A Chapter by Anthony

I reclined back at my desk, thinking about what to do. It was night. Night was my time. I thirst, and I was bored. I decided I'd wander.

Night is Time for the supernatural beings to reveal themselves. Night is not a place for mere mortals to wander alone. I myself wasn't very big, only a mere 16 years of mortal age. I had a slim look to my body, yet a predator's gaze played on my eyes. Though I was slim, it commonly led to people underestimating me. It didn't help them that I usually wore baggy clothes, I liked deceiving people in this way. It made it so they thought less of my physique and more on my mind. My mind is my best weapon, my best defense.

******* ******* ******* ******* *******

As I wandered I thought about many things. The main being what my next meal should be. I knew what I wanted, but finding it was.... Tricky. It wasn't that finding my meals was.... hard, but I liked a challenge. I liked the hunt. It didn't help that I hadn't fed well in.... a few months. I had been aware of the nag at the back of my mind and my throat. That warning was all that was keeping me from feeding whenever the opportunity arose, it arose often. Yet, there was another reason I staved off feeding.... My love. Nastassja by birth, Selene by her own choosing. We have been together for awhile now, not a long time, 2 months perhaps. But, I was irrevocably in love with her. She knew what I was, of course. I don't try to hide what I am, unlike the rest of my kind.

My kind is, by nature, overly cautious. It has been that way for as long as any of us could remember. Our fear of the mortals comes not from what they are, as we could kill many of them single-handedly, but the sheer number of them. As such most of my kind, and most other dwellers of the night, tended to avoid mortal contact. Though.... I was not apart of the majority. I liked keeping my mortal side alive within me. Thus I was shunned upon by most any Being, the main exception being Mortals. They tended to enjoy my company. And I likewise returned the enjoyment. I was pleased to see that I blended well with Mortals. Among my kind I was feared, yet most couldn't fathom as to where the fear arose from.

The likely scenario would be what happened a few months ago. When i was, and still finding out the many abilities I had gained. Among them speed, grace, strength, and Silence. Just after I had found my new abilities, I was attacked. They stood just inside the tree line, barely visible, but one the trio had fed recently. It made them easier to sense. I had been practicing with my favorite sword.... My Katana. My Katana was mostly normal.... to me. It had a black blade and a traditional handle, but of course, colored red and black. I'd been practicing for a few hours now, testing my Katana alongside my newly gotten abilities. As they had approached me, I'd sensed them watching me.

© 2010 Anthony

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This is a pretty good opener. Not bad.

Posted 14 Years Ago

My fav line: My mind is my best weapon,my best defense.
Captivating intro.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I'm not normal in any case (Feel free to ask away). I enjoy reading to get a release into someone else's world. I enjoy writing to share my world. My Story "Fallen Mortality" Was started a couple year.. more..

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