On Abortion, Fanaticism vs. Faithful, & Proving God

On Abortion, Fanaticism vs. Faithful, & Proving God

A Chapter by Jordan

Well. This should be an interesting one. I’m choosing the challenging things to write about today. Not sure why, but this is something that has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I have never been sure how to approach any of these subjects because they are all hard subjects to speak about without, not stepping, but smashing someone’s toes in the process because, just like with politics, someone always ends up offended. However, they must be spoken about, especially being a believer. We are always faced with difficult and hard choices and we do have to choose, but believers cannot just ignore these subjects in fears of offending someone.

I’m going to cover abortion first. I used to feel that abortion was okay only in circumstances of medical conditions because I myself have a medical condition where I may die if I have a child. However, I started thinking long and hard about it…. And honestly? I’d gladly give my life to bring a beautiful baby into this world. I’d give my last breath to give that child life. I do not feel that abortion is okay now at all because of how I feel about taking the life of a child. I know all of the arguments of how the baby isn’t really a baby and all that until a certain point but that it can never really be pinpointed. I do not agree with this. That’s my opinion because I know what I would do to give birth to my child.

Now, does that give me the right to judge a woman for having an abortion? Does that give me the right to torch these abortion clinics? Does that give me the right to bash someone for having an abortion? No. It doesn’t. People will do what people do regardless of whether I or the vast majority of people feel and have opinions on because they have to walk their path. We cannot make them walk the path that we would have them walk because we disagree with their decisions. We do need to pray for them rather than attack them for something like this or anything else. We should defend the defenseless but the thing is…. Blowing up abortion clinics isn’t the answer. Torturing someone for having an abortion isn’t the answer either. All we can really do is pray for them because Jesus wouldn’t attack someone for that. Remember, what would Jesus do?

Now… Fanaticism vs. Faithful. This is a hard one just like abortion. The reason for that is because many people feel that believers are uneducated, uncouth, harsh, judgmental, two faced, and very hypocritical. Which, in many cases, is true. But the thing is, many of us fall very very short of being the perfect picture of a believer because, while we are saved by grace, we are still very human. We will make mistakes because, while we are not OF this world, we are IN this world and there is a sickness in this world that affects us in some way or fashion, whether it is small or large. None of us are perfect and all have fallen short of the glory of God (see Romans for that particular verse, even though I paraphrased it). I am guilty of thinking myself better than another person because I have a bit more education than others, among being guilty of many other things. Thank God that forgiveness and mercy is readily available! Honestly? The higher education does not make me better than anyone else…. It means I had more opportunities afforded to me and that I was better equipped to take these offers that were given to me by the grace of God. You’re probably thinking, what does all of this have to do with fanaticism vs. faithful? It has to do with this simply: Being a fanatic is viewed as a bad thing in our society of hyper educated and cultured people. Being a Bible thumper is especially bad because we see people that go so far as to vote for a candidate that claims to be Christian rather than listening to what they have to say in actuality. Is that a bad thing to vote for a candidate that has your same views in religion/faith? No. But it can be bad when it affects your view of people that are less fortunate than you or that are better off than you. It leads to the act of accountability being severely lacking. (Which I will get into later.) Being faithful is when you are the type of person that you are humble and you do your best to walk as Jesus would have you to walk; surprisingly, being fanatical goes with it. By that I mean, that you are so on fire for God that you are just unable to stop talking about Him, stop thinking about Him… And that you just want the whole world to know. However, you just want to spread love to your fellow man, you just want to help in any way necessary because you feel the need that is in the world and in the people for healing and you see it and it makes you ache so much that you can’t resist to help. However, being fanatical does not mean going and blowing up abortion clinics or sitting in judgment on people that are known to make mistakes; it is also not forcing your kids to listen only to music that is Christian oriented and to only watch certain things, etc. It’s just being on fire for God.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a nonbeliever say, “Prove your God exists!” I’d be very rich. There is a reason that it says in the Bible that we go by faith and not by sight. While I can sit and debate with an unbeliever about the existence of God and the proof of God in my life, I cannot fully show the unbeliever that because of the fact that they are not me and many things shape your faith or lack thereof, including perception of the world. So, in other words, while God cannot be proven, neither can He be disproved to someone that has faith.

© 2012 Jordan

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