Chapter 18

Chapter 18

A Chapter by Isemay

Vezar dozed fitfully, Syreilla should be here curled against his side. Instead, she was with the dwarf. His own overeagerness had attached her to this Kaduil and it burned him.

But she would come to him. He resigned himself to staring at the ceiling. Olthon was nothing if not determined. He would try to use sweet Syreilla against him, make her seek him out. Once she was out of the mine and away from Kaduil she would have no reason to resist his pulling.

A timid knocking on the door made him lift his head. “Enter.”

The girl from the afternoon had returned with his clothes. “Miss Jenet said I had to dry them by the fire, you need them early.”

They smelled of smoke. He frowned and stood to fetch her two coppers. “I do need them, the smell will fade.” He noticed the way she looked at his form. “How early is it?”

“Very early.” She bit her lip and smiled.

“You wanted to have some time with me, child?” He smiled at her annoyance.

“I’m no child.” Her chin tilted up proudly and she rolled her shoulders back making certain her ample bosom was well displayed.

“What is your name?” He smiled wider and gestured to the bed.

The girl nearly strutted, “Millesant.”

“Mm. Is that all of your name, Millesant?” A substitute for his Syreilla while he waited would not be amiss.

“Millesant Hadwise,” she offered as he pushed her down on the bed pulling at her dress.

“Millesant Hadwise, I am Vezar Edra, the Undying. Speak it.” He commanded quietly.

The girl shivered and obeyed. “Vezar Edra, the Undying.”

He pulled at the hungry threads of her desire, unlike Syreilla’s they were already primed and they attached to him easily. It was a simple matter to bind her. “A traveling companion would please me. When we have finished you will gather your things, collect whatever coin you have and you will follow me.”

Vezar poured his desire for Syreilla into the willing woman under him, taking her ruthlessly and making her whimper his name in pleasure. The relief he felt when he finished was delicious. Millesant stared up at him lustfully, wanting more.

“Go and fetch your things, my pet. We will be enjoying each other often.” He stroked her flushed face. She was too easy. As an afterthought, he added, “Bring a fresh basin and cloth for me first, Millesant.”

He lay back on the bed as he waited. Syreilla would be pleased he was no longer alone, even if the girl barely qualified as company.

Washed and dressed, with the eager Millesant trailing behind, he let Miss Jenet’s boy take him to the caravaners. They offered only a pittance to have him escort them but he didn’t particularly care about payment. He doubted all of the men here would reach their destination, and there would be money for the taking.

Vezar let Millesant ride his horse and he walked in front of it as they got underway. It made the girl beam with pride and affection.

One of the caravaners called out the name he’d given, “Irek!” The man next to him snickered. “I heard you stole that w***e from Miss Jenet, is her snatch made of gold that you're letting her ride while you walk?”

There was laughter from some of the other wagons. Vezar smiled at the man in answer, making him pale and look away.

“I can walk if you want me to.” He glanced up at the embarrassed Millesant.

“No, my pet. I would prefer you well-rested.”

She flushed and smiled down at him. “I don’t think anyone has ever been so sweet to me.”

He grinned up at her, “Try to remember that when you see me being cruel to others.”

Her chin tilted up and she smirked. “I’m sure they’ll have deserved it.”

“Such a sweet pet, my Millesant.” He reached back and stroked her leg under her skirt, her eyes immediately darkened with desire. The girl did have her charms.

That night the two snickering caravaners went to sleep and did not wake. The morning found them in their wagon, pale and cold each with what looked like a small puncture or bite. Vezar was nominated to search the wagon looking for what might have bitten them and killed them. He searched obediently, feigning sullenness at the task as he inventoried their things. He leapt back as he found a small, poisonous scorpion. What a fortunate find!

The creature took the blame, and Vezar took a sizable purse for his service and secured the wagon for himself and Millesant to sleep in. He now knew that if he wished to consume more of the caravaners the punctures would be the wisest method. Millesant, however, was terrified to sleep in the wagon, he had to make a show each night of searching it for her and then bedding her well to make her sleep.

It earned him envious looks from the other men. Vezar found he enjoyed it tremendously. Reaching Brosa after two weeks of travel, he had a purse to spend and a horse to sell.

Millesant was confused when they found an inexpensive place to stay and he insisted on going to the temple of Imos. “Are you planning to give the money as offering?”

“No, my pet.” He stroked her rich brown hair. “My sister is to meet me here. Syreilla will have a use for it, I am sure.”

She pouted. “I would have a use for it too, Vezar.”

He laughed softly and ran a finger over her lips. “I am certain you would, my pet.”

“Please, I want to come with you.” Millesant clutched at him as he tried to pull away. “I want to meet your sister.”

“Come if you wish, Millesant. Do you believe your things will be safe here alone?” He smiled.

He watched her hopefulness turn to sullenness. This place was not one you wished to leave anything unattended. “She may not be here yet, my pet. I will bring her if she is and return if she is not. We will have more time, and privacy if she is not.”

The girl kissed him giddily. “I hope she takes her time.”

Vezar left her in the room and made his way to the temple. Beggars knelt and pleaded before the doors mostly ignored by those passing by. He looked at the milling crowd looking for Syreilla’s golden hair or her delicate, nearly elvish ears. She was lovely enough to stand out from the crowd and his eyes were sharp.

He waited and watched for hours, even going into the temple and offering a prayer for the chance to look for her inside. His mood was sour as he stalked back to the lodging where he had left Millesant. It brightened somewhat when he realized someone was surreptitiously following him. Someone to consume.

It had been several days and in a city of this size, one person would not be missed, especially not a footpad. Vezar smiled to himself and pretended to be lost, stepping into an alleyway.

© 2017 Isemay

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