In The heart, Next To My Soul

In The heart, Next To My Soul

A Chapter by *~~Siren~~*

Still Lunar's point of view. PS: She's the main character so pretty much the whole story is in her point of view but if it changes I'll be sure to tell you.

I looked at the letter. I didn't know what to think. Challenges? Symbols? A gift? Was this supposed to be some kind of sick joke? Anger boiled up inside me as I clenched the letter into my fist. Damn it...why...why did you have to die Sun? I'd rather it be me...I kicked the desk as hard as I could, pain then shooting up my leg like a knife.
"Damn it!" I yelled and sat on the floor rubbing my foot. After the pain numbed away, I hugged my knees and hung my head so that my hair hid my face. More tears rolled down my cheeks and I rubbed them off furiously, trying to make them disappear. Why couldn't it be me? I felt my eyes becoming very heavy all the sudden as the world around me slowly blurred into darkness. 
I woke up to my door slamming against my wall. I jumped in surprise, but not catching myself, I just fell back onto the floor. I ached everywhere, my whole body was sore from sleeping on the floor all night. I stretched to loosen my muscles when I realized there was a figure glaring at me in the door way. It was my father, and he looked horrible. With his pale wrinkled skin, his hollow eyes with dark circles underneath, and his hair which looked like he hadn't showered in a month, he looked half dead standing their with one leg lower than the other. It was probably sprained when he kicked the door open, I thought.
"Lunar, get up and ready. We're going to your sisters funeral." he said, his voice completely mono-toned. I frowned, isn't a funeral supposed to be a week after the death so that we'd have time to prepare the ceremony? Not wanting to anger my father, I simply nodded and he walked out slamming the door shut. When I was ready, I headed down stairs and out the door to see my dad waiting impatiently in the car. I quickly ran over, opened the door, and hoped in...
 About twenty minuets our car stopped on the edge of a thick forest. it was only then when I realized the large dark pot that sat in our back seat. 
"Dad what is that?" I asked curiously, simply wondering what it was. He said nothing as he got out of the car, opened the back door, carried the pot in his arms, and started walking into the forest. Recognition of the pot slowly dawned on me and I started to panic.
"Dad! What is in that pot?" I yelled out to him but still no answer came back. "Dad!" I yelled again, now chasing after him. I ran through the forest, the trees were tall and skinny while their leaves were a yellowish red. My heart pounded, faster and faster, while my breath had slowly started to increase to. Suddenly a little ways up ahead of me I saw him stop and open the jar's lid. My eyes widened in shock as I saw him dump ashes onto the forest floor. Immediately I knew those ashes, were once my sister. Tears formed in my eyes but I blinked them away as I collapsed on my knees in the dirt and leaves. I'm not sure how long I sat the crouched on the floor crying but it seemed like forever and by the time I looked up dad was no where to be seen nor was the car. I looked around, the breeze carrying and lifting my hair in a sea of waves. That's when I spotted it. Next to the spot where my dad had dumped her ashes there was a tree. a tree with a heart and sun scratched on it and barely you could see a little hole in the heart witch could fit a crinkled letter like the one I saw. I reached into the hole, dumb-founded. I grabbed onto the only material in there and pulled out...a letter. Sun had left me another letter. That means her first letter was not a prank it was real. This challenge was real. She was real...

© 2012 *~~Siren~~*

Author's Note

I don't know when the next chapter will come out. I'm tired--__-- but if you like the story so far then I'll try to make the updates faster;)

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Added on June 8, 2012
Last Updated on June 8, 2012
Tags: Heart, Soul, Sincerely, Twin, Lunar, Sun




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