Pictures and Secrets

Pictures and Secrets

A Chapter by Helen

I looked at the picture on my phone and a smile played on my lips as I remembered how Eric had taken my phone and insisted that he took a picture of my blushing face after the kiss. My smiled turned into a frown as I remembered the kiss and I lightly touched my lips.

"What are you doing?" Zack suddenly said, appearing in front me out of nowhere.

I jump and put a hand to my pounding heart.

"Jeeze. You walk so quietly." I said, quickly leaving the picture I was at.

"You were looking at something." He said, grabbing my phone. "Let me see."

I moved it out of his reach at the last moment and he scowled as he missed it.

"No. Go do something else and stop bothering me." I said, pushing him off me with my feet.

"Let me see." He insisted.

"No." I stubbornly replied.

"Come on!" He whined.

"No!" I said as I felt my cheeks redden up.

"Is it something embarrassing?" He asked. "Cause I've already seen all your baby pictures and movies."

"It's no--" I paused and let what he just said process. "You what?!"

"Your baby pictures and movies." He replied. "Your mom showed them to me."

I let out a groan and glared at him accusingly.

"Show me!" He said.

"Fine." I grumbled.

I handed over the phone and he unlocked it, looking at it and frowned.

"There's nothing here." He said.

"Exactly." I replied.

"Your wallpaper is ugly."


"Ugly wallpaper. Lets take a picture together."

"Did I hear the word picture?!" My mom cried, bursting into my room.

I let out another groan and Zack handed the phone to my mom. He joined my side and kissed my cheek and I made a grumpy face as my mom pressed the shutter.

"Stacy!" She scolded.

"What?" I asked.

"You need good pictures to show your cute babies! Did you guys make me some yet?" She demanded.

My face flushed red and Zack laugh beside me, taking the phone from my mom and watching her back as he turned an left.

"There you go!" He said, handing me the phone after doing something for a few seconds.

I looked at it and saw the picture that we just took as the wallpaper. I smiled slightly and he pulled me out the room.

"Lets get a smoothie." He said.

I rolled my eyes and willingly followed him. 

"Why do we always drink smoothies?" I asked, playing with my strawberry smoothie.

"Cause you like them." He replied, taking a huge sip of his.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." I counted down.

Zack looked as if he was going to ask me something but at one, he held his head and let out a groan.

"Brain freeze!" I happily said, smiling.

"This is not funny." He mumbled after awhile.

I didn't reply and happily sipped my smoothie.

"What are we doing today?" I asked after awhile.

"What do you want to do?" He asked back.

"Gee, you're boring for the Prince Of England." I said, glancing up at him.

"We're spending the rest of our lives together so I can't bring out all my romance tricks at once."

"You? Romantic?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's funny."

"I can be very romantic." 

"Yea and I can choose who I marry." I retorted.

He narrowed his eyes at me and I innocently finished my drink. I started playing with my straw, making a very annoying noise and suddenly, it was yanked from me and thrown into the trashcan.

"Hey!" I cried, glaring at Zack.

"Hay is for horses." He replied.

"No, it's for cows." I retorted, sticking my tongue at him.

"Same difference" He dismissed.

"That makes no sense!" I cried.

He shrugged and changed the subject "Your mom is funny."

"No she isn't! She's embarassing!" I fought.

"She's cute too." He mused. "I could see where you got your delicious a*s from."

"YOU WERE CHECKING OUT MY MOM?!" I screamed too loudly, attracting attention from shoppers near by.

My face flushed red and i ducked my head to refrain from being reconized. Zack on the other hand burtsed out laughing, drawing in more stares and causing my face to turn more red. Some old lady suddenly came up to us and hit Zack on the back of his head, leaving him stunned in the middle of his laughter, causing me to burst out laughing.

"Perverts these days." the old lady mumbled to herself walking away.

That caused me to laugh harder which caused Zack to scowl at me and leaned over, putting his face extremely close to mine. I stopped mid-laugh and felt the blush slowly creep back upwards. He leaned all the way in, closing the gap between us and i felt a shudder go through my body as his warm soft lips pressed against mine, moving slowly, encouraging me to move along with him. Suddenly, he knocked his teeth against mine and i looked at him confusingly. As i pulled back, i saw the same lady standing there with her purse as she shook her head.

"Horny Teenagers." She mumbled walking away.

This time both me and Zack blushed, mine darker than his and i looked at him wonderingly.

"What?" He snapped.

"You're blushing." I stated.

"No i'm not." He snapped, turning even redder.

I laughed and loudly said "You are! The prince of England is blushing!"

He clasped his hand over my mouth and his eyes darted wildly around.

"Shhh!" He warned. "Someone might hear you!"

"What? Blushing will make you embarassed?" I said through his hand.

"No!" He hissed, looking directly into my eyes. "People want me dead!"

My eyes widened and i quickly looked around as he did moments ago as he removed his hand.

"So does that mean that i'm in danger too?" I whispered.

He sadly looked at me and nodded.

"What the hell!" I hissed at him. "Why did you drag me into this?!"

He flinched and hissed back "I'm sorry!"

My phone suddenlt buzzed and as i read the message, my blood ran cold.

David told people who Zack was.

Plus he invited everyone to my house for an engagement party. 

© 2012 Helen

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Added on June 29, 2012
Last Updated on June 29, 2012
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