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Born from the flesh and blood of pigs, she was the result of an alchemical endeavour to create false life. With long blonde hair and a ragged tunic that perpetuated her scrawny figure, she was a pathetic presence, pitied at best and feared at worst by his customers and fellows of the craft. Especially so when she stood in the shadow of her creator, an alchemist of great renown as she held her scabbed arms together as though they could fall off at any moment.


For years she served him faithfully, as any daughter would her father. By night she was a vessel for his experimentation to create potions to cure even the most grievous injury. By day she worked dutifully at his side, mending the wounds of others that she had personally experienced one time too many at her master’s hands.


Over the years, she couldn’t help but notice the suffering and fear of those around her, the injured and the sick. Perhaps, she began to consider, her master was no different from the wards she tended to day by day. He might have created her, but she had noticed his weakness, his hesitation and his vulnerabilities over the course of her work. That was unlike any god, of whose fearful presence he had tried so hard to instil within her heart. If so, he was a liar, and liars had to be punished in a manner similar to how he had shown to her flesh firsthand.


She found her answers soon enough, from the edge of a bloodied knife. He had let his guard down after all those years, thinking her spineless and weak. While he was indeed her master, creator and father, he bled like a stuck pig just like anyone. Just like her.

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Hello Aurafiex,

Such an interesting topic and one that is rarely written about these days. You have done a good job with this chapter. It is intriguing and interesting. Nicely done.

Thank you for sharing!

Kind regards,


Posted 4 Years Ago

I liked the history shared and the strong ending. You are making the characters come alive. A very good ending to the excellent chapter.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I love how this one turned out, I learned about the creature and also got to experience her ending her torment. Not fully, but at least now her father has been stopped. Even though this is a short entry, I could feel her confusion in the beginning about this horrible person being her father. Great work :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Your writes are always different and interesting. I loved the ending..

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you!

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