Chapter 17-3

Chapter 17-3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 17-3

* * * * *

However Morgan wasn’t far he wanted to know how his spell he cast worked on the boy prince. The spell was to remove any charms any illusions on the boy prince having reverted back to his natural self, spirit or not. Yet what he got was not what he expected at all, which was the truth as far as he could tell he was not a look like, not a dead ringer for the Dark Prince but blood ties to the Lady Gwin and his grandfather King Salsern of living water.

Not only that he could be? Oh yes, if the vision was correct the White Solon himself. How was the possible, he had changed the destiny the very fabric of time. All his hard work wasted and still the White Solon has been born as prophesy said would happen. His Master will not be pleased, not at all.

Queen Katona of the Black Isles of Graydon was right. The boy is not the boy they are after, but the tasks was given. Kill the Royal Family of living water and she had failed miserably. Considering the line should have ended with his last two daughters Lady Gwin and her sister Katlin from Leona Isles as well as her husband Lyle with her three daughters Katona, Tatlina, Liza and her five boys, Hopewell, Huns, Dun, Dane and the last Bardon. But apparently they were all there and all alive and well. How is this possible he could smell a Whitmore Protégée for miles and had been a thorn inside far too long? It has been over 2000 generation since a wizard could heal and transform the very planets and the people themselves. He should know he wiped them out personally and now he will have to do it again.

He smiled seeing Katona the Queen of Graydon still in line to meet the boy prince in person. Yet for her to even get close enough to stab him in the heart with Darzzee blade would never be possible now considering how the boy is now protected even more so the entire Royal family. No he and she needed a better plan and to wait until their guard is down. Yet he wasn’t about to help her if she gets caught this time, she has failed at her task, However the Dark Prince hasn’t as he figures out how to free him. Noticing they haven’t taken him to the underwater prison but to the mainland under guard.

Being smoke he could almost do anything as he wisps himself between two guards and stabs them through the heart and takes the keys unlocking the door. Morgan materializes before the Prince and unlocks his chains making an off world gate back to his places of residence for the time being. “What fools thinking a large army could stop me with all that power in one place. He could be unstoppable. If only he could have done more then screw up their world if wasn’t for the cursed of Whitmore and now the white Solon. Yes I need time to figure out my next move…”

* * * *

Hess cursed for having to come all this way only to have Morgan screw up his plan to kill the boy prince, Prince of nothing as he laughed watching him die and come back to life as the White Solon. How could he be so wrong, all this planning for nothing following the pedigree lines and the prophecies. Nothing was said about the White Solon being part of Royal family of living water. The line was ending at the Lady Gwin and King Salsern doorstep. He had already killed her sister and her family months ago in fact the entire realm is dead and dried up.

Yet how is it they are here as part of the gathering for the coronation when there is nothing but dried up husks. “No. I need a closer look,” he thought as he tells someone to move along. Wishing he just kill everyone here and be done with it, but this body he has taken could only do so much. More so with all that power just sitting their protecting the boy prince and the Royal family; “Move along, nothing to see here.” He said to another group of strangers.

At last he counts heads and looks over the royal family. Say’s in a whisper. “Tels morp seata grome.” And smiles as his eyes look seeing the royal family, but in a blurred vision that he still couldn’t make out who they really are, but the truth telling him they are false images. Yet when he looks upon on the boy Prince, Prince Orin all he see is the boy prince of living water with a strange glow around the edges. Could it be that he is the White Solon all this time? “Come on… move long people,” he says one more time as he stands waiting for his turn to see the prince.

Damn woman hearing her scream “Die, boy, Die! Give me back my ring;” watching her thrust herself with a black Darzzee blade in her right hand as she leaps the stairs and is stopped by a shield of air dropping the knife as more guards show up protecting the boy.

He quickly noticed some guards are running from the east as the line parts for them. “Come on, damn these annoying people. I am almost there.” He quickly prepares his spell then nothing. Not hint of magic comes out of his mouth except a large hiss as he is bumped and trotted upon as people pushing their way too see the Prince. Jaydan turns and whispers to someone as the crowed parts leaving Hess in the opening. Hess coughs up blood as he stumbles forward. His body weak from holding onto it much too long, he grabs the railing of the platform and slips into a bow and curses as he whips way back to Cross Bone Gate Prison. Leaving the body he had behind.

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