Why Hunter?

Why Hunter?

A Chapter by Emily Anne

"There comes a day when two friends must part."

I can almost remember how I felt when it happened. I felt numb for a while, until the ambulance picked me up and put me on the stretcher. That's when the pain kicked in. But it wasn't for long, they gave me plenty of painkillers on the way to the hospital.
I remember lying on the stretcher and wondering how this happened. Why was I near dead when minutes ago I was as far away from death as you could possibly be?
There were others. Injured, I mean. Some weren't awake when they were picked up; Others screamed for their mothers in agony. No one saw it coming. Even I didn't see it coming.
I guess I should explain further. You see, I have this friend. His name is Hunter, and he's a bit of a loner. But he's my friend. We go way back, to elementary school. Hunter is a bit shy, doesn't like to talk with most people. So when we graduated high school, I agreed to move into an apartment with him. 
Hunter would often tell me I was pretty, that I shouldn't bother to associate with a guy like him. And maybe he was right. But at the time I didn't think so. So I continued to live in that apartment with him. 
Recently, he had been spending a lot of time in his office, working on new inventions very precariously. It got to the point that I'd have to help him put things together, because some parts required a lot of focus and help. He'd tell me when it was done, he'd name the invention after me. I'd blush at this and we'd continue building.
The device was small, but powerful. I didn't know what it was supposed to do, but he said it would be the best invention of this century. We'd be famous for it. And I believed him. We pushed on. We were determined to finish this thing, whatever it was.
He said when it was finished, we should try it out in public. See if it really does work. He told me everyone was going to love it and have their own. We took the device to the center of town to try it out. He told me what it did was going to be a surprise.
That day, in the park. The device malfunctioned. At least, I think it did. We sat on a bench, waiting for the right time. He told me a lot of people had to be around or no one will notice how cool it is. Right as enough people gathered around, Hunter whispered into my ear the word, I love you. 
And then he pressed the button. Nothing happened the first few seconds, but before long all I remember is being launched in the air and landing on my back. Hard. I couldn't see Hunter from where I lay, but I seen a lot of people on the ground. They were hurt bad. The device blew up.
I over heard the ambulance drivers talking as I was lifted into the vehicle. They talked about a bomb that went off. I wanted to correct them, to say that it was no bomb, it was just an invention. An accident. The radio up front was claiming a terrorist attack, right where I was.
I wanted to yell at them; Say that it was all wrong, nothing on the news was true. But I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I was more shocked, really, than anything. Later on I realized I was talking to the paramedics, but all I was saying was Where's Hunter? Where is my friend?
And that's when I blacked out. They wheeled me and a dozen other people into the hospital. To my understanding, 5 people died. The rest injured or vegetables. I was lucky to be alive, with only a few broken bones and a concussion. 
When I woke up in that hospital bed, I was so happy. Hunter lay in the bed beside me, asleep and bandaged up. I smiled. When the nurse came in, I thanked her for helping to save me and my friend, Hunter. And I also thanked her for putting him next to me in my hospital room.
But she looked at me funny. She said there was nobody in the bed next to me. She told me that the police were coming in to question me now.

© 2013 Emily Anne

Author's Note

Emily Anne
It's basically a story about a girl who didn't realize her best friend was really fake and she was tricked by her own mind to create a bomb and kill a bunch of people. In case you haven't caught on.

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I've noticed confusion. The girl was imagining Hunter....he wasn't real. She was trapped within her own mind, thinking this person was real. But in reality it was her mind tricking herself into doing this thing. She had a sort of schizophrenia, but in a slightly different manner, I guess.

Posted 6 Years Ago

What happened to hunter if he wasn't in the bed beside her?

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Personally, I feel like this is one of my best writings. I think it was executed nicely. But, that's just my opinion.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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