Only In Quiet Water Do Things Present Themselves Undistorted

Only In Quiet Water Do Things Present Themselves Undistorted

A Chapter by Jordan

"Only in quiet water do things present themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world."


 ~ A post on facebook, courtesy of "*Colours of Life*


I really had not thought of things that way, but it is true. Water is often used to symbolize the mind, the soul, the flow of life, healing and so many other things. Often, with the woes of life, the darkness that seems to be never-ending over tragedies, the chaos of the world at large and within our own homes, and so many other negative influences that we tend to just accept as inevitable and let it slide in and make itself right at home, slowly stealing our peace, joy, love, kindness, compassion, and everything positive; it eats away at our minds, souls, health and perception of people, events, places, things, and even ourselves becoming a poison.


Which is exactly what negative things are; poison.


The darkness seeps in slowly, when the door is opened to let in the light of day but instead it is the blackness of night (not the pretty blackness of night with a full moon and stars to see by, but the type of night in which it seems to never end, the dawn will never return, and that the sun has decided to stay hidden forever). While you try and push it back out on your own, not wishing to burden your friends or family with your woes and sorrows, it comes in more and more, like an unwanted flood of rainwater, or an overflowing toilet.. Finally, you mop it up as best you can, and just let the rest settle where it will; but like rainwater or toilet water, it damages and goes further than you wish; into the floorboards, down into the basement, the foundation, rotting away slowly, which then causes everything to start to fall apart.


Often, depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, hurt, loss of a loved one, feelings of failure and all of these other emotions start to cause the mind to change its perception, the heart to lose the joy, the soul to wither and lose the brightness that we all are born with, and even affects your health, causing you to have a breakdown in all aspects, throwing your whole body out of sync with your mind, heart, and soul. To gain back the perception, to gain back the positivity of life itself, you have to let go of all of the pain, depression, etc to allow the positive to come back in. Even a small flame of positivity can banish a lot of darkness and is often the first step towards that new beginning, full of healing, joy, and renewal. So.. be like water.. calm.. and then allow things to let their images reflect back, with no distortions in the reflections. There are people that will help you reach that point; don't be afraid to ask.

© 2012 Jordan

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