Lameria: Ferazi

Lameria: Ferazi

A Chapter by Khance

This is the King and his Advisor...


“I was under the impression that the Necromancers were powerless without their amulets, Anxious.” The King said with a forced smile as the crowd looked to him for a reaction. The audience in the arena had initially panicked when the black flash occurred, but now they simply looked to their King to see if it was normal. The King’s advisor stood three paces behind the throne and beads of sweat were evident on his forehead. “I’m talking to you, Anxious. What just happened here?” King Ferazi said as he tilted his head slightly in the direction of the advisor. The crowds, seeing their King smile at the display renewed their cheers, knowing full well what would have happened had they displeased their ruler. Ferazi was not a man to take lightly, and none knew this more than Anxious. “Your highness, this wasn’t anticipated, the documents we have here at the kingdom clearly state that no malevolent power can be used whilst the amulet is removed from them.”
Stopping abruptly, the King turned around on his seat and looked the advisor directly in the eyes before he answered, “This wasn’t a curse then?”
Anxious tried with all his power not to roll his eyes, so he settled on closing them briefly and appearing to be deep in thought. “No, the trajectory of the flash would imply that it was either the release of a spirit from this plain, but the separation is the thing to watch out for, I would suspect that it was some type of signal…probably to other Necromancers who are going to come for all your gold, Your Highness!” Anxious said with a smile as he calmly looked out over the balcony to where the unconscious man lay on the sand.
“You are aware that I only keep you alive for your abilities, not for your wit, Anxious, so if you would like to remain alive here, I would suggest learning how to keep your opinions to yourself.” Ferazi said with an audible growl. “…so who do you think the signal went to?”
Anxious lost his smile as he thought for a moment, “Not to the other Necromancers, that would be foolish for him to allow the remainder of his kin to get caught. I think that he may have sent a warning or a message…it is difficult to guess…maybe it was to tell of his mentor’s death?”
Ferazi came to his feet and the crowd stood and cheered for him as he waved to the people, this customary exchange had become a routine for the two parties, neither one meaning it.
As the King turned his back to the crowd, the smile on his face widened. “Take the Necromancer to the cells, when he wakes up, we’ll start interrogating him…I want to know where that flash went!”
Anxious closed his eyes and sympathised with the Necromancer momentarily before he turned on his heel and followed his ruler silently.

© 2008 Khance

Author's Note

I didnt intend on chapters, so forgive the lame names and any contradictions and questions are welcome...

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Let's summarize.

Kronath is the legendary man who was given a second chance by, shall we say, the devil. Then Alexis was tricked into taking the place of a ringleader who begrudged his position. Alexis used forbidden magic, I'm gathering, and the king of Lameria called him on it.

I'm seeing correlation between chapters, this is a good sign. I hope you don't introduce too many new characters, otherwise all you'll have is a lot of unfinished business.

Posted 10 Years Ago

hmmm, I like this king, sounds sinister....Alexis is in for a world of hurtin if he doesn't catch a break soon. hehe, but after all, he is a Necro, so it shouldn't be that bad, eh? Great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 21, 2008



Dundalk, Ireland

People are reassured when they think you know what you're doing... Being honest, I make all of this up as I go along... When somebody complains, then i might stop :D more..

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