Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Anthony

The boy fell asleep as the night sky fell. He slept heavily throughout the night. Rachelle came as he was sleeping. She sat and watched him like that, night after night. Never once did she let him know she was there, watching over him. Every day he woke up and did the same routine, waiting for her return.
After a week had past, she still hadn’t revealed herself. He began watching everywhere he went, looking for some sign of her presence. While he didn’t find any signs of her, she found signs of him being watched. She began following him and looking for those who were keeping an eye on her human.
A week before the full moon she caught sight of them. They were following him wherever he went. She located three beings that were doing this. One kept him in sight at all times. Another kept an eye out for anyone who might have an interest in him. And the third would disappear from time to time. After a few hours of her watching them, she decided to follow the third being to what it was doing.
It led her along a complex route through a city. From one alley to going through homes, along busy streets and through crowded shops. The being then led her through the countryside. They passed over hills, through valleys, over rivers, and around lakes. He finally led her to a clearing in a dense forest. They had traveled far, and she had to run to keep up with his speed.
As she arrived along the edge of the clearing, she stopped. Her eyes became wide and she fought to breath. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The Werewolf she had killed awhile ago was lain out on a table. Surrounding is was a pack of about 25 Werewolves. The Being she had been following walked up to the table and stood there for a few moments. He then walked up to one of the groups and kneeled.
The group he kneeled by nodded and he stood. He began speaking and the group gathered around closer. Rachelle moved as close as she dared and listened to what he said.
“We’ve kept a close eye on him as you requested. He seems too preoccupied to notice our presence. He probably is still in shock from that night.”
“Good, what of his progress?” One of the group quietly asked.
“He shows almost no progress. I think he might not turn in time.”
“He better start soon, or it may be too late. If that happens, we’ll have a power struggle on our hands.”
“I know. We must not let it come to that.”
“You know what must be done. Go back to your duties, I’ll prepare for what’s to come.”
“I’ll let the others know.” After he spoke, he kneeled and took off back to his watch.
Before Rachelle could fully comprehend what she had just heard, she was running. She knew she had to hurry, or she might be too late. As she ran, she thought about what she had heard. She thought of what she had to do. On one hand she had to get back to her human, and on the other she had to tell her bloodline of the gathered Werewolves. Both had time as her foe. She decided to go grab her human that night.
The boy was wary from being out all day. Rachelle wasn’t on his mind so much. It had been about two weeks since that night. He grudgingly drug his tired body to his room. As he opened his door he nearly fainted. He gathered himself and walked into his room. She was laying on his bed, eyes closed, resting. He went over and sat on the edge of the bed. She opened her eyes and sat up, motioning for him to sit next to her.
“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” He said teasingly, it earned him a smile.
“I wasn’t sleeping,” She said with a grin “ I was waiting for you.”
“Well, that’s a bit obvious.”
“We need to talk.” She got a little more serious as she said this.
“What do we need to talk about?” He said nervously.
“To be blunt, Your Life.” He swallowed hard.
“What about it?”
“For starters, it’s in danger.” He couldn’t help but smirk.
“Well isn’t that a bit obvious.”
“Not from me, you nitwit.” She said snappily “You remember what happened the night we met?”
“Yea… why?” He asked.
“You remember what I saved you from?”
“You’re being followed by some of its family…” He tensed up.
“I came to take you to my haven.”
“You’re haven?”
“It’s a safe place where my bloodline go to rest.”
“Do I have a choice?”
“In whether or not I’m taking you?” She said rhetorically “No.”
He had just enough time to grab his Katana as she grabbed him. As they left the chase began. For outside a pack of Werewolves had been waiting. She just kept running, and the boy unsheathed his Katana. He kept the wolves at bay while she carried him. She ducked through homes and alleyways, but to no avail. The pack just kept hounding them.
“We can’t lead them back to the haven.” She hurriedly said.
“I know, but what are our choices?” He stated, knowing what she might say.
“We have to fight.”
“We need to find a better spot, or we’ll be puppy chow. Even though You’re a Vamp, they outnumber us.”
“Let’s find a decent base…”
They kept running, going through fields and towns. The wolves nipping at their heels. The boy slashed at them, just barely keeping them at bay. Rachelle saw a cave and bolted for it. As they ran further into it, light filtered down on them. She ran until the hit a dead-end. It was a narrow passageway, just tall enough to allow them to stand. They faced their pursuers and fell into fighting stances. Their opponents were seven Werewolves, each having a different color coat. Majority of them were dark shades of brown, but a couple were lightly colored. She looked at him with a burning gaze.
“We fight for our lives, if you want a choice in yours… prove it.” She challenged.

© 2011 Anthony

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Eeeee! This is so frickin entertaining! GIVE ME MORE!!!
Favoriting this book. I love it,love it,love it!

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