Am I Really Kidnapped? (4)

Am I Really Kidnapped? (4)

A Chapter by Celeste Park

May be a bit graphic to some.


Christian was guarding the gates with Joe. He was anxious to see Alice again. He couldn’t wait to talk to her. She was exactly as he imagined, maybe even more. And she was the first girl that Christian wanted to go steady with; unlike the other girls he’s had. The previous girls he’s dated meant nothing to him. All Christian wanted from them was money. He found it funny how none of girls realized that money was what he aimed for. They all thought he was actually interested in them even though they barely went out for dates. They also thought he had sex with them when he just got them really drunk and left them in bed naked leaving a note saying he had to leave early. He honestly had no idea what made them think they had hot sex with him. Well...there were a few exceptions.

Joe nudged Christian. “What are you smiling about? It’s kind of creepy.”


“You must be thinking about Alice.”

Christian nearly choked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s quite obvious, Christian. Everyone can see it. Well, except for Alice. She doesn’t know you’re secretly stalking her.”

“It’s my job to protect her. I have to watch her. It’s not what you call stalking. And if so, that means you’re stalking her too.”

“Okay, buddy. Well, your shift is over so you are free to go.”

“Already? Alice isn’t even home ye-”

Joe chuckled. “You can stay a bit longer if you want.”

They stayed at the gate and waited for hours. Alice and her parents were supposed to be back at midnight but it was already about 2am. Christian didn’t like it. He had a bad feeling about something. He hoped it had nothing to do with Alice. But at the back of his mind he knew Alice was in trouble.

The limo finally arrived. It was about a quarter to three. Christian quickly went to greet them back, followed by Joe. The driver came out to get the door. First George got out. He didn’t look too happy. He looked worn out and stress. Then Laura came out. Her eyes were swollen and red. Then…nothing. Alice wasn’t with them. Christian felt his heart stop for a moment.

George held Laura close to him and they walked silently into the house. Christian and Joe quickly followed without a word. They all gathered in the living room. No one said anything. Deep down Christian and Joe both knew what happened. Alice had gotten kidnapped again.

“Alice-” Christian said but he wasn’t able to finish his sentence. Laura had burst out crying. “Y-you’re kidding…”

“We’re terrible parents…” George whispered, loud enough to hear.

“Don’t think that way. I’m pretty sure Alice thinks you’re both wonderful parents. You tried to make time for her whenever you could,” Joe said.

“We were too careless. I should have had higher security on her.”

“We’ll get her back.” Just then Victoria came home giggling.

“Victoria, get in here,” George said, angrily.

Victoria came into the living room reeking of alcohol. “Yes?”

“Sit! Where were you? Do you know what time it is?”

“Calm down, dad. I just went out with a few friends for some drinks.”

George’s face went red. “You’re underage!”

Victoria looked at her mom. “Oh… Alice got kidnapped again,” Victoria said in a monotone.

“You don’t care at all about your sister?” Laura asked in shock.

“It’s not my fault she gets kidnapped all the time. Well, I’m off to bed. I’m tired after all the-“

“Enough! Just go to bed,” George yelled. Victoria shrugged then left the room. But before she did, she gave Christian a little wink.

“I honestly don’t know what to do with that girl.”

“It’ll be okay. Just take one step at a time,” Joe said.

Christian just stood there. He couldn’t believe it. After finally being able to talk to Alice, she gets kidnapped. Christian wanted to kill whoever took her.

“A-about Alice... Was there anyone at the party that was suspicious?” Christian finally spoke.

“No. Not that I can think of. Wait. There was this young man that I kept seeing with Alice. She said his name was Dave.”

Christian almost choked but he couldn’t give himself away. “What did the police say?”

“They just said that they needed to investigate further. They should be here any minute now. I’m going to bring Laura upstairs so she can rest.”

“I will help,” Joe offered.

After they went upstairs, Christian went to his car. He couldn’t believe it. He had forgotten about the plan. Why did it have to be tonight? Christian took out his cell phone to dial a number then another, and another. No one picked up. He swore under his breath. He didn’t need to call them to find out where they were. He knew very well where their location was. Christian then turned off his cell phone and threw it aside. After starting the car, he immediately drove off before the cops would arrive. It was impossible to go back to the mansion now. He’ll have to face the consequences. It was his fault after all. And there was no way that he would let anyone lay a finger on Alice.

Alice woke up in a dark room finding herself tied up. Great, I got kidnapped again. When her eyes adjusted to the dark she thought she saw a figure move in the shadows and screamed. The door immediately swung open. It was Dave. Alice backed away to the wall. Surprisingly she was on a bed in a decent looking room. Usually kidnappers threw her into some storage room or closet.

“Why did you scream?” Dave asked, if that really was his name. He sounded frustrated.

“I-I thought I saw something…”

Dave smirked. “Oh so you just needed someone to comfort you.”

Alice turned her head away from him as he got closer.

He gently kissed her neck and she shivered. He laughed. “You’re quite sensitive. I never knew it would be so easy to trick you.”

Alice didn’t say anything.

“It’ll be quite easy to get you into bed as well. Wait, you’re already in bed.” His hand brushed Alice’s hair out of her face and turned her head to look at him. He planted a kiss on her lips and she tried to pull away. Strange, it felt familiar to her but more forced and he reeked of alcohol. Yuck!

He laughed. “First kiss?”

Alice blushed. “That’s none of your business.”

“Well, this should be fun.” His kissed her neck again and slid his hand up her thigh.

Alice shivered. This has never happened before when she was kidnapped. “Stop!” Alice gasped.

Dave chuckled. Then two guys barged in. They were all about the same age as Dave.

“What the hell are you doing, Dave?” the blonde guy said. So Dave was his real name. That was smart of him.

Dave growled. “Get out. Get out now.”

“It’s not fair that you get a piece of the chick and we don’t,” said the blonde guy.

“I wasn’t doing anything. She was just scared.” He turned to face Alice and smirked.

“Let’s get out and let her rest.”

“Aw man.”

This was not happening! I don’t want to get raped. Alice tried to loosen the knots, which was surprisingly easy. Those guys must have been amateurs. Alice was able to fully remove the bondage. After doing so, she snuck a peak out the door. The three guys were sitting around a coffee table playing poker. Alice looked around the room to look for some kind of weapon. Those guys really were dumb. Alice found a baseball bat in a corner beside the bed. She held the baseball bat in one hand and carefully opened the door. Time to get my revenge. Alice ran at Dave holding the bat with both hands above her head. The other two guys jumped up in shock, immediately backing away. Alice got Dave nicely on the head but he quickly recovered and grabbed Alice by the legs. Next thing she knew she was being carried over his shoulder. How the hell did that happen?

Dave dropped Alice on to the bed and closed the door behind him. This time he locked the door. Alice backed away as far as she could from him when he started to lean toward her.

“What the f**k was that for?” he asked, definitely angry.

“Revenge for earlier! And what kind of kidnapper leaves around possible weapons and can’t even tie properly!”

“Well, I’ll take note of that for next time.” Dave then grabbed Alice’s legs and pulled her toward him. Her legs were practically wide open for him. And wearing a dress did not help.

“No! Stop!” Alice struggled, trying to loosen his grip on her.

Dave smirked. “That really hurt when you hit me with that bat.”

“I’m sorry?” said nervously.

“That’s not good enough.”

Bang. Bang.

“Those stupid idiots,” Dave mumbled.

“Dave! Let us in for some action!”

“Shut up! And go away,” Dave yelled. The banging stopped. Dave then unzipped Alice’s dress and pulled it off her. She tried to kick him away but he caught her legs. That was when the door swung wide open. And- God no. It can’t be. Not him.

© 2011 Celeste Park

Author's Note

Celeste Park
Ignore any grammar problems.

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Wow!! I loved it. This book is awesome. Going onto the next chapter!


Posted 13 Years Ago

OH NO! more please please god please!
i need more asap
Love the story so far

Posted 14 Years Ago

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