Chapter3: The Indian Underbelly of Dark Chaos

Chapter3: The Indian Underbelly of Dark Chaos

A Chapter by Abhishek Izy

Mr.Roach saves the tribe of the bed bugs but hands himself a very dark and dangerous situation.

"What do you want to share, Mr.Roach?" asked Chotu, as it wriggled its way behind the sun glasses kept on the table.

"I'm gonna watch this dinosaur shag our lady from behind the shades, man. Its too much of light here", he winked. Mr.Roach politely followed him.

"Well, here's the thing. I caught myself in a very bad situation last night" he said meekly. He narrated the entire night's episode in one breath. Chotu was all ears but his eyes were fixed on the muscle game on the bed.

Chotu gave a wicked dry laugh as he heard the incidents. "I can't believe it,dude. Just a day in India and you're already in most wanted list now. That's some serious balls, man" he grinned.

"How bad do you think, it can be?"

"This is India, man. Things escalate pretty quickly. If I were you, I'd be packing my bag home in the next flight." he replied.

"The point is that I do not have any controls over my House Lady's vacation plans. I've no idea how long I'll stay in this forbidden land."

"That's a tough problem to have, I'd say Mr.Roach. Either they will find you and kill you or in case, if you go underground, they will be launching all out attack on your House Lady."

"What do you suggest I do?"

"Well go hide. Also consult someone powerful and beg for assistance."

"I have no idea, who would such an individual be."

"Oh yes of course, let's run through the list. Well, there's a lots of colonies of ants around in his house but they are normally of zero help. They don't f**k the unwritten laws. I know a scorpion who lived in the damp of the beneath's of the kitchen sink. But I heard no one has seen him for weeks now."

"Do you reckon, I beg forgiveness from the head of the cockroaches community?"

"Oh don't bother, they will still kill you. You cockroaches do not have rules at all. You guys are savage, creepy and big bullies."

"I might be an exception on that list, Chotu."

"Okay also do not have a flying fancy about approaching the rats. They are demons. They kill everything they can or cannot eat. Be very scared of them at nights in lonely places.

"I'm so fucked."

"Well, you can always reach out to the Wise Praying Mantis. Everyone listens to that wise a creature. He is a peace keeper. The only little problem is that its tough to find him. He doesn't have a camouflage inside the room, so he can be anywhere in the tress outside the windows."

"Would he listen to me?"

"He might, if you can find him."

"That's an absolutely great piece of information. Thank you so much Chotu.

"Hey no sweat, man. Anyways just for your information, my people are free to suck you lady at any point of the day now. We have legally inherited her and you do not own anymore owner's right to her."

"Well understood, Sir."

Mr.Roach took another few hours to design a make over on himself. He applied some think black eyeliner all over his body, stuck few fake wings, glittered his legs and dotted his entire body with bright red spots. He looked an entire un-discovered species of insects. Slightly bigger, savage and laced with bright read warnings. 

He looked himself at the mirror and the first few split seconds scared the hell off him.He was totally unrecognizable. However he couldn't walk out in open a lot. The local communities will be scared of new ferocious bug in the town and news would spread fast. He would be in notice and that was a bad idea.

Now he was ready to take a plunge out of the window, to the closest branch and look for the Wise Praying Mantis. However, there was a small procession in the hallways. He hid behind the shoe rack and spied on them. It was bunch of rouge looking cockroaches, few houseflies and few members of other insects community gathered.

"Fellas Gangsters. Thank you for joining us all in here" roared a huge muscled cockroach, with a crookedly crumbled whiskers. He had scars of past all over this cuticles.It was his cold brutal stare which brought fear in everyone's hearts.

"Hey mate" responded one of the housefly, while others nodded simultaneously.

"I have received some very important notice from the headquarters. Give me an ear, guys. We have a report of an American cockroach who forced himself against a young lady from our community and he is underground. He is in the 'most wanted' list now."

"We'll keep an eye on him from the air" replied Housefly.

"Everybody stay on watch out" the gangsta cockroach barked and turned to his own guys in the background. "And you fellas, if you find him. Kill him."

"Aye Sir" came a response.

The other insects withered off the hurdle, while the gangster cockroaches stay on and discussed the issue further.

"This dude is so dead, man" said one of them.

"I am still shocked at his audacity. How dare he force himself on our chicks."

"He's American, man."

"A dead American in some time."

Together, they echoed an evil laugh, unfurling their special weapon 'toothpicks' in the air.Close in their hidden vicinity, Mr.Roach listened with a lump in his throat. He turned pale in fright, while he wondered if his disguise was good enough to hide his true identity.

He however failed to notice a bunch of little baby centipedes staring with their mandibles open at him from the nearby creak on the floor. One of them led a sharp scared cry and rest joined the trend. Surprised, Mr.Roach disappeared in a flash.

The daddy centipede made an appearance in seconds and demanded an explanation from the tiny tots. They wasn't much impressed at the noisy hysteria.

"Dad" one of them screamed. "Remember the stories, you told us about the Big Skull Winged Moth. Its trues, we saw something very similar right now."

"What moth?"

"The one which brings death and destruction of entire insects species, when they are spotted in the town"

"Oh those are just urban legends. It was just to scare you guys."

"No, dad. We saw them". they started freaking again before the daddy centipede collected them in his arms and moved back to the creak.But the news traveled across the town like electricity. Within hours, everyone knew that the entire town was doomed. The myth of the Big Skull Winged Moth took the town in it's fears. Everyone was scared to death thinking about an impending calamity.Now the town was stuck with a menace of a 'molester' cockroach and the death itself.

Mr.Roach had decided to stay in the hideouts for a little longer, as he witnessed the tree alive of lizards and sparrows. He didn't wanted to be a lunch for anyone of them.

"Mr. Roach, Mr.Roach!!!" screamed a weird looking bed bug, as it sprang towards him. His hideout was only know to Chotu, whom he still considered a helping hand.

"Stop screaming, man" he signaled the bug to come over.

"We are in deep crisis. Chotu asked me to call for your help."

"How did you recognize me in a disguise?"

"Chotu did say that you would be in some stupid fancy get-up."

"Alright, I got it. What do you need?"

"Our entire tribe is almost crushed behind the huge buttocks of your house lady. She is sleeping noiselessly, ever since the weird circus she was involved in, this morning."

"But how does explain your tribe, getting tuck beneath her buttocks."

"Chotu invited us for afternoon feast, as she slept on her bed. Our whole tribe gathered when it happened. She changed her sleeping sides and we were eclipsed under the giant buttocks before we knew it. Help us!"

"Come on, you guys are tiny and know your way out. She normally wear smooth panties, silky enough to squeeze through."

"Unfortunately she was naked. And tired and sweaty after her morning exercise with that black giant with a anaconda between his legs."

"Yeah, it looks like everyone knows about it. That's embarrassing."

"Please assist us. My whole tribe including Chotu is crushed under her sweaty sticky a*s."

"Oh man", I wondered how the tickles doesn't wake her up."

"What do we do?"

"Let me think about it."

Seconds later, Mr.Roach sneaked below the bed pillow and could hear the heavy rumbling lungs of her House Lady, breathing deeply in her sleep. The plan was to crawl all over her till she wakes up, throws a panic attack and jumps out of the bed. This was a risky proposition, but right now he needed to pretend hero to the people. While still in complete disguise, he started crawling over her naked body. 

"The hero walks through the mountains and valleys now" whispered the bed bug in all praise.

"I'm gonna tickle her n*****s. That's most sensitive part in her body. The ways she jumps into ecstasy when the black dude sucks on it." thought Mr.Roach as he neared the soft mountain. The climb could be little tricky and he might slip and fall into open spaces, exposing himself to the fall and movements of her body.

Slowly yet steadily he crawled on her b***s, fluffing his wings occasionally to draw the attention. As he neared her n*****s, his ever sensitive whiskers played with it. Nothing happened.

He was sweating his a*s out in tickling her, when she moved a bit and in a flash jump off the bed. Defensively she swiped her hands off her breast and slapped Mr. Roach in all his disguise straight out of the open window. 

Mr.Roach flew out screaming loudly, while the tribe of bed bugs started shooting into their hideouts on the bed. They were saved by the hero.

"F*****g poisonous insects. I never saw such a disgusting and dangerous thing before", the lady went into dancing and squirming frenzy. She immediately dived into her clothes and dialed the reception.

"Send me a pest control immediately. You got poisonous creepy insects all over here." She barely waited for a response before slamming the phone back on the receiver.

The pest control was on its way. And so was the impeding holocaust.

Mr.Roach landed hard on an adjacent branch of the tress, a floor below and looked straight into the window. The room was dark and he could barely see anything inside. It was probably un-occupied room. Relieved he made a plunge into it with no second thoughts. This could be a safe place to hide.

As he landed on the table beside the windows, his eyes tried to adjust in the darkness of a completely new and alien environment. There was no sound or movement whatsoever. As his vision slowly adjusted itself, he found himself looking at the drawings of various insects on a big board kept on the side.

"Mr. Sinha, Entomologist" it read. Mr-Roach had no idea what it meant, until he turned around and his breathe froze in his tracheae. He was staring straight into the dead bodies of number of different insect species, placed immersed under the liquid in glass jars. There were cockroaches, spiders, moths, butterflies, leeches, and lots of other dead insects staring at him from the preservation jars.

"Oh God. F**k me, what in hell is this place." he thought, sweating profusely.

"I know what it is. This is an experiment lab. This would be the last place on the earth, I would ever dare to visit. they cut open insects here to do their research" he replied to his question himself.

"I'm slammed" he stamped his tiny feet. A little bit of glitters fell off it.

© 2019 Abhishek Izy

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Tada! That's hilariously penned by you!
Making us visit the city of wee insects and letting us know their conversation in a fictional way....thanks for keeping Chotu in this chap....I love his notorious comments!😁
And many thanks for sharing this =)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

I request you to not to stop posting rest of the chapters of this book....You dunno how funny and en.. read more
Abhishek Izy

3 Years Ago

You have no idea how happy it makes me to go through your reviews and comments. I’ll definately pu.. read more

3 Years Ago

Indeed! Also I'll check all the chapters perhaps slowly but surely! (Suppressed in final exams' bell.. read more

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