Why Genesis is Wrong

Why Genesis is Wrong

A Chapter by Brandon Langley

Welcome to RELIGION WEEK, 11.6.13

I will start off this lovely, educational, fact-filled essay with one faith-rocking, factual, revolutionary statement, Genesis is wrong. Right now, many-a question should be popping into your head, 'Why was this not realized sooner? Does this disprove the rest of the bible?' just to name a few. In the following essay, I will attempt to answer both of these questions. In fact, this was realized long ago. In the beginning of the book of Genesis, there is nothing, nothing but god. Then god creates the world, then god creates plants, animals, etc. Then god finds the world to be lonely, so he takes some clay(Clay? Really?) and makes man, he calls this man Adam. Adam got lonely, so god took Adam's rib and made Eve, a woman(Really? He made a woman out of a rib? Seriously?) Then he instructed the two not to eat from a certain tree, The Tree of Knowledge(Because knowledge is evil) of good and evil Then there is a talking snake, who turns out to be Lucifer, the devil, who convinces Eve to eat an apple from the tree. God banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and man is exiled, forced to live in a world of the sin they created. Later, god punishes all of mankind, save five people(all of which are related) and two of every animal(via a really big boat), with a flood, consuming all the world. Now, the first thing that should be mentioned that destroys the coherency of this story is that "God called the light day and the dark night(Genesis 1:5)" day and night being English words, but human words nonetheless, which were developed by man. The earliest recorded case of human communication was in Mesopotamia, some 4900 years ago, which is 1100 years after the earth was created as Christians say(6000 years ago), implying that between Genesis 1:1, where god created both the heavens and the earth, and genesis 1:5, where god invented the words night and day, 1100 years passed(despite this only being the first of the six days it took god to create the world), and that, according to Genesis 1:3, god created light, née, the sun, after the earth. Furthermore, Genesis 1:6-1:9 depicts the sky as a vault, and it takes 3 verses to explain said vault, which is a bit odd, as it implies that first came Earth, then light, then sky, then land, which is not how planets form whatsoever. Then, in Genesis 1:16, god created two lights, the greater light, the sun, to govern the day, and the lesser light, the moon, to govern the night, which is also factually inaccurate as the moon is not a light, but a sort of mirror, reflecting the lights from the sun. In Genesis 1:25, god created "livestock," which it deems specifically in this book biased book as "livestock," implying that they were made for the specific purpose of grown on farms to be eaten. In Genesis 1:26, god said to make mankind in his image, which is odd, as human beings generally look almost nothing alike, unless the great amount of incest in the later books forces us to look as different as we do. In Genesis 1:29, god says, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole Earth and every tree that has fruit with see in it. They will be yours for food." which contradicts his later decision to ban a single tree from being eaten from. Speaking of that single tree, in Genesis 1:27, god says not to eat from the tree of "the knowledge of good and evil," which is very puzzling, and begs the question, why would an almighty god not want his people to know the difference between good and evil? These contradictions of itself, modern science, and history continue throughout the first book of the bible, so, to summarize, Genesis, and all the books of the bible that succeeded it, was based upon ancient myth, guesswork, and the need to believe that something more powerful was there to govern them other than themselves, but mostly upon the science that was readily available to the "Apostles" at the time. To explain the previous statement in a short sentence, after the death of Jesus, the messiah, the son of god, his 12 apostles, 11 actually, as Judas committed suicide after betraying the other 11, were confronted by the "Holy Spirit," who enlightened them with the information provided in the bible, then they spread the word of the bible and wrote it. A side note, the holy spirit was said to come to them in the form of a "tongue of fire" which leads me to believe that they may have been taking some drugs that may have changed their perception of things. To answer the second question of "Does this disprove the rest of the bible?" I will provide a short answer: If one thing is wrong, everything is wrong, a work of nonfiction about the Second World War cannot claim that laser rifles were used during said war, or it immediately and wholly becomes fiction. It never ceases to amaze me how every book of the bible, despite the infinite knowledge bestowed upon its author by god, an equally infinite and almighty being, is limited only to the scientific knowledge acquired  by the commoner of the time period it was written in.

© 2013 Brandon Langley

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