Chapter 7(or the rest of six.)

Chapter 7(or the rest of six.)

A Chapter by Anthony

The chapters aren't set in stone, just using them to show the updates more easily.

As commanded, the group charged at the Werewolves without hesitation. There were a couple dozen men that charged at the Wolves. Their leader, the ragged man with a deep voice, hung back. He held a torch in one hand, and a large club in the other. He yelled directions to his men. As they charged, they threw the nets. The Wolves howled and charged at the men. The nets descended and the Wolves slashed at them. One Wolf was tangled up in the remains of several nets. The other Wolves kept charging, meeting claws and teeth, to flesh and bone.

There were about three men to each Wolf, yet the Wolves fought viciously. The men would only get a couple swings of their clubs before being slashed at in return. A couple of the men jumped onto the backs of the Wolves they were fighting. The men bashed theirs clubs against the Wolves' skulls, while the Wolves tore at the men on their backs. The unhindered Wolves lunged at the men, tearing out their throats with fangs and tearing them apart with claws.

Rachelle watched with wide eyes. Who the hell are these people, and what the hell is happening? As she watched the chaos in front of her, she heard the sound of ripping flesh to her side. She jumped to face the sound.

She saw the boy standing next to the downed Werewolf, with his Katana in hand. He turned to face her, and now she saw the blood. He was covered in blood, his clothes were soaked crimson. His Katana was in hand, the tip of the blade only inches above a puddle of blood. She jumped as he spoke.

"Rachelle," He spoke gently, " I think we should go."

The boy walked over to the dazed, little wolf. He laid his Katana next to it. As he went to touch the wolf, Its fur bristled, then calmed.

© 2010 Anthony

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Added on May 5, 2010
Last Updated on August 20, 2010
Tags: Sedohr, Vampires, fantasy, fiction, Fallen, Mortality, supernatural



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