Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Anthony

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That had been the first fight of my life. I still wonder why the fight went so well for me. It may have been natural talent, or more likely all the sparring I had done with my brother. I had wandered a ways into town during my thinking. I had to feed soon, as I could feel the urge gaining more power over me. I hated killing so I could stay sane, but I fed only as often as I absolutely had to in order to keep control of myself. I had lost control only once, when I was still new. It had ended with about a dozen people dead. I'd rather not tell any more on that, as it still burns as my largest regret. It happened only because I chose not to feed at all… I still regret what I did. That incident is why I feed. I feed only so I don't lose control.

As I walked past a side street, I could hear a struggle. I sensed a fourth presence, but didn't hear a heartbeat. That meant that they were dead… or undead. I stopped and looked around trying to find the group. I spotted a row of 3 people walking quickly. They obviously didn't want to stick around, I could see why. Through the line I could see a girl, perhaps 15-16 years old, she walked stiffly ahead of them. She was the panicking heartbeat. The two that were suffering from adrenaline rushes were on the sides. The fourth being was in the center, directly behind the girl. It walked comfortably, while the other two walked briskly in bodyguard stances. I went to follow them, trailing at a safe distance. I slowly brought up walls around my mind. I didn't know what the being was, nor did I know if it could sense my presence. If it could, I hoped it hadn't sensed that someone had vanished within a matter of seconds.

I followed them until they went into an abandoned building. I waited outside for a minute, letting them get settled. They wouldn't kill her… yet, that is. I entered the building through a broken window, not wanting to risk any noise. The window I had passed through had long ago lost all of its glass and its frame was gone. All it was now was a hole in the wall. I got in without a sound. They were on the other side of the building. I walked quickly, making a mental map as I did. The room I had just come from was small and its door missing. I noticed that almost none of the rooms had doors. The few that did were either closed or broken. I found them in a large store room in a corner of the building. The room had a door, great. I checked it, it was locked. Even better. I sighed, I guess this wouldn't be a quiet entrance. There was a window in the door, the glass missing. I could hear them talking, but couldn't make out what they said. I guess it's time to join the party. I drew my Katana, I always carried it with me, no matter where I went. I placed the tip against the seam, which was supposed to stop people from breaking in, and placed a firm grip on the butt of the Katana. I gave it a firm push. It went through between wall and seam. I now pushed gently, unlatching the door. It swung open quietly, though I grabbed the handle so it wouldn't hit the wall and make a sound. I withdrew my Katana, silently replacing it in its hiding place. I went in, and walked to the edge of a row of shelves. I looked around the corner. It appeared that, other than this single row of shelves, the room had been cleared. There were no windows, and almost nothing in the room. There was a sofa along one wall, and a couple beds on the other. The girl was bound and sitting on the sofa. There was another girl bound and sitting next to her. The three that had brought the girl were standing by the beds. The Mortal pair stood listening to the other being. They were talking in hushed tones, so I only caught bits of the conversation.

"…girl." one of the Mortals said.
"We should…" the other said.
The being spoke low enough that I didn't hear what else was said.

I chose this time to make my entrance. I quietly rounded the corner. The girls noticed me first, and looked at me with pleading eyes.
I'd seen both of them before, but only in passing. I winked at them. Then I spoke, letting hate and rage fill my voice.
"Why do you have two captives?" This startled the three.
"Why does it matter to you?" The being asked in a snakish curiosity.
"I happen to hate criminals." I stated.
"We are no more criminals than you are, Vampyre." She stated, not bothering to hide her malice toward what I was.
"How did you know what I am?" I replied with a cold glare, she had surprised me.
"Many ways." She stated in a cryptic manner.
"I won't play games with you," I said, cold rage audible, "What are you?"
"I am what you fear most." She replied, smirking as she spoke.
"You might know what my kind fears, but I am not like the rest of my kind." I said this with a cold glare, smirking while I said the last half.
"How aren't you like your kind?" She asked.
"First, I am not afraid of you, Werewolf." As I said this I drew my Katana, pointing the tip at the Werewolf's throat.
"Why do you wish to challenge me?" She stated in a cold manner.
"I don't wish for Mortals to be captives." I stated.
"I will not give them up easily." As she said this she gestured to her Mortal Pair.

© 2011 Anthony

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This wasn't bad, a few of the items I mentioned in the last. But thank God it's not a Twilight vamp you have here or I would gouge my eyes out. Nice write.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

This chapter was a little unclear in spots... (you made it known there were four people,and later mentioned a panicking heartbeat that was previously unmentioned).
But I'm really getting into this!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

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