Chapter 3: Childish Dispute

Chapter 3: Childish Dispute

A Chapter by Sairek Ceareste

Covered in mud, and half soaked from the wet grass. Sairek clenched his teeth angrily. He felt cheated and used. His father would not get away with this without hearing his side of frustration...



“Master Apprentice, are you feeling alright?” Sairek heard Laure ask him. He responded with a grunt, planning to leave it at that, but then he responded back, knowing his bottled anger wasn't at all due to Laure in any way.


“…I do not wish to talk about it right now... I made a stupid mistake... The worst one I could have even have made back there...” Sairek muttered.


“The longer you keep it in, the tougher it will be to endure it.” She advised him.


Sairek let out a sigh. It did nothing to help calm himself.“Those are true words. But I only want to talk about it when the timing is right. It may be sooner than you think...” He grumbled in response.


“Very well then, we shall see...” She knew very well how soon it would be. Sairek knew that much.


As they walked back up the hill to the castle gates, Sairek waited patiently for the gates to open for him. Sairek wasted almost no time walking on through when they did. As he walked, he glanced at one of the guards. “Tell father that once I get myself cleaned up, I wish to have word with him. I imagine I should be no longer than twenty minutes.” He ordered. His tone of voice was flat. Laure who was with him always, knew that he used this tone when holding back anger or frustration (in this case it was both) inside of himself.


“Yes, Master.” The guard answered back, bowing in obedience, before moving his way into the castle.


“Do you wish for your clothes to be changed?” Laure asked him cautiously once they were clear of the ears of the soldiers.


“No, leave the dirt, dampness and the odor of my sweat stain the air around me for now. Let father know just how much I... 'appreciate' what he made me go through." Sairek answered back in the same flat tone.


"You are angered at his majesty...”


Sairek glanced back, a stern look on his face, obviously hinting the anger in his face he hid from the guard. His hold on his anger was slowly slipping out from his hold. “Yes... yes, I am.” Sairek merely answered with after a pause. Sairek knew that Laure would have known that he was going to answer with something else, but he had changed his mind. That alone showed Sairek's maturity that differed from the other children; he didn't speak the first thing that was on his mind. His temper may prove to be something different, however.


“Then why tell the guard to tell His Majesty that you are cleaning up and have a twenty minute delay?” Laure asked him curiously. Sairek looked away and closed his eyes.


“I want to be angry when I speak to father... but I don’t want to be as furious as I currently am right now now. No success will come to either of us if we were to quarrel at each other trying to win an argument that will never be won. It is better for me to argue not for the sake of winning said quarrel, but for the sake of merely being understood...”

Sairek then let out a light grunt as he shook his head. "That said... father is stubborn as I am since I got it from him... chances are we will just bicker at each other and it will become yet another a heated argument... but I can't just sit and suffer this humiliation quietly..."


Laure sighed. A sigh that expressed something like; 'here we go again'. “I understand, Master. I shall leave you be until after your... 'discussion' then.”


Laure turned around and walked away from the Prince. Sairek didn’t necessarily look back at her to watch her leave. Instead he bit his bottom lip and moved his way towards his bedchamber to attempt to calm himself down.








“Master, I thought you were going to clean up?” Asked the soldier whom Sairek had ordered to go inform his father.


“I lied.” Sairek admitted flatly. “I apologize for making you say false words to my father. But it was for good reason. Is he expecting me?”


“Y-Yes. You may enter now...”


The guard pushed the door open, as Sairek walked on through, dragging his staff on the red carpet. Sairek walked  tothe steps to where his father lay seated on his throne, stopping at the base of these steps.. His father leaned away from the chair and stared at his eight-year-old son before him.

“Sairek, what is th--“ his father began.


“Clear the room...” Sairek cut him off.


“Sairek, you can’t--“

“Clear the room.” Sairek repeated. His voice more stern this time to attempt to subliminally tell his father that he didn’t care what he was going to say about him ordering the soldiers to clear away.


"Sairek, you will not ord--"

"Clear the room!"




"Just clear the room, father!!"


Sairek had closed his eyes tightly as he shouted and then swallowed. It was hard for Sairek to disobey his fathers' words. There were many times where he and his father fought each other mentally like this; testing each others' limits. Sometimes Sairek won, other times he simply folded and gave in. This was one where Sairek would be the victor.


His father sighed, motioning for all guards in the room to exit. Following the signal, they all left the room and quietly closed the room behind them. Sairek remained silent until he finally heard the door close. Almost immediately, Sairek began speaking.


“Look at me father. Is the mess that I am your special way of teaching me magic? I’m smelly, sweating, muddy and wet. I had to ‘battle’ a man nearly double my size... That, all for your mere satisfaction into trying to teach me something I don't even wish to learn about?!” The boy Prince hissed through angered clenched teeth.


His father let out a deep sigh. “Sairek, combat doesn’t come with comfort. Sometimes you will face opponents who you are comfortable dealing with, other times, you will not. That is the reality of battle. That too, is the reality of being a King. You are fated to become King when my time is up. You will have to reach far past your comfort zones when you are a King and do things without fear that you wish you wouldn't have to ever do.”


“I said I would do the combat when I was ready. Instead you forced me down there and made me embarrass myself all to use me, your son to solidify your own popularity that 'the king's son is special' by using my talent, as little as I believe I have if at all any! I've not the right to my own life?!”


“Sometimes you have to fight when you aren’t ready, Sairek! That is why you must always be ready. You should never plan to always be the victor in combat. You got a real taste of what comba--“


“Father, I do not recall wanting to be a soldier for you, or anyone! Just because I want to be a magician, does not mean I am to be used as a a tool for war or you! The heir to the throne or not, I am still a human being, when will you quit treating me as a Prince and treat me as your own son?! I am quite disappointed if you want to raise your one and only 'precious' son this way! Is it too much to ask to just want to be a normal child, where I can play and talk with others my own age? To have at least one friend? You have cut me off from society and shelter me like a bird in a cage bound off from the world! Let me be with others! You want me to learn combat to protect others, yet you protect and shelter me from the very people I'm supposed to protect and will have to make harsh decisions for!”


His father was about to speak, but Sairek cut him off with a hand. He closed his eyes turning his back to his father. He opened his eyes as he raised his gaze up to the ceiling, speaking again.


“I have a an interest in magic and it is in your best interest to help guide me. I get that. But magic is not all about hurting people to help others. It's just like science, father. There are different types of science; some science has create weapons that are designed to kill people and yet, there are other parts of science who invent medicines to help save people from those weapons. Just because you were a magician of war does not mean I wish to be one as well. That is not how I want to follow your footsteps. The way you are forcing me to practice and grow is... is...

It is like I am that of a bird locked in a cage... I am safe from harm, but it comes at the cost of my freedom... I will never learn to mature and fly this way, father...
I do not want to live a life where I am forced to use my talent for the same thing over and over again... Let alone, be the act of harming other people! The kingdoms are all at peace! We've been at peace for over 300 years!”


“Then what do you plan to do with your magic, son?”


“I do not know yet. Whatever I feel like doing. Is that not the entire point of one’s life? To have a dream and achieve it? I may be smart, father, but what other child do you know that has decided their dream at my age? You expect too much from me father, just because I was born with the title of Prince, does not automatically give me the abundance of talents and traits that are vastly above what 'normal' people have. Everyone, including every member of the castle; yes father, that includes the both of us, were born equal. We are equal. Do you expect so much from a peasant's child as you do from me? I hardly think you do. Would you expect a child of nine years of age to be training as a soldier for war and fighting adults as a great idea? I certainly hope not. But if you don't then wait a minute, you expect me to accomplish the same idea and it's okay? Tell me father, how am I any different? What makes me absolute soldier material? Tell me!”


“Sairek, the reason I try to push you into magic with combat so much is because it was your mother’s dying wish to--“


“Are you putting her values above mine, just because she’s dead, father!? Am I no more than a mere tool born for this kingdom because you have tried to design me in that way?! You know that if mother was alive, she would destroy you for even thinking about what you have made me do today!!"


“Sairek, you misunderstand. Magic and combat does not have to be about war. It can be about protecting what is dear to you as well. She didn’t want you to lose anything dear to you as I’ve had by losing her. You are going to be King. ...So many thugs would love to just kidnap you for ransom. If not you, anyone important to you. You need to learn to protect yourself as well others and what is important to you.”


“Tell me father, what is there for me to protect if you void the opportunity for me to gain something worth protecting?”


“You are too young yet to find something worth protecting right now, Sairek.”


“If it’s anything I should have taught you already, it is that age does not have any boundaries about what can or can not do! How else do you suppose that I am one of the fastest progressing apprentices in the entire continent, with a far higher than average intelligence and maturity, to that of matching an adult? Is it because of my talent? No, it's because of the work you've been forcing to slave out of me because I've honestly got nothing better to do because you won't let me do something better. Where in the laws of life does it say age has rules and strict guidelines between learning and experiencing the values of life? Do you know what I would find worth protecting father? A friend! Something as simple as that would be worth protecting! Laure is worth protecting! A peasant is worth protecting even because we are all equal!"


“You’re still childish in many ways Sairek. You just don’t notice it."

Sairek choked in an angry breath as he stared in near disbelief at his father from the response he just gave him."And now you are not even going to respond to what I say...? You're just going to proceed to call me childish? Why can't you even attempt to look at it from my perspective? Isn't that what a King should do for their own people? You can't even do that for your own son? You're not even to consider how I feel in all of this...?"

Sairek let out a “Tch...” in disgust. He had had enough of this. Without saying another word, he spun himself around and began to walk out.


“Sairek, where are you going?!” His father called out.


Sairek stopped temporarily, turning his head halfway to address his father, but not to look at him. “First, I am going to actually clean up -- by myself -- then, I am going to leave these walls and go out without a crowd of people wandering behind me to attract any unwanted attention. Oh, it may be dangerous, but I will risk the fact that I am apparently too useless to protect myself against innocent villagers that are supposively dangerous but whom I am supposively being taught to protect at the very same time! Your logic makes so little sense that I am literally choking back vomit, father!

Shame on you... I can only visualize mother spitting on your face in disgust. Be lucky I don't do such an act for her, because I still love you too much to try despite how much I disgust you for what you are doing to me... Congratulations father, you've successfully tamed me to be a dog that is always there at your beck and call. I hope you're proud of yourself."

He didn’t wait for his father to say anything else, as he tightly gripped his staff and walked out of the room. Opening and shutting the door behind him in a not-so gentle manner. He ignored the soldiers as he stomped by them. They all watched him, unsure of what to do. Sairek soon stopped and slowly spun around to face them.


"...You may all return to your posts now..." He croaked out before turning around and quickly walking off. Despite his own words of not trying to be too frustrated with his father, it just wasn't meant to be.


Maybe his father was right; perhaps he was still childish in some ways after all. But at the same time he was pleased to know for a fact that despite him being a King, his own father was too. And, Sairek wasn't even nine-years-old yet. He was allowed to be childish as long as it wasn't hurting other people. He had the right to be childish; he was still a child. What the hell was his father talking about? He should be still childish! If he wasn't childish then something would have to be wrong with him.






* * * * * * * * *





Sairek marched his way down the hallway, opening the door outside of the actual building and continued his way through the cobblestone road towards the exit of the castle walls. He was about to push his way through when a guard marched up and blocked his way.


“My apologies Master Apprentice, but I am afraid it is His will to not allow you to leave the castle grounds."


“What am I, grounded?” Sairek asked sarcastically.


“Actually Master, you are as a matter of fact. You are to report to your bed chamber immediately, or I am to escort you there if you refuse.” The soldier replied in a firm tone.


A dull look swept across Sairek’s face and the Prince looked away and rolled his eyes to no one but himself. He could believe it, but at the same time he couldn't. Of course his father would play that card out of his sleeve. He felt like bursting out in laughter, but that'd probably only get him in more trouble. His gaze returned back to the soldier. My, the orders in the castle did travel fast. That, or his father was just desperate.


Maybe it was a combination of the two. He thought that saying he was going to clean up would buy him a bit more time to just get up and leave.

“I see no difference as I’m already bound to these walls, not only by night, but during the day as well. Father is a bit foolish to think shrinking the distance of which I am allowed to walk by a few hundred feet is really going to make me upset. Nonetheless, I have no business to report to my chamber at this time. I simply wish to be alone. So with that said, soldier. You will step aside.”


“The Kings' orders are above yours, Master Apprentice. I will not move aside.”


"You won't? Well. That's just a pity then, isn't it?" Sairek said cooly. He pointed at the healthy and fresh green grass to his right with his staff. He starred at it before looking at the guard with a humorous smile on his face. He held the staff at the direction of the grass before flatly chanting out “Balinzer. A small jet of weak flame shot out from the staff. It wasn’t very much fire, but it did spark a flame in the grass, which soon ignited and began to burn into a live fire.


The guard looked at Sairek in shock, as the boy repositioned his staff at his side as he stood in his formal stance. He looked up to the guard and merely smirked. “Let me on through, or let the grass burn and the fire grow bigger. I’ll take the blame for leaving and will admit to what I have done, but if you leave the fire going, then expect the damages to be out of your paycheck for not stopping it. Oh, and don’t call for help either, because I just walked this way, and there is nobody nearby. I wouldn't do such a bold more like this if I wasn't sure that someone else might be close by, mind you.”


The guard looked back and forth between the boy and the growing fire on the grass. He let out a groan of nervousness before soon surrendering, leaving the gates to go pat down the flame that was burning the fresh green grass.


“If father demands where I am, then say that I am at the beach.” Sairek informed the guard, watching him pat down the fire as he stepped towards the gate and pressed his left hand against the door.


“Are you actually going to the beach, Master?” The soldier asked, as he beat down the fire with his foot.


“Not directly, but yes I will be there.” Sairek confirmed. “I don’t want to attract too much attention in the village with me wandering about unguarded. Too many questions will be raised. Even the villagers know that father never lets me out of the castle... at least most do.”


“What are you going to be doing at the beach Master? Surely you don’t plan to... go for a swim?"

Sairek opened the gate, but stood at the door with it open as his gaze dropped down to the ground. “...I do not have any intentions of swimming. But if there is a case that I will be swimming, it will not be in the bliss of the ocean water." Sairek commented, before closing his eyes. "...Rather, it would be within the sorrowful waters of my own tears.”

© 2013 Sairek Ceareste

Author's Note

Sairek Ceareste
Chapter last changed on: December 11th, 2012


- Couple more of typo fixes (I think this chapter may actually be completely clean now)

- Fixed a few bits of dialogue, or minorly changed others.

- Added a couple bits and bobs to lengthen the chapter slightly to curve chapter length more evenly.

Changelog [April 17th, 2012]:

- A couple typo fixes

- Drastically changed dialogue and descriptions

- Added new descriptions

Changelog: [Dec. 29th 2011]

- The majority of this chapter was the argument between Sairek and his father. This has been nearly completely rewritten. In fact, some areas that were only one or two sentences long have become paragraphs.

- In the argument, Sairek changes his approach and reasoning. The reader should see better what point he is trying to make his father see his side of the argument.

- Typos have been fixed along with grammar mistakes, but since I nearly completely remade the chapter, there may be some new ones that I didn't catch by mistake.

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Good chapter. It still moves the plot forward, and we also get more insight into Sairek's character, as well as a better glimpse at his relationship with his father. I'm not so sure about the dialogue at the end. I was wondering why Sairek stayed to chat when he could have taken the chance to leave, and I thought the guard would be too preoccupied with trying to put out the fire to have a conversation. Otherwise, I noticed nothing wrong story-wise.

A couple of things that I want to point out:

Laure knew he was going to answer with something else, but he had changed his mind. That alone showed Sairek's maturity with other people; but the child that was in him as well.

Two things here. First, POV problem. This is in Sairek's POV, so it needs to stay in his POV. Unless Sairek has the ability to read minds, he shouldn't know what Laure knows, so you need to change that to be in Sairek's POV.
Second, it might be best if you omit that second sentence. I don't want to be told what a character's action says about their character, unless it's Sairek giving his opinion on someone else (because then it would be fine). As a reader, I want to be able to come to that conclusion myself, make up my own opinions about him. I'm not really sure if that sentence works in third person limited, anyway. If you still want to try to show us this maturity, though, you can write something else, like "he changed his mind because he didn't want to stoop to the level of a child by snapping at her." Something like that. It still gives us that insight that you're trying to aim for, but it personalizes it for Sairek, and doesn't blatantly tell us what we should be thinking about him.

The guard looked at Sairek in shock, as the boy repositioned his staff at his side, he looked up to the guard and merely smirked.

Maybe there isn't necessarily anything wrong with this sentence content-wise, but it would be better if you described what the guard's facial expressions were like rather than tell us.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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