A Chapter by *~~Siren~~*

In Sun's Point of view.

 I scribbled at the paper furiously. My hands cramped and ached from erasing and rewriting again but still, I kept at it. The used-to-be-white paper was now faded and a little torn from me crinkling it, though it still managed not to completely fall apart. This letter, I thought, this will be my last. I looked at the stack of all the other previous letters I had written, there was a lot of them, too many to count from what I could see. I wonder...would Lunar even care to read these letters? I shook my head quickly, shaking off the thought. Of course she'll read them, we're twins after all but still doubt rang clear in my mind eating away my faith in her. She will read them. She must read them.
"Sun! Come on we're going to be late for school!" I heard a voice call from down stairs. I looked up expecting to see someone standing in the doorway, but there was no one.
"I'll be out in a sec.!" I called back, finishing the last part of my letter and carefully placing it on top of the others. I then took the stack and hid them deep within' my favorite box, a box only Lunar and I knew about. Grabbing my backpack off the floor I ran down stairs, strait into Lunar.
"Ouch!" I yelled as our heads collided with too much force. I rubbed the part where it hurt until the pain slowly went away. 
"You okay?" She asked me, clearly worried now. I nodded and looked at her head. Not even a scratch, I let out a breath of relief, that's good. I stared at her, her light platinum blonde hair made her crystal blue eyes stand out like raindrops, they blinked in confusion. 
"You sure you're okay?" She asked again. I smiled at her worrying and nodded again. She smiled back, it was that same smile the smile she used with only me, the one that was bright, cheerful, and sincere. It was the smile I loved. This, I thought, this smile is worth protecting... 

The memory finished in my head as I stood on the ledge. The wind was howling and the moon seemed to glow brighter than ever. I looked at the floor below me. It was a long way down, if I jumped I would surely die. I took in a shaky breath, completely terrified. It's okay, I can do this. I can definitely do this. A picture of the same loving smile I'd known for years popped into my head, I smiled at it. To protect that protect you... that was my last thought as I felt two hands shove me violently off the ledge causing me to fall. At my last moment I saw eyes, they glowed a bright red in the night but still I recognized the face. In horror and shock I tried to grab onto something, anything, but there was nothing. All I could see was the dark ground rushing up to meet my face until We collided... 

© 2012 *~~Siren~~*

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Woah, I liked that last paragraph!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The ending was a cliffhanger soooo, now yesss I wanna hear more!!! The last part was very descriptive:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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