into the ground. She went back to the palace exhausted to think of revenge. She needed rest for the war. It was only a matter of time now before the Land of Sweets attacked. Without so much as a second thought, she put on her nightgown and went to sleep.


© 2011 Amber Tasch

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What a surprising chapter! I still like William, and I'm starting to like Todd too. I'm disliking the princess more and more, but I still understand that both choices are bad and connect with her on that level.

Posted 10 Years Ago

That was an interesting chapter, and the part of William betraying her was quite good. What will happen? Is she not in love with him or does she secretly do? And her lies, who knew a princess could be so unfaithful to her own people? Lies will get her no where: a lesson the young queen needs to learn, before it is too late. Such an enchanting story and I can't wait for more. Well Done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love how the Buttercup is a bitter person underneth all that sugary sweetness. Nicley layered. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

this was awesomly amazing like all of the other chapters of course :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

Awesome job Amber! I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Amber Tasch

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